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 1. RBF(MATLAB).Rar - RBFNN MATLAB source structure can learn from the good (1KB,downloads 1344, by 李博)
 2. RBFforecasts.Rar - application RBFNN forecast for the Matlab procedures (1KB,downloads 1673, by lry)
 3. - With VC++ Realize, and eight kinds of super-to-use neural network source code,超好用, super-simple, is (919KB,downloads 2017, by 军军)
 4. RBF-nn.rar - four input layer, hidden layer 3, the output layer 2 RBF neural network classifiers with testing and (7KB,downloads 1401, by wh)
 5. rbf.rar - Achieved a RBF network, has been printed in the training and test samples may be needed to replace (13KB,downloads 451, by 张丽)
 6. RBF.rar - matlab source code format. Function: RBF neural network algorithm source code and applies to time-se (5KB,downloads 654, by magic)
 7. RBF-Matlab.rar - RBF (6KB,downloads 330, by 马地彪)
 8. RBFmodeling.Rar - MATLAB is the RBF neural network modeling procedures, more A reference value, we need it on the next (2KB,downloads 594, by wlr)
 9. - the rbf neural network matlab files, can be used for stock market prediction, to generate error maps (1KB,downloads 585, by HOODOO)
 10. RBF-k.rar - RBF (radial basis function neural network) network is an important neural network, RBF network train (7KB,downloads 384, by 小龙)
 11. myworkonnnet.rar - multilayer perceptron (MLP) (BP algorithm training), RBF network (RBF), Support Vector Machine (SVM) (1449KB,downloads 1330, by 张毅)
 12. BP-RBFalgorithm.Zip - BP, RBF algorithm, with VC, a good design graduates (930KB,downloads 444, by 原野)
 13. RBF_sourcecode.rar - RBF learning methods, including: k-means, gradient, OLS three types. (4KB,downloads 257, by stephen)
 14. VC-basedneuralnetworkdevelopmentpackage(form - C language can be used to develop a variety of neural networks : BP, RBF, HOP ~ ... ... please look (413KB,downloads 858, by 李洋)
 15. rbf.rar - RBF the network training procedure C source code, may complete the network training and the network (210KB,downloads 449, by 王肖)
 16. RBFFunction.rar - rbf network for function approximation, learning less, fitting curve is also better (1KB,downloads 202, by 离开家)
 17. RBF.rar - (1KB,downloads 241, by 徐晓景)
 18. RBF.rar - Radial basis function neural network (RBF) of the MATLAB program, a more detailed study RBF people w (2KB,downloads 192, by vivian)
 19. rbf network design example.rar - The artificial nerve network network design example, I move the result am correct. May have a try (82KB,downloads 406, by 吴光超)
 20. nn.rar - Linear neural network, BP neural network, Hopfield neural network, Elman neural network, RBF neural (695KB,downloads 1329, by haozi)
 21. RBF.rar - RBF introduction of the algorithm, very good, I hope everyone likes. (1132KB,downloads 212, by dog)
 22. GA-RBF.rar - 1.Use GA algorithm to optimize a variety of weights in RBFNN 2. Use RBFNN to realize tracking fu (7KB,downloads 204, by 天天)
 23. RBF.rar - Use of RBF for time series prediction can be used for fault diagnosis of parameters estimates and pr (19KB,downloads 183, by 吴娟)
 24. RBF_matlab.rar - rbf neural network modeling and procedures and Matlab Simulink simulation (6KB,downloads 611, by 穆大虾)
 25. - one of the RBF neural network algorithm, to learn RBF network comrades great help and guidance. (375KB,downloads 258, by 胡刚)
 26. basicneuralnetworkalgorithmsource.Zip - basic neural network algorithm source, contains four basic arithmetic : BF, ART I, RBF, self-organiz (143KB,downloads 476, by 汪林)
 27. RBF.rar - Realize RBF neural network prediction program, compressed packet, do not extract the password! (18KB,downloads 273, by litiantian)
 28. RBFnet.rar - RBF network function approximation, the sample 100, test data 100 (1KB,downloads 138, by 离开家)
 29. rbf1.rar - RBF neural network language speech recognition, write their own procedures. (1271KB,downloads 659, by qf)
 30. rbf.rar - rbf neural network in the transformer fault diagnosis, procedural integrity, and hope that we can us (1KB,downloads 337, by 魔夏)
 31. RBF_1.2.rar - RBF RBF multidimensional spatial interpolation algorithm for space scattered surface reconstruction, (125KB,downloads 431, by 王克东)
 32. AnnInMat.rar - matlab neural network to write a few demo program, some wrote it myself, some other people to write (7KB,downloads 472, by billjie)
 33. RBFnet.rar - RBF neural network, using C, the nerve of a novice who will definitely help (550KB,downloads 304, by liu)
 34. ga-RBF.rar - Based on genetic algorithm rbf radial basis neural network to optimize the width of the matlab progr (4KB,downloads 275, by 王建)
