The users who searching pt2258 upload what:

 1. DS1302.rar - Four eight DS1302 digital tube display complete procedures-C language this procedure can be used not (395KB, downloads 531, 谢智阳)
 2. YL_Pxa270_LinuxSrc.rar - Intel Xscale PXA270 gifted Liuzhou LINUX-source development platform, including the platform, user m (50391KB, downloads 354, 刘以续)
 3. BC3.1.rar - BC3.1 design descriptions and the practical application of attention to matters particularly suitabl (394KB, downloads 284, gouliang)
 4. CandASMDebug.rar - C and Assembly Language Programming mixed approach and the need for attention to the problem (13KB, downloads 208, gouliang)
 5. TMS320F2812SPWM.rar - c language DSP2407A spwm also note (3KB, downloads 199, 谢智阳)
 6. HardUerofEngineer.rar - "hardware engineers use manual," this book to make you work a light-hearted advice on vari (46KB, downloads 193, gouliang)
 7. WinCE6.0LabManualPDF.rar - MS Wince6 practice manual training materials. WINCE6 good learning materials. (1999KB, downloads 192, 刘以续)
 8. Pt100Test.rar - mega8 PT100 Simulation of Temperature Acquisition+ Proteus (68KB, downloads 184, 陈刚)
 9. ads1256.rar - 24, AD-chip high-precision drive C procedures ADS1256 (38KB, downloads 160, )
 10. WinCE6StudentManual.rar - ms wince 6 training materials. WINCE6 introduced the development environment and software architectu (10095KB, downloads 156, 刘以续)
 11. TEF6606_V3.rar - Philips launched a car specifically for the single-chip radio IC, Model NXP TEF6606T// 6601T/6621T, (902KB, downloads 144, 易工)
 12. dm642_dsk_evm_uaermanual.rar - ti dm642 various development board user manual, very useful. (5027KB, downloads 140, 刘以续)
 13. PLATFORM_RELEASE_WINCE6_PXA310_2008WW21.rar - pxa310 bsp including the camera, lcd, pmic, codec driver, OBM tools. (11561KB, downloads 125, 刘以续)
 14. FFT_Filter.rar - In VC to achieve FFT of signal filtering, including the realization of low-pass and band-pass filter (1917KB, downloads 125, 刘以续)
 15. VC_FIR.rar - VC to achieve FIR digital signal filtering, wav files can be analyzed spectrum and filtered spectrum (435KB, downloads 117, 刘以续)
 16. 1302.rar - The second calendar clock circuit procedures have! ! And in front of that a little difference betwee (211KB, downloads 110, 谢智阳)
 17. yxgl.rar - computer system is safe and reliable. right environment inside the engine room equipment and mainfra (415KB, downloads 104, 陈刚)
 18. Ir.rar - That is code of Ir for sending and receiving.And there are some documents for the information (1343KB, downloads 87, 何成)
 19. AW_GH321.rar - awGh-321_wifi_ datasheet (688KB, downloads 85, 陈荣村)
 20. AT89C2051writeclockprocedures.Rar - 89C2051 write clock source. learning SCM internal timer function of a better reference routines can (4KB, downloads 84, 9153)
 21. v01.rar - SONIX, FAN, ASM, SCH,Remote control (36KB, downloads 81, 苏先生)
 22. 1383.rar - (91KB, downloads 79, 谢智阳)
 23. CPU_CoolingSystem.rar - (1134KB, downloads 79, 郑尹铭)
 24. DPAU.rar - VC achieve 10 octave coordinates Qualcomm painting, low-pass, band-pass, such as audio filtering cur (3516KB, downloads 75, 刘以续)
 25. graduallydimminglanternprescribedprocedures. - gradually dimming lantern prescribed procedures, a detailed explanation and to beginners duty cycle (1KB, downloads 71, 9153)
 26. YK001.rar - A remote control switches the original code, control a relay used HS22621--------------------------- (1KB, downloads 69, ljhy)
