The users who searching Excel upload what:

 1. VC++6.rar - VC++ 6 programming method is very good information on the Oh, is particularly helpful for beginners (9128KB, downloads 11918, 的撒发)
 2. IAR_Embedded_Workbench_Evaluation_for_MSP430_V3.42 - IAR Embedded Workbench Evaluation for MSP430 V3.42A cracked version of the test. Break time to look (42238KB, downloads 3730, 吴明)
 3. 2007-100%.rar - Oa2007 100 access to source code after all dezend (9000KB, downloads 3200, )
 4. Microsoftweightstraining1.rar - internal training materials, PPT files, a total of eight documents, the main contents of system cust (3491KB, downloads 3113, 乾隆)
 5. - Complete Works (31225KB, downloads 2546, 使者)
 6. - profuis288 interface library, a very professional landscaping an interface library. A variety of sty (21543KB, downloads 2469, 岑飞)
 7. Microsoftweightstraining2.rar - internal training materials, PPT files, a total of eight documents, the main contents of system cust (3645KB, downloads 2069, 乾隆)
 8. setup--.rar - Fingerprint device driver, Biokey200/UareU4000/4000B Sensor Driver (1399KB, downloads 2013, 武东亮)
 9. comm11111.rar - a C language Serial procedures for the UNIX platform (14KB, downloads 1769, 李健)
 10. ChenJianchunVCGISsource.Rar - a number of people all over the iron shoes of unemployed GIS source, I affixed it to share (2783KB, downloads 1735, 天枫)
 11. zhou_NetworkGame-JunQi.rar - a senior graduation design, realization of a small network games with the characteristics of the fou (3342KB, downloads 1678, 周伟斌)
 12. File_CSV.rar - TXT. INI. CSV file of three types of operations, including reading, writing. (11733KB, downloads 1475, 谢晖)
 13. linux.rar - See this inside the mass of embedded Linux application development explain only Chapter 1 Chapter Ch (11291KB, downloads 1412, madeng)
 14. TeeChart.OCX.ActiveX.Control.Professional.Editon.v - Very easy to use graphics controls, do not break, you can directly use, after installation, and inci (3457KB, downloads 1404, 陶谦)
 15. matlab_sourcecode_for_Axes.rar - Fingerprint Feature Extraction FPEXTRACTDEMO demo program a complete fingerprint feature extraction (359KB, downloads 1329, 郭长振)
 16. - phone 2D bar code embedded Java Image Recognition of the source and strongly recommended download. (2210KB, downloads 1271, 陈刚)
 17. SVMpdf.rar - support vector machines for classification and regression, SVM classic literature and engage in mach (791KB, downloads 1226, 刘国亮)
 18. PPExplorer.rar - based on the IE browser, the open several pages will result in a buffer overflow, but in many ways h (261KB, downloads 1183, teazlemoon)
 19. mmi.rar - MTK mobile phone platform MMI part of the source code, is to learn good programming phone MMI Dongdo (9183KB, downloads 1145, 陈建国)
 20. CSE2009.rar - sifang processs protel control center (1803KB, downloads 1137, )
 21. GoogleMap.rar - example and use google map API documentation. (15KB, downloads 1137, 陈国洪)
 22. modbus.rar - modbus drive ,c/s struct,rtu&ascii (5KB, downloads 1120, 小铁)
 23. pfdemo.rar - procedures for tracking particle filter algorithm Demonstration Program, particle filter algorithm a (1KB, downloads 1037, 李海燕)
 24. vc_gprs.rar - gprs wireless module acceptance procedure, the use of VC and achieve acceptable gprs data, the funct (2489KB, downloads 1030, 冯志刚)
 25. BBSASP.NET.rar - a forum for the development of the ASP.NET source code, can achieve the functional Senior Forum (3621KB, downloads 1027, 李东志)
 26. dspsrc.rar - some classic digital signal processing algorithm for the c source code. (22096KB, downloads 1014, 景叔武)
 27. GDIPlus(GDI+).rar - GDI+, Development kit download, compression bag has dynamic link library, LIB files and all the head (829KB, downloads 1013, 阿辉)
 28. MultiThread1.rar - An example of multi-threaded on the vc quite detailed and can run. (1808KB, downloads 1005, 韩云飞)