 35. RBF.rar - RBF neural network used to set up (1KB,downloads 220, by maylene)
 36. rbf_Kmeans.rar - a K-means clustering based on the RBF neural network, notes written very well, did not understand th (2KB,downloads 689, by bruce)
 37. kmeans_1.rar - RBF neural network algorithm mean K, C procedures, for your reference! (29KB,downloads 184, by hxm)
 38. rbf.rar - RBF neural network on a video, talking about very good. Is very useful for beginners (40568KB,downloads 78, by vivian)
 39. RBF.rar - MATLAB Modeling RBF network simulation of the training curve and fitting curve! Verified! Good! (2KB,downloads 170, by 余咏波)
 40. ImprovedSVM.rar - Genetic algorithm (GA) combined with the traditional SVM algorithm, a kind of tectonic evolution of (175KB,downloads 1063, by zhaoxiufen)
 41. - SVM example, the use of RBF, garma value of 0.5. Professional reference. SVM engage with the optimiz (6KB,downloads 763, by 刘国亮)
 42. RBF.rar - RBF neural network for classification and regression, the effective realization of RBF network (1KB,downloads 126, by snowflack)
 43. 352414rbf1.rar - ANN-source programming, RBF training and the identification procedures, C++, for your reference! (775KB,downloads 186, by hxm)
 44. - RBF algorithm matlab toolbox, which has detailed documentation. (370KB,downloads 114, by 胡治国)
 45. RBFbianshi.rar - rbf neural network applied to system identification, than the BP network has better generalization a (1KB,downloads 188, by liyan)
 46. RBFnerualnetwork.rar - RBFNN right nonlinear system is approaching, the successful operation, there are deficiencies Depart (1KB,downloads 159, by 李明峰)
 47. rbf.rar - Own summary of a few on the rbf source for beginners to learn (2KB,downloads 107, by 柴潇)
 48. NeuralNetwork_RBF_Classification.rar - rbf neural network for classification matlab procedures can modify the application of numerical (1KB,downloads 144, by 灰熊)
 49. NN_RBF.rar - RBF network approximation, RBF-modeling, RBF network training and testing procedures (1880KB,downloads 123, by sky)
 50. RBF18.rar - RBF-NN, RBF neural network. Has adopted a number of out verification, it should be so. (5KB,downloads 135, by 王明)
 51. my_liziqun_RBF.rar - PSO&GA (4KB,downloads 281, by 张宁)
 52. RBF.rar - Using RBF neural networks, complete the y = f (x) the curve fitting. (21KB,downloads 129, by 徐波)
 53. matlabtosolve.rar - err (643KB,downloads 394, by wang)
 54. sgarbf.rar - Basic genetic algorithm, RBF neural network algorithm, BP neural network algorithm, a total of 5 sou (10KB,downloads 315, by 王永超)
 55. - Fuzzy neural network approximation and classification, fuzzy rule extraction, with the deletion of t (3KB,downloads 153, by 王宁)
 56. RBF-1.rar - RBFNN the Face Image Recognition (226KB,downloads 171, by 李豫捷)
 57. RBFFunction.rar - RBF network for function approximation of a process! Internal contains several of the RBF network of (1KB,downloads 198, by 武建)
 58. NeuralNetwork_RBF.rar - RBF neural network for classification and regression, very practical, it is strongly recommended to (2KB,downloads 78, by leo)
 59. - Can easily make use of training data to establish radial basis function neural network and the mappi (2KB,downloads 114, by 张磊)
 60. RBFNN.rar - RBF neural networks for system identification (65KB,downloads 89, by 朱业林)
 61. RBFstructureOptimization.rar - RBF neural network structure of hybrid optimization algorithm. Detailed write-optimized process (122KB,downloads 74, by 李鹏程)
 62. RBFNeuralNetwork.rar - RBF simulated neural network (the main function for the fitting and pattern classification) Matlab s (1KB,downloads 165, by 胡维刚)
 63. - Neural Networks, 8 Neuro network, BP, RBF, CPN, such as through VC++ To achieve! (279KB,downloads 87, by 军军)
 64. RBFInpainting.rar - RBF used for image restoration VC source code, users can interactively choose to repair damaged regi (1026KB,downloads 526, by 屈磊)
 65. RBF.rar - RBF the realization of the MATLAB M files. MATLAB is not a function of the toolbox. (1KB,downloads 59, by kendor)
 66. RBF.rar - Use vc++ Complete knowledge of the contents of the realization of neural networks in order to achiev (2KB,downloads 63, by jiangjiuju)
 67. - Neural network RBF matlab toolbox (375KB,downloads 100, by 林小昇)
 68. annbp+rbf.rar - A BP neural network and Radial Basis Function Network VC source code (30KB,downloads 91, by 王京)
 69. Cneuralnetworkdevelopmentkits8amsource(the - C neural network development kits 8am, the C language can be used to develop a variety of neural net (451KB,downloads 215,