 27. radio.rar - TEA5767 FM receiver terminals do hope that we enthusiastically download (2KB, downloads 69, 王艳权)
 28. omnipotenceDirev.rar - this driver online circulation of different drive is used, can shift relatively high value property, (3KB, downloads 67, gouliang)
 29. TFT320240.rar - TFT320240 color code+ proteus simulation (1734KB, downloads 60, 陈刚)
 30. modbus.rar - Single-chip serial communications protocol for the single-chip AVR (29KB, downloads 60, )
 31. sourceprogrammer.Rar - source programmers is 51 Easy programming on the device, I can help you familiar with the MCU burnin (156KB, downloads 55, 9153)
 32. TEA5767HN_1.rar - TEA5767 information is conducive to the development of the use of everyone. This is the latest board (151KB, downloads 52, 王艳权)
 33. wwwwww.rar - STM32 Five: Use hardware SPI read and write FLASH AT45DB161D (381KB, downloads 51, andezeng)
 34. 1335c51.rar - err (15KB, downloads 50, ljhy)
 35. LCD.rar - Han significant use of LCD module HZ132-64 to do a small editing procedures good keyboard, can run (9KB, downloads 48, ljhy)
 36. LCD320240_VC.rar - Proteus component model, in accordance with LM2068' s LCD screen to do the project on the need to (46KB, downloads 44, 刘以续)
 37. AVR.rar - ISD1760 voice chip driver, a complete C language program (3KB, downloads 44, )
 38. DAC12.rar - MSP430F149 single-chip DA process: the functions of DAC channel 0 output from the sawtooth, sine wav (28KB, downloads 44, zhaolq)
 39. ads1158.rar - 16 of the AD chip ADS1158 driver. (79KB, downloads 42, )
 40. sed1520.rar - SED1520 microcontroller C language driver: sed1520 display program (12232) model procedures sed1520 (2KB, downloads 42, ljhy)
 41. infrared.Rar - infrared remote control novice rare PIC information, the compilation of language, the remote control (3KB, downloads 37, 刘工)
 42. ad.rar - ADC0832 do digital voltmeter, 4094+ 4 digital tube (1KB, downloads 36, 向志平)
 43. jdiaf.rar - pt2314 volume control 2-channel control principle tenets of hope that we like to download (96KB, downloads 34, 王艳权)
 44. 16f73_300w.rar - this is a complete compiled code for pic ups (132KB, downloads 31, anoop)
 45. nationalstandard.rar - Eighth: the national standard character font (16_16) Write AT45DB161D (833KB, downloads 28, andezeng)
 46. 74138_74164display.rar - c51 74hc138+74 hc164 dynamic scanning (53KB, downloads 27, 陈刚)
 47. picups73code.rar - this is a complete compiled code for pic ups (132KB, downloads 25, anoop)
 48. 5.1.rar - Digital power amplifier circuit, would like to tell everyone inadequacies, multi-index, could write (71KB, downloads 25, 梁松芝)
 49. SPI_Flasher.rar - Flasher For SPI flash eeproms like 25F80 serise (298KB, downloads 25, Mick)
 50. wl6622.rar - Adjust the temperature according to the user to automatically adjust the temperature of the straight (16KB, downloads 24, 易工)
 51. AVR-modbus.rar - Mobus single chip microcomputer AVR program, compile environment AVR GCC, document complete, can dir (18KB, downloads 24, )
 52. CLONE-PICKIT-3.rar - PICKIT 3 Cloning Project (589KB, downloads 22, Anand)
 53. attendancecardprocedures.Rar - Timecard procedures, Visual Basic, available in small and medium enterprises, VB also can be used as (848KB, downloads 22, 9153)
 54. SoundCard.rar - Analysis of sound signals in the spectrum, draw graphics display, including the FFT algorithm (3536KB, downloads 22, 刘以续)
 55. 8x8x8.cube.matrix.rar - 8x8x8 matrix cube with microcontroller (14296KB, downloads 21, xenon)