 29. multisvm.rar - more SVM method of comparison : one-to-one, one-to-many and DAG contrast, more professional-huh (166KB, downloads 997, 刘国亮)
 30. CNOOCacquisitioncardDemonstrationProgram.Rar - CNOOC acquisition card H.264 Acquisition Demonstration Program, as engage in surveillance project de (69KB, downloads 964, 王海洋)
 31. Excel.rar - c# Excel operating controls, all-source project to use very good (368KB, downloads 963, mgoodluck)
 32. livemotion.rar - Foreign cattle people to write a simple video monitoring procedure needs to be integrated with the v (73KB, downloads 951, lizhen)
 33. kriging.rar - Realize the Kriging interpolation algorithm, the encryption in geological drilling and other enginee (1484KB, downloads 936, 李毅)
 34. FaceDetection.rar - VC++ 6.0 Face Recognition under detection, notes norms! (1554KB, downloads 899, 徐鲤鸿)
 35. vcaskin.Zip - vc achieve a more beautiful interface achieved good results yo! ! (137KB, downloads 892, 冰扉)
 36. RS_232_FULIYE.rar - vc 6.0 control for the use of MSComm serial communications, the communications can be set, indicatin (3641KB, downloads 884, 葛李欣)
 37. reed-solomon-3.1.1.rar - RS reed-solomon error correction coding and decoding source, very convenient, I used item is this. (56KB, downloads 862, 陈刚)
 38. - (69KB, downloads 860, lc)
 39. - the program content-based image retrieval functions, in other words how images from the multimedia d (20KB, downloads 830, 陈建文)
 40. AES.rar - AES-rijndael algorithm detailed information, including the AES encryption algorithm in C language an (1936KB, downloads 830, 张鲁夺)
 41. CAN-bus-tongxun.rar - CAN see, oh good (344KB, downloads 828, )
 42. OpenGL-fire.rar - very convenient 3D graphics simulation of the flame, and other special effects (289KB, downloads 820, )
 43. mysusan.rar - Matlab under SUSAN corner detection algorithm, digital image processing (8KB, downloads 819, 1111111)
 44. Object_Removal_by_Exemplar-Based_Inpainting.rar - Based on the sample image repair method can be used to remove larger goal, to repair the larger regi (2433KB, downloads 804, PanHao)
 45. withVCabsolutediskreadandwrite.Rar - with VC right disk sector read and write directly and strongly recommend, is a very good example (100KB, downloads 780, zxb)
 46. Visual_C++_DirectX9_3D_GameDevelop1.rar - (37199KB, downloads 773, 张敏)
 47. 3452exquisiteicons.Rar - a very good business icon packages BMP format, more than 3,000 icon (3795KB, downloads 767, 李绍龙)
 48. - SVM example, the use of RBF, garma value of 0.5. Professional reference. SVM engage with the optimiz (6KB, downloads 763, 刘国亮)
 49. - famous 3D game engine using real-time 3D Direct3D9 graphics exaggerated, including all engine code, (11480KB, downloads 751, snowwin)
 50. HTMLtagsReferenceSeries.Rar - the HTML tags to the document, and facilitate HTML writers Index (264KB, downloads 735, 小建)
 51. qt4.rar - This is a QT4 tutorial, there are a lot of examples. (6201KB, downloads 733, liuweigao)
 52. gh0st3.6_Src.rar - gh0st source code is included in the common needs of the sdk files, vc6 can directly edit the adopti (1361KB, downloads 732, qiankai)
 53. rotatingcube.Zip - computer graphics cube rotation procedures. Drag the mouse can be used to achieve various directions (83KB, downloads 731, 梁志宏)
 54. C and Pointer (Chinese).rar - C and Pointer (Chinese). (7371KB, downloads 726, 闫明)
 55. LoadGif.rar - present on the Internet which is a CPictureEx category for loading GIF animation, But such is mfc Pa (357KB, downloads 723, 王易)
 56. WinCE_usbVideo.rar - USB camera driver source code. Test procedures. The XScale through testing (202KB, downloads 709, 沧海)
 57. 2006221204251.rar - many of the classic examples of embedded themselves see it (1725KB, downloads 702, 刘金龙)
