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Files uploaded:
 1.  YAB_1.1.zip,Abroad DEV-C++ Developed EXE bundled browser, code and GUI is very good. Need to take with friends, please.,62KB,downloads 31
 2.  hideProcess.rar,Arbitrary process to hide the source code, VC++. Usage: HideProcess [PName | PID], drop a dll into the process you want to hide, modify system process chain.,61KB,downloads 169
 3.  DaMousePrototypeB.zip,Ring3 under Ring0 and Rootkit source code. Great.,240KB,downloads 68
 4.  public.zip,Foreigners released a relatively good remote control code, features small, but very good. (Oh, very new),35KB,downloads 34
 5.  gh0st3.6_src.zip,The mainstream of a powerful remote control code, many of the core applications, including such SSDT. Compiler to install Microsoft SDK. VC6.0,1261KB,downloads 46

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  CC  hook socket  ping vb  ɨ   vb matlab  mt4 api

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