 56. ADC12.rar - MSP430F149 MCU AD procedures: one for single-channel, the use of the internal thermal diode temperat (45KB, downloads 21, zhaolq)
 57. - USB interface USB interface Virtual Logic Analyzer Virtual Logic Analyzer (268KB, downloads 20, andezeng)
 58. pic16f72.rar - 16f72 C language development of LED LCD time display. Separately display DS1302 (14KB, downloads 20, 王艳权)
 59. PT2258_Volume_Control.rar - PT2258 with AT89C51 MCU 5.1 Volume control with hardware and remote control,with 5.1 and 2.1 input w (884KB, downloads 19, Mick)
 60. AVR_meter.rar - AVR Microcontroller voltage meters+ PROTEUS simulation (31KB, downloads 18, 陈刚)
 61. PT2221.rar - PT2221 Infrared decoder C procedures (15KB, downloads 17, LBQLBQ)
 62. FM6017.rar - 6017FM in Mountain View, audio initialization procedure, good results! (4KB, downloads 17, shihongping)
 63. 890554.rar - This is a complete automatic temperature control system includes PDF information in great detail the (1541KB, downloads 17, andezeng)
 64. VB_Decompliyer.rar - VB Decompiler is decompiler for programs (EXE, DLL or OCX) written in Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0. As y (34KB, downloads 16, Mick)
 65. 74ls164LCD.rar - STC89C51 74ls164 expand+ LCD (9KB, downloads 16, mafei)
 66. 19264AVR-ASM.rar - TG19264A interface program (AVR analog) connection diagram connection diagram: LCM------ S8515** LCM (6KB, downloads 15, ljhy)
 67. VirtualSerial.rar - DDK2000 virtual serial port driver to write the source code, including the upper filter driver and t (1373KB, downloads 14, 刘以续)
 68. a.rar - 89S51 realize single-chip microcomputer in the control of traffic lights at the source code, with th (11KB, downloads 13, 郑尹铭)
 69. 1362.rar - Abstract Based on the AC/DC switching power supply PWM control chip operating principle, analysis of (392KB, downloads 13, 谢智阳)
 70. power-compensation.rar - Posed by mega128 and att7022b reactive power compensation (273KB, downloads 13, 陈刚)
 71. electronicclocksource.Rar - electronic clock source, beginners an ideal reference procedures, it adopted a more in-depth underst (1KB, downloads 13, 9153)
 72. chuankou.rar - MSP430 UART procedures, to achieve a simple agreement, both can be used for communication between th (30KB, downloads 13, zhaolq)
 73. 8x16.rar - Single-chip development, 8X16 scrolling LED dot matrix display clock (14KB, downloads 12, 向志平)
 74. USB2I2C.rar - Visual basic USB I2C demo program (148KB, downloads 12, rich)
 75. 20062710458708.rar - pt2258 information integrity (208KB, downloads 12, LBQLBQ)
 76. welcome.rar - IST3040 initial program! Used in the ACTIONS on the recording pen for display! (11KB, downloads 11, shihongping)
 77. - A adjustable switching power supply production A production of adjustable switching power supply (703KB, downloads 11, andezeng)
 78. FLASH_READ_write.rar - MSP430F149 MCU to read and write operation on the FLASH . (33KB, downloads 11, zhaolq)
 79. SPI_Programmer.rar - Very Good Programmer for all 25FXX Series, all fiends can doenload,with hardware and software.Hope (350KB, downloads 11, Mick)
 80. adc.rar - This program is written in C for AVR Microcontrollers. It is to be compiled witn GCC compiler which (42KB, downloads 11, Ashoka)
 81. atmega8mp3.rar - mp3 player atmega8 vs1003 (514KB, downloads 11, mooshtaba)
 82. PT2259.rar - PT2259 is an 8-pin 2-channel volume controller (375KB, downloads 10, nguyen dung)