 58. MISSING_BLOCK_LABEL.rar - JAD decompile MISSING_BLOCK_LABEL_ solve the problem, and I hope to help bring fans to the JAVA (1KB, downloads 679, 邓新荣)
 59. matlab3d.rar - (125KB, downloads 672, errtet)
 60. - VC++ Video capture+ H263 compression/decompression+ Remote transmission have been tested (261KB, downloads 668, 开心)
 61. TFT-LCDTVMCUDRIVER.rar - LCD TV MCU C-language source code, TFT-LCD circuit, TFT-LCD works. (4897KB, downloads 663, 刘辉金)
 62. ImageView.rar - Display, zooming, image handle (handle only place to stay out of the interface and gives an example) (2282KB, downloads 661, minghongxie)
 63. danpianjikaifaban.rar - TX-1C-based single-chip experimental board schematic diagram, which is a development board, the very (244KB, downloads 656, )
 64. jspservletjavaBean-MVC.rar - jsp servlet javaBean MVC (479KB, downloads 649, pipi)
 65. multi_line_chart_demo.rar - Dynamic real-time curve presentation, VC++ 6.0 environment, the compiler is absolutely no problem! (28KB, downloads 648, 王冠)
 66. Otsuthresholdsegmentationmethod(Otsu).Rar - personal collection of two large Zimbabwe law thresholding segmentation algorithm (Otsu algorithm), (2KB, downloads 643, 王雷)
 67. SerialPortCommunication.rar - Visual C++/Turbo C serial communication programming practice, 2nd edition 龚建伟, and CD-ROM with the (1247KB, downloads 639, xiaoxin)
 68. ffmpeg_vc.rar - ffmpeg for vc .you can download it if you need (8237KB, downloads 638, liuqiang)
 69. dll-2003-03-25asource.Rar - generic statements Print. Support for complex forms. (269KB, downloads 637, 房客)
 70. hook2007hemaowu.rar - RMON Trojan source code, using the hook realize that this is the curriculum design, with a very deta (681KB, downloads 635, mo)
 71. VCGame.rar - " VC classic game programming," a book' s source code, including: mine clearance, Snake, (4944KB, downloads 634, jiangzhuhui)
 72. ffmpegTest.rar - ffmpeg is to increase revenue streaming media codecs, This is ffmpeg the windows version, The main p (2232KB, downloads 632, zgf)
 73. DWT.rar - Using the same key after a chaotic sequence of scrambling the watermark information to achieve the d (611KB, downloads 630, 王宇)
 74. XML operation (C # source code) rar - XML operation, C# source code, including: The XML document founds, the pitch point increases, delete (31KB, downloads 621, 刘原奇)
 75. 20041019221133_Graphic.rar - a perfect curve showed industrial controls, according to real-time data or historical data generated (1928KB, downloads 620, 王杰)
 76. 3D_balance.rar - 3D balance in imitation of the famous ball games, I independently developed by the 3D game engine de (4934KB, downloads 618, snowwin)
 77. EKF.rar - When the graduate writing program of the extended Kalman filter (EKF), with the test example, the im (1573KB, downloads 609, 杨文海)
 78. writtenlogofacategory.Rar - write the log file a class, of course, can also be used for recording time data access. The use of s (3KB, downloads 608, 小建)
 79. U890crack.rar - UFIDA U890 ERP' s crack patch, need to learn to see UF' s available for download. Note can onl (847KB, downloads 601, 李冰)
 80. arm turorial - It s a turorial for ARM assembler programming. It s worth reading to induct beginner to grasping kno (793KB, downloads 596, 刘欢)
 81. JPEGLibSource.rar - operation of the library and JPEG source for the source code, BMP- "JPEG compression, JPEG- &qu (388KB, downloads 591, 吴权)
 82. dppsrc.rar - digital image processing algorithms to the source, including most of the algorithm. (3659KB, downloads 584, 景叔武)
 83. SeeCarChina.rar - SeeCar-aliens license plate identification procedures developed to identify a high rate, and can ide (1996KB, downloads 575, www2004)
 84. adaboost.rar - This procedure is in the MATLAB environment using Adaboost gesture recognition algorithm. (174KB, downloads 573, 方奎)
