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Files uploaded:
 1.  Taobao4Android.rar,Sellers Taobao API example, can refer to build their own applications, especially in the authorized certification,2185KB,downloads 15
 2.  splashview.zip,an example of splash view in iphone platform. you can develope it further.,2KB,downloads 50
 3.  myseat_v3_0.97.2.zip,a program for ordering dinner, it is useful. User can develop further,1671KB,downloads 2
 4.  benlodotcom-MyAVControllerDemo-4804b27.zip,A framecapture program for iphone, it is useful for pattern recognition in realtime.,695KB,downloads 26
 5.  JPEGLIB2.rar,a api for read/write for JPEG file,1100KB,downloads 23
 6.  avilib.rar,a api for read/write for avi file,19KB,downloads 50
 7.  avigen.rar,a source code for AVI file generating,2667KB,downloads 12
 8.  avimerge.rar,a source code for AVI file merge,78KB,downloads 11
 9.  netpbm.rar,a image converting program for reseaching,720KB,downloads 18
 10.  shutx_s_4052.zip,an example for auto shutdown,116KB,downloads 0
 11.  Multi_Zone_Clock_2.02.01.zip,a tool for check mail box and notify user to view,2646KB,downloads 0
 12.  AnimationGifEx_src1.zip,GIF codec procedures, can be explained animation, rare,11KB,downloads 20
 13.  DropExDemo.zip,Drag and drop the contents of the demonstration, list the contents of the main drag and drop between the exchange,19KB,downloads 4
 14.  AnotherPDFLib0.3.zip,Analysis of the use of PDF document generation libraries, can be used to rewrite their own document format,596KB,downloads 16
 15.  TActiveMovie.zip,Media player controls, you can deal with smooth picture, crawl picture,514KB,downloads 7
 16.  FileTree_src.zip,Document tree C++ Control, scheduling and Syria could be achieved, in view of the directory, disk or machine loaded with documents, to support the network path,46KB,downloads 2
 17.  ExpBar_src.zip,XP side toolbar design source, detailing realize XP with C-section of the toolbar,684KB,downloads 23

File downloaded:
 1.  backforwardSegmentationjava.rar,Backforward propergation chinese segmentation. with the visible interface by Swing. It s useful for the new guy.,1425KB,downloads 5
 2.  StandardTokenizer.rar,segment the chinese word,2KB,downloads 1
 3.  Ngram-spliter.rar,Based on the Ngram the Chinese word, the accuracy rate can reach 92 , worth considering!,6KB,downloads 7
 4.  FishJoy_Final.zip,android game fishing up to people,28734KB,downloads 216
 5.  ssj.zip,With the Notes,6545KB,downloads 64
 6.  BlueTooth.rar,iphone mobile phone Bluetooth code,551KB,downloads 65
 7.  FishDemo.zip,android platform " sea fishing" fishing game, in addition to the fish' s swimming path is not set, basically completed. Is a stand-alone game, there is no list, no online recharge system.,18845KB,downloads 143
 8.  Ball.rar,Android Development Android Developer 2D 2D ball free fall free fall ball,2735KB,downloads 15
 9.  mobilePhotoes_6.rar,Is an android-based mobile phone operating system software album. The software provides quick and clear picture preview, smooth dazzling slide show feature and a variety of image editing functions, such as: splendor, negative, enhancement, black and white, watermarks, symmetry, scale, L, D, cut , text, relief and comics.,2916KB,downloads 234
 10.  android-yeezhao.rar,Mobile shopping application, provides product search, product reviews, shopping comparison, merchants offer,4205KB,downloads 154
 11.  FirstGame.rar,coolfish1989 original iPhone jigsaw puzzle, as it is worthwhile, after downloading you know, do not pit father. My next goal is to create an angry bird,1320KB,downloads 42
 12.  iphone.zip,iphone bluetooth program,1296KB,downloads 14
 13.  antyspamplugin-51488.zip,sample for an outlook spam filter plugin,1124KB,downloads 5
 14.  ParsedXmlDataSet.rar,android resolution. net webservice returns dataset parameters.,3KB,downloads 19
 15.  wuziqi.rar,android backgammon source. Beautiful interface easy to use. Battle can be human, for humans to play against. Crew war can set the computer' s difficulty level.,91KB,downloads 208
 16.  ZqpGame.rar,android version of the game under a small, simple code for reference for learning,1827KB,downloads 2
 17.  yxkc.rar,Taobao Marketing Express software' s main functions is to use real-time accurate filter out keywords that your potential buyers, automatically or manually by Want to send promotional information to potential buyers. Accurate real-time filter out marketing Express only interested buyers for your products and send your product information or promotions to make your publicity more targeted, relevant and professional, can greatly improve your product sales .,3595KB,downloads 13
 18.  Tetris.rar,It s different from the usual Tetris.It s 3D version and the rule is also different.,1367KB,downloads 17
 19.  calculateBluetooth.zip,Bluetooth communication for the next iphone, iphone ipod or two can achieve the communication between ipad.,20KB,downloads 21
 20.  Chess.zip,Android Chess demo,ui is beautiful,1551KB,downloads 58

Keywords searched:
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