 83. - Elan microcontroller used rolling code instructions applicable to the ELAN most of the chip, the mai (100KB, downloads 10, 刘工)
 84. LCD12232.rar - LCD12232 code, direct access methods to provide a Proteus simulation can be run directly see the eff (121KB, downloads 10, 刘以续)
 85. mega16_pcf8563.rar - mega16+pcf8563+proteus (79KB, downloads 9, 陈刚)
 86. - Pre-development environment KEIL PT2258 6-channel volume control panel, each channel can be independ (424KB, downloads 9, 蔡子渊)
 87. LCD19264A-(Proteus).rar - LCD19264A simulation model and the source (Proteus) (384KB, downloads 9, 陈刚)
 88. ag19264.rar - Chinese LCD sub-way LCD screen is divided into 4 lines* 12 characters, all of the use of analog inte (6KB, downloads 9, ljhy)
 89. FMAS6600.rar - AS6600FM used in Mountain View, on the initialization procedure, better than 5767 better! Thank you (6KB, downloads 9, shihongping)
 90. avrattinyprogrammer.rar - avr attiny programmer (802KB, downloads 9, mooshtaba)
 91. GYM_App.rar - This is a gym application that I created with VB . This App. keeps track of members, employees and i (398KB, downloads 9, Mick)
 92. - sms controller by imran khan (29KB, downloads 8, imran)
 93. PT2323_2322.rar - Datasheet of PT2323 & PT2322 (135KB, downloads 8, nguyen dung)
 94. 20083241475575651.rar - Hao Qiang c language programming c second edition Hao strong second edition of Programming Language (10237KB, downloads 8, LBQLBQ)
 95. IR0_2GQ.rar - LCD Module: CV9018A (98X64 dot matrix) module driver IC: S6B0724 (KS0724) MCU-driven mouth: SID----- (3KB, downloads 8, ljhy)
 96. SERIAL.rar - SERIAL.C: Interrupt Controlled Serial Interface for RTX-51 tiny (2KB, downloads 8, ljhy)
 97. Device_Firmware_Upgrade.rar - STM32f107 USB Device_Firmware_Upgrade (1959KB, downloads 8, gouliang)
 98. GPS-Simulator.rar - * When including this file in the assembly program file, all I/O register * names and I/O regis (83KB, downloads 7, sakthivel)
 99. - M62429 for 8pin Electronics Volume Control For Hometheatre. microControl For At89s52,Pt2313,pt16312 (110KB, downloads 7, sakthivel)
 100. UNUR_18F2550.rar - 18f2550 for usb app (6106KB, downloads 7, sakthivel)
 101. STC-Power-Ctrl.rar - STC microcontroller power of the middle application layer management, command and communication with (85KB, downloads 7, Qian)
 102. MainShell.rar - PDA like interface, under the SDK in the VC to prepare the way for the creation of self-control can (1680KB, downloads 7, 刘以续)
 103. AM12864.rar - AM12864 single-chip LCD driver: AM12864 is a 128* 64 dot matrix LCD. This is a C-Language AM12864 Si (3KB, downloads 7, ljhy)
 104. PT2262-Infrared-decoder.rar - PT2262 Infrared decoder (2KB, downloads 7, LBQLBQ)
 105. welcome_1697V.rar - 1697 Screen on the initialization procedure for the ACTIONS (60KB, downloads 7, shihongping)
 106. Int_ex.rar - External Interrupt Example file for AT89S52 with Proteus Simulation (39KB, downloads 7, Anand)
 107. uart_c.rar - This program is written in C for AVR Microcontrollers. It is to be compiled witn GCC compiler which (28KB, downloads 7, Ashoka)
 108. - USB interface virtual inductance capacitance meter USB interface virtual inductance capacitance mete (286KB, downloads 6, andezeng)
 109. AVR-Hongeai.rar - AVR microcontroller infrared driver, compile environment AVR GCC, document complete, can direct appl (35KB, downloads 6, )