 85. C#statements.Rar - C# statements, a more practical procedures (398KB, downloads 572, ouxm)
 86. SmartHomeDesign.rar - I spent 200 yuan to buy the smart home design, and related circuits, the source code. Want to be use (2630KB, downloads 571, 舞客)
 87. MATLAB.rar - Probability density or distribution of generic functions, including normal distribution, binomial di (2KB, downloads 568, yuyanhui)
 88. C.rar - There are a large number of c language exercises it! Questions are really sea Oh, have a detailed an (257KB, downloads 565, )
 89. Modbus.rar - This is a modbus access package, using the C# development, through a number of items tested. (47KB, downloads 564, welson)
 90. SAfilteringmethod.rar - Satellite attitude determination and sensor error correction filtering algorithms. Introduced severa (6142KB, downloads 556, yueyang)
 91. colorLCDMCUdevelopmentparadigm(clanguageve - Handholding, documentation and code. Very detailed and suitable for beginners. (782KB, downloads 552, 周小东)
 92. DXFDRAWING.rar - the main functions of the code is read DXF files, and data storage functions. (1878KB, downloads 548, yfm)
 93. S3C44B0Xexamplesprocedures1.rar - 5 ledblink-- 5,250 procedures for the project under the Build SDT2.51 debugging. The most simple dem (244KB, downloads 536, 张淼林)
 94. c4.5r8.rar - decision tree classification algorithm source code, excellent data mining tool kits, all use the C l (157KB, downloads 534, 刘志刚)
 95. simpleanalogcircuits.Rar - semiconductor knowledge, amplifying circuit analysis based FET amplifier, negative-feedback amplifie (856KB, downloads 532, 周小东)
 96. YuanChengZhuaoMianKongZhi.rar - VC++ Socket Remote Desktop Control is divided into client and server in two parts, after a successfu (155KB, downloads 531, 开心)
 97. demo.rar - the Matlab environment, using the most neighboring data association algorithm to achieve the target (20KB, downloads 528, camperlinan)
 98. - Gradient of orientation, using integral image, for human body detetection. (8KB, downloads 527, tuzhiguo)
 99. skinSRC.rar - Skin well-known skin software source code, with it you can realize the beautiful interface very simp (1600KB, downloads 523, 张少华)
 100. shouxing.rar - no english (3038KB, downloads 521, rjadmin)
 101. agreementdecodeInternetchatsourcecode.Zip - agreement to use G.729 for voice transmission, network dialogue source code, oh great value. (138KB, downloads 520, seal_luo)
 102. uft8.rar - UTF-8 files into ASCII document ANSI VB6 and C# code examples (23KB, downloads 517, 陈国洪)
 103. SHP_MIF_DXF.rar - Dxf files to read and to resolve the vc++ Program source code, and have the item, you can direct deb (130KB, downloads 512, yang)
 104. WinCeCxImage.rar - weights under CxImage (818KB, downloads 511, 沧海)
 105. Canny.rar - Digital Image Processing, CANNY edge detection operator, VC++ Code, including algorithms, photograph (167KB, downloads 510, 1111111)
 106. coursesonoperatingsystemdesignfilesystem.R - courses on operating system design document systems, we will of course an operating system operation (37KB, downloads 509, 冰扉)
 107. 2006731182231.rar - converter diagram, the hope for those who wish to study or development of the inverter friends usefu (68KB, downloads 508, 黄瑞宁 )
 108. Mpeg2CodecSrc.rar - mpeg2 video codec algorithm of the source code, including encoding and decoding. (6217KB, downloads 508, 景叔武)
 109. video-mpeg4.rar - VC++ Video capture+ Compression+ Transmission, is divided into client and server in two parts, teste (73KB, downloads 507, 开心)
 110. qt.Zip - introduced a popular GUI-- qt finished article. (21KB, downloads 507, 周小东)
 111. (Delphi)P2P_NC.rar - P2P no center design, in the absence of any fixed server circumstances, people can still smooth cond (482KB, downloads 501, wuyuepeng)
