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 1.  OCR-1.1.zip,Pattern recognition, the identification of the vehicle license plate number,17427KB,downloads 61
 2.  MultiSelectDropDownEx.zip,c sharp,7KB,downloads 4

File downloaded:
 1.  CSharpimage.zip,image process,17105KB,downloads 14
 2.  MulCSharp(DLL).rar,C# license plate recognition in the field of intelligent transportation has excellent robustness and recognition rate for the weather all kinds of pictures,205KB,downloads 113
 3.  CSharpDTU.rar,GPRSDTU customer data source, DTU upload data reception and display, as well as the remote setting function of the DTU, including dynamic link The library wcomm_dll.dll communication with the remote DTU.,149KB,downloads 194
 4.  1032508_12409103986oJs.rar,sorry ,i down.t know yy,4087KB,downloads 32

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