 110. - FPGA-jtag download cable for Actel series. (4913KB, downloads 6, 小熊)
 111. 7294TO100W.rar - A design with the ST7294+ ne5532 100w+100 w hi-fi amplifier, sweet voice! (27KB, downloads 6, 小熊)
 112. Upan.rar - A U-Disk USB2.0 high-speed, stable performance, very fast data transmission, a variety of FLASH prog (457KB, downloads 6, 小熊)
 113. matlab_demo.rar - Learning signals and systems to some of the matlab examples, and some motor control PID algorithm. (23KB, downloads 6, 刘以续)
 114. - cnc pcb drill make for any appliccation (1481KB, downloads 5, sakthivel)
 115. linux-2.6.28-omap.rar - devkit8500 development board Linux kernel code. Version 2.6.28, supports a variety of driver code. (52487KB, downloads 5, 刘以续)
 116. TempCtrlKeilC51.rar - C8051 reading temperature values, and to a computer via serial port (40KB, downloads 5, 刘以续)
 117. Fat16_Test.rar - ARM 44B0 FAT 16 on the implementation source code, ADS12 of the direct compile (173KB, downloads 5, 刘以续)
 118. MXP_Wistron.rar - winston_tft_lcd (5KB, downloads 5, 陈荣村)
 119. - LC resonant circuit parameter calculation software LC resonant circuit parameter calculation softwar (6KB, downloads 5, andezeng)
 120. HT1621.rar - HT1621 Test (1KB, downloads 5, ZHENG)
 121. TOUCH.rar - Directly read and write in assembly language touch screen to switch to chip AD7843, the program can (11KB, downloads 5, 张志坤)
 122. GPRS51.rar - gps source code of the relevant information (20KB, downloads 5, andezeng)
 123. - This is a TI DSP-based company' s official website, the development of digital signal processing (917KB, downloads 5, 何成)
 124. usb_demo.rar - This is a test promgram for USB based on SUMSUNG 44b0 which is sucessfully tested in ads enviropment (109KB, downloads 5, 何成)
 125. CLOCK.rar - This program is written in C for AVR Microcontrollers. It is to be compiled witn GCC compiler which (64KB, downloads 5, Ashoka)
 126. TDA8920J.rar - TDA8920 2 × 50W class-D power amplifier (123KB, downloads 5, nguyen dung)
 127. 717237.rar - SMPS for High power audio amp (47KB, downloads 5, Anand)
 128. - Britania BSI9000 SM Home Theater AC3 (1200KB, downloads 4, nguyen dung)
 129. - DIY mini-mini Digital Tuning Radio DIY Radio Digital Tuning (36KB, downloads 4, andezeng)
 130. 456789.rar - OLED touch screen with the model and simulation data files and many believe that this information wo (397KB, downloads 4, andezeng)
 131. 51.rar - A 51 series programming, the chip contains the 80C51, 80C52, 2051, etc., serial programming, packagi (936KB, downloads 4, 小熊)
 132. 5.1.rar - The control of a microcontroller with 51 AV amplifier PCB documents, power 100W+ surround. (359KB, downloads 4, 小熊)
 133. LCDDemo.rar - Proteus LCD and single-bus temperature sensor demo code, KeilC works. (80KB, downloads 4, 刘以续)
 134. ATmega8.rar - M8 M8 control procedures for control of white white white process control procedures for M8 (3KB, downloads 4, LBQLBQ)
 135. Subwoofer.rar - ds0301.pdf for electronics circutes (178KB, downloads 4, bass)
 136. - Elan full range of microcontroller C language header files Elan microcontroller development with C o (76KB, downloads 4, 刘工)
 137. MB15026_DEVICE.rar - std LED driver code (1KB, downloads 4, gouliang)
 138. AJAX_CGI.rar - How AJAX CGI programs written in c language interactive data demonstrate how a web page to send back (169KB, downloads 4, 刘以续)
 139. balujidianqi.rar - Octal relay interlock program (11377KB, downloads 3, 蔡雷)