 112. cutdic.rar - for the Chinese word segmentation Dictionary, and tagging to the dictionary database based text clas (213KB, downloads 501, 张莉)
 113. CALLBACK.rar - Application callback function, frequently used in the dll. Very useful. (92KB, downloads 494, 秦玉杰)
 114. sim.rar - (4KB, downloads 486, yang)
 115. - drop YUV420 RGB24/32 format conversion to the format code (43KB, downloads 486, afax)
 116. bmp-framebuffer.rar - BMP under linux bitmap display program, tested good, but please note that the need for a different f (4KB, downloads 485, 杨旭荣)
 117. reportcreat.rar - vc statements set procedures, the process is the basic model, a bit like statements (307KB, downloads 484, sdxiao)
 118. SuperScaling.rar - bilinear image interpolation source code, achieving a smooth image scaling. (42KB, downloads 484, 心港)
 119. h264-tw.rar - one from Taiwan on the h264 presentation documents, h264 understanding of the structure of great hel (146KB, downloads 483, 黎程)
 120. segmentaion.rar - err (86KB, downloads 482, sam he)
 121. Visual_C++_DirectX9_3D_GameDevelop4.rar - (48913KB, downloads 479, 张敏)
 122. Visual_C++_DirectX9_3D_GameDevelop5.rar - (35904KB, downloads 472, 张敏)
 123. datastructuresandalgorithms--Cversion.Rar - data structures and algorithms-- C version of the books should not and do not have to pay oh (9427KB, downloads 470, 李可)
 124. sht11.rar - This SHT11 very wide, containing SHT11avr procedures. C, SHT11 procedures C51 driver. Zip, SHT11 pro (321KB, downloads 469, tannaihou)
 125. jiucuobianma.rar - some error correction coding algorithm source code, such as Viterbi, rs yards. (468KB, downloads 468, 景叔武)
 126. tkfx.rar - VC temperature on the production of several pressure map, and see the same in peacetime, meteorologi (2496KB, downloads 467, 李培军)
 127. CRC32.rar - (48KB, downloads 467, 张鲁夺)
 128. fromviewtab.rar - single document based on the procedures, the use of CTabCtrl achieve functional attributes p. (287KB, downloads 465, 张军)
 129. PK1111.rar - a C language SOCKET procedures for the UNIX platform (13KB, downloads 463, 李健)
 130. TrafficWatcher.rar - use WipCap network packet capture and analysis of data packets containing the source code and engine (2016KB, downloads 461, 张莉)
 131. Record.rar - err (50KB, downloads 460, 刘如意)
 132. htran_src.rar - This is a considerable network of experts to write a classic port mapping procedure of source code f (31KB, downloads 459, 吴应)
 133. TwoCare.rar - This is a C# source remote control software, functional mimic prepared dove gray (4238KB, downloads 458, )
 134. missilelaunchdemonstration.Zip - 3D demo missile launchers, including Mei Yan, the particle system, the missile exploded demonstratio (2723KB, downloads 455, 李培军)
 135. Visual_C++_DirectX9_3D_GameDevelop2.rar - (47218KB, downloads 454, 张敏)
 136. QQLogin.rar - QQ automatic landers, VC++ Source containing QQ password encryption algorithm (156KB, downloads 454, 张鲁夺)
 137. - Written by foreigners in the context of a fixed target detection and tracking algorithms, and joined (188KB, downloads 453, lizhen)
 138. workflow.rar - Detailed work-flow design documents, including databases and source files (2502KB, downloads 448, 韩菲)
 139. mean_shift.m.rar - matlab code meanshift realize image segmentation algorithm has better results (2KB, downloads 446, 孙不显)
 140. - this as "an adaptive filter Principle," a book of the original code, procedures for Matlab (118KB, downloads 446, 许风)
 141. rbfnn3.rar - using Matlab wrote three RBFNN procedures were based on the clustering of RBF, Based on the RBF grad (2KB, downloads 443, brezze)
 142. Wavelet-based_watermark.rar - Wavelet Transform Digital Watermarking Algorithm, with papers and source code. (616KB, downloads 442, yang)
 143. stegparty.tar.gz - image-based information hidden C source (103KB, downloads 440, 房客)
 144. drivesforuCGUI.rar - ucgui driver source code, dealing with different LCD controller. Ucgui against some of the more comm (33KB, downloads 440, 左左)
 145. MultiThreadSerial.rar - Linux under more than one thread to send and receive serial procedures. Should be very good. What if (3KB, downloads 439, 龙啸天)
 146. - Latest Lingo11, but a trial version, and I hope useful for all of us (22386KB, downloads 438, dingjiezou)
 147. VideoCatch.rar - VC video capture system UDP connections directly from the camera sampling and AVI format (3566KB, downloads 437, 123)
 148. matlab-GUI.rar - On matlab, the production of user interface procedures, good learning code (6KB, downloads 436, 张明)
 149. DSP.rar - Based on digital signal processor (DSP) of the asynchronous motor direct torque control studies (mas (635KB, downloads 436, shenhaiyu)
 150. UKF.rar - Graduate students during the unscented kalman filtering process, with the test example, vc6 compiler (2279KB, downloads 433, 杨文海)
 151. Visual_C++_DirectX9_3D_GameDevelop3.rar - (50834KB, downloads 432, 张敏)
 152. TCPTest.rar - TCP/IP UDP network communication protocol programming debugging tools, especially easy to use. (188KB, downloads 431, 张国伟)
 153. - Distributed video coding process, not including traditional frame coding part, only part of WZ codin (3121KB, downloads 431, yuyanli)
 154. lnids.rar - This is my graduation design. On the network intrusion detection system, I hope, we see! (8055KB, downloads 429, liuliang)
 155. FRFT-suanfa.rar - the of fragnaii or fft (1868KB, downloads 428, 张晓东)
 156. Base64.rar - (48KB, downloads 428, 张鲁夺)
 157. LMS-sunny.rar - LMS adaptive filter has been used, completely correct hope useful! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah (3KB, downloads 427, 陈建文)
 158. - Curve of the code available to do the history of industrial control software and real-time curve sho (68KB, downloads 425, sucheng)
 159. FCM_Cluster.rar - FCM algorithm is a clustering algorithm based on the division of its thinking is that it is making i (360KB, downloads 425, Alpha)
 160. astrategymodelexample.Rar - stragegy a model example of learning design patterns can reference (24KB, downloads 422, 小建)
 161. jpegcoding-decoding2000C.rar - JPEG encoding and decoding (700KB, downloads 422, 房客)
 162. VC+AE.rar - (769KB, downloads 417, 王林方)
 163. RealTimeCurve.rar - Real-time curve display type, you can also display a maximum of 10 examples of curves, and I hope yo (38KB, downloads 417, 冯柯)
 164. C expert programming (Chinese).rar - C expert programming (Chinese). (13757KB, downloads 417, 闫明)
 165. - An open source antivirus software, the VC has a specific project. (3441KB, downloads 417, xuhaoping)
 166. OpenGL.rar - Great job my OpenGL graphics, screen display with MFC stl triangular mesh model, and the area fills. (466KB, downloads 417, leicky)
 167. motiondetection.rar - integrity of the procedures for testing video frames. According to Video Frame Image Motion Estimati (2213KB, downloads 414, 乔香磊)
 168. USBdriver-vc.rar - USB PC procedure, based on DDK. USB PC preparation procedures often the best reference. Generally I (73KB, downloads 413, 陈刚)
 169. Cmatrix.rar - C language in the plural and matrix operations for the preparation of engineering software required. (9KB, downloads 411, 杨文海)
 170. ImagePro.rar - Calibration (542KB, downloads 410, 阳刚)
 171. - VB written attendance through the serial port connected with the communication procedures (572KB, downloads 408, )
 172. - Tiny windows sdk 6.0A. it only contains include and lib folders. (17894KB, downloads 407, )
 173. snmpManager.rar - snmp management-side code, well used, since the client can receive the trap (11080KB, downloads 406, 无忧一笑)