 140. - 300W - UPS Source Code (162KB, downloads 3, sakthivel)
 141. AddSer.rar - With different operating software of the PC software application needs to avoid frequent switching s (3623KB, downloads 3, Qian)
 142. - 2.4g Wireless Mini Helicopter sourcecode and schematic and pdf images (7137KB, downloads 3, sakthivel)
 143. DAB_TFT_SOURCE_CODE20090302pm.rar - I2C slaver 8051 source code (291KB, downloads 3, ma)
 144. HiSamsungS5K4BAFX.rar - samung s5k4bafx 200w sensor driver (22KB, downloads 3, 陈荣村)
 145. MXP_TianMa_lcd.rar - k3手機平台MXP_TFT lcd driver source (5KB, downloads 3, 陈荣村)
 146. 13344444.rar - Separate procedures for the preparation of voltage meter should not be missed very useful to the on (109KB, downloads 3, andezeng)
 147. AVR--RT240128.rar - AVR microcontroller EEPROM program, compile environment AVR GCC, document complete, can direct appli (75KB, downloads 3, )
 148. LCD16X2.rar - This program is written in C for AVR Microcontrollers. It is to be compiled witn GCC compiler which (23KB, downloads 3, Ashoka)
 149. 8535vu.rar - atmega 8535 vu meter (121KB, downloads 3, mooshtaba)
 150. - This is schematic for hybrid headphone amplifier (48KB, downloads 3, Ivan)
 151. T112_CASCO3.0.rar - T112 Driver casco 3.0 source code (1064KB, downloads 3, charles)
 152. Control.Volum.IR.rar - control pc with ir module (219KB, downloads 3, xenon)
 153. Voltmeter-Ampermeter.PIC.rar - voltmeter-ampermeter with pic microcontroller (437KB, downloads 3, xenon)
 154. I2C-bus.rar - 8051 based complete high speed I2C Program with stimulation. (42KB, downloads 3, Mick)
 155. IICBUS.rar - MSP430F149 single-chip IIC bus procedures: using software to simulate the realization of the IIC bus (36KB, downloads 3, zhaolq)
 156. spru518d.rar - This is about sprc099.rar in the library of instructions, easier to use (266KB, downloads 2, 何成)
 157. timertest.rar - This program is written in C for AVR Microcontrollers. It is to be compiled witn GCC compiler which (33KB, downloads 2, Ashoka)
 158. 8051_ADC.rar - AT89C51 Based ADC Program using keil v3. Very useful. (61KB, downloads 2, Mick)
 159. T118T_Toppoly3.0_990000006_Code.rar - T118T driver Toppoly3.0 source code (855KB, downloads 2, crs)
 160. - Nokia LCD 3310 display source code (35KB, downloads 2, Jong-Hyung)
 161. swled_asm.rar - This program is written in Assembly language for AVR Microcontrollers. It is to be compiled witn AVR (6KB, downloads 2, Ashoka)
 162. DS_FT232BL.rar - Datasheet of usb to RS232 (383KB, downloads 2, nguyen dung)
 163. ISSI42S16100.rar - 512K Words x 16 Bits x 2 Banks (16-MBIT) SYNCHRONOUS DYNAMIC RAM (599KB, downloads 2, nguyen dung)
 164. 33445yyu.rar - A whole has been unable to find the source. It was written to help a friend host a telephone. In ord (1KB, downloads 2, andezeng)
 165. lightwater.rar - stm32 light water experiment file (314KB, downloads 2, andezeng)
 166. DS18B20.rar - The product produced by the U.S. DALLAS DS18B20 support line-style communication, is widely used in (1197KB, downloads 2, 张志坤)
 167. Analogoystickmouse.rar - XI: rocker mouse via USB analog XI: Analog joystick mouse via USB (418KB, downloads 2, andezeng)
 168. samung_TFTlcd_Design.rar - samung_TFT_lcd driver (5KB, downloads 2, 陈荣村)
 169. AVR_ID_CAR.rar - AVR single chip ID card drivers, learning AVRR friend should see, complete document. (115KB, downloads 2, )
 170. Xbox-360-Downgrade.rar - xbox360 downgrader for xbox360 console (3846KB, downloads 2, sakthivel)
 171. Step-motor.rar - Stepper motor driver for any application (81KB, downloads 2, sakthivel)
 172. - it is a fully functional inverter code in asm (20KB, downloads 2, anoop)
 173. 5x5x5.cube.matrix.rar - matrix cube with microcontroller (76KB, downloads 2, xenon)
 174. RF-Based-Remote-control-(AT89C2051).zip - (AT89C2051) RF Based Remote control Circuits and Hex Programme File (91KB, downloads 2, sakthivel)
 175. - Sms Rmote Control For Home Applince (2484KB, downloads 2, sakthivel)
 176. iccavr.rar - The use of at90s515 microcontroller to generate two-way 12-bit precision sine wave. Through the PC s (102KB, downloads 2, Qian)
 177. DLT2007.rar - This is a DLT2007 Statute meter copied the software set up tables, data entry can be added according (149KB, downloads 2, Qian)
 178. - av reciver for all 5.1ch audio amplfier (102KB, downloads 2, sakthivel)
 179. CY-MFi-Digital-Audio---RDK---2.2.0_20101201-IR-de - CY MFi Digital Audio - RDK - 2.2.0_20101201 IR decode TAS5706 (10416KB, downloads 2, sakthivel)
 180. stm32-Develop.rar - One based on the the STM32 application, introduced the use of the various modules and simple applica (772KB, downloads 2, Qian)
 181. microcontroller_based_triac_lamp_dimmer.rar - AC lamp Dimmer using Micro controller - PIC16F877A (111KB, downloads 2, Jestin)
 182. 1089.rar - use, if admission to the secondary voltage signal can be output directly in the sub-and (1KB, downloads 2, 陈刚)
 183. jidian_protect.rar - Protection lesson plans, suitable for basic electrical knowledge training staff (1162KB, downloads 2, 陈刚)
 184. Verilog.rar - Southeast University, Verilog notes for beginners (580KB, downloads 2, 陈刚)
 185. TC9148-IR-decoding.rar - TC9148 IR decoding 0K (2KB, downloads 2, LBQLBQ)
 186. DrawPicture.rar - Examples of computer graphics, including graphic translation, rotation, 3d display and blanking (61KB, downloads 2, 刘以续)
 187. android-under_1.5SDK_Compile.rar - AndroidSDK book with CD-ROM development examples of documents can be compiled in eclipse emulator to (27435KB, downloads 2, 刘以续)
 188. - itead color lcd arduino code (1KB, downloads 2, Jestin)
 189. mGUISamples.rar - Reference to the net, finishing the GUI code can be executed directly in XP, it can be easily portab (272KB, downloads 1, 刘以续)
 190. AVR.rar - AVR microcontroller routine (a total of 27 programs) (1305KB, downloads 1, 陈刚)
 191. ATMEGA8.rar - ATMEGA8 all demo-board resources (all verified by) (1181KB, downloads 1, 陈刚)
 192. - 25t80 dvd eeprom programmer (12KB, downloads 1, sakthivel)
 193. - ad revenue php script (179KB, downloads 1, xenon)
 194. 3601_MA-1000S.rar - Service Manual акустической системы BBK MA-1000S (793KB, downloads 1, sakthivel)
 195. s3c9454.rar - Samsung microcontroller Chinese document, need friends come over to look, practical. (555KB, downloads 1, )
 196. AV.asm.rar - AV amplifier is a single chip control procedures, including volume, tone, display control. Keil uVis (17KB, downloads 1, 谢建雄)
 197. HiOV3640.rar - hiov3640 300w sensor driver (33KB, downloads 1, 陈荣村)
 198. EEPROMAT24C02.rar - Four: Use hardware I2C read and write EEPROM AT24C02 (279KB, downloads 1, andezeng)
 199. clock.rar - E-clock can be used by the test, (192KB, downloads 1, 张志坤)
 200. operatthrough.rar - Second: the USB to operate through the STM32 SD card (analog U disk) (513KB, downloads 1, andezeng)
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