 174. - Reading from the document into the coordinates data, draw the corresponding curve vc++ Realize (52KB, downloads 406, Wangyunhong)
 175. readdem.rar - Introduced reading and writing digital elevation model (DEM) data, small procedures, they hope to do (354KB, downloads 405, yuan)
 176. otsu.rar - This is, I downloaded and compiled on the Otsu binarization method of matlab code, the effect is bet (1KB, downloads 403, 黄玉)
 177. dtmf-ansi-c-version.rar - classic band audio DTMF generation and detection of c-source language, detection accuracy rate is ve (2KB, downloads 400, 加内特)
 178. WebCamClient.rar - web camera client activex control (28KB, downloads 400, tenshionkai)
 179. kline.rar - upload of my own paintings k map and time trends. With a little modification, it generated want k ma (2081KB, downloads 395, 陈志刚)
 180. Source code of FFT - The source code of FFT,is a good example for digital singnal process study (230KB, downloads 395, 夏丏)
 181. fitellipse.rar - This is my collection of a foreigner series of the least squares fit algorithm for elliptic. Hope ca (1KB, downloads 394, )
 182. - BOLB algorithm of image processing procedures, image connectivity analysis of regional characteristi (120KB, downloads 392, 1111111)
 183. Sdio.rar - SDIO driver under wince 5.0, can support SDIO (22KB, downloads 390, 唐峰)
 184. (HTTPandmulti-threadeddownload).Rar - HTTP principle and source (155KB, downloads 389, 李翔实)
 185. 1099054171.rar - VC sleekly Toolbar, a simple and very user-friendly code, hope you like (25KB, downloads 387, sdxiao)
 186. VB_OCR.rar - Call Microsoft office2003 free identification of functional modules, to achieve the OCR character re (662KB, downloads 386, pengyong)
 187. - Single Sign-source code, ASP.NET achieve. With a sample. (961KB, downloads 385, chaos)
 188. C6X_Optimizing_summarization(english).rar - the TI DSP c6000 Series C code optimization summary view of data packing, recycling decomposition, J (312KB, downloads 383, 周国华)
 189. doom_VC6.rar - popular Doom online source code can not operate properly, I had to improve its can be a normal opera (3611KB, downloads 379, 刘欢)
 190. ellipsefit.rar - Matlab fitting procedure quite well, and I think that the more useful. (1KB, downloads 378, 浩东)
 191. i2creadandwriteC-languagecode.Rar - i2c read and write C-language code by controlling I2C controller, I2C set E2PROM timing to read and (20KB, downloads 376, seal_luo)
 192. WRL.rar - one to teach you how to read vc wrl format of the document examples (149KB, downloads 374, )
 193. Canimal.rar - animal identification C program, we can choose the importation of certain animal characteristics, au (201KB, downloads 374, 刘春)
 194. YL_Pxa270_LinuxSrc.rar - Intel Xscale PXA270 gifted Liuzhou LINUX-source development platform, including the platform, user m (50391KB, downloads 374, 刘以续)
 195. ContourTest1.rar - I wrote the contours and colors filled tracking the source code, welcomed the use! (167KB, downloads 371, 心港)
 196. USB programming and examples for practices - there are a lot of USB equipment,so how to search,read and write USB equipment is needed.But informa (100KB, downloads 370, liuf)
 197. RILSample.rar - windows mobile 6 rIL layer under the signal strength query example procedures, the need to run on pp (1726KB, downloads 368, 阿邦)
 198. readtxt.rar - File read operation, VC++ Code to read TXT files, have their own debugging can be (1895KB, downloads 367, wlq)
 199. - video camera shear detection of the source code, code efficiency of the implementation (773KB, downloads 365, 田波)
 200. TestMyChart.rar - VC++ 6.0 real-time curve of the chart procedures. With the input data changes, subsequent real-time (74KB, downloads 362, 刘惠深)
... ...

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