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Files uploaded:
 1.  matlab-gps.zip,GPS, a simple Matlab toolbox, to achieve a variety of basic functions,9KB,downloads 3
 2.  DOP1.zip,The GPS calculate the DOP, the use of matlab programming, the actual use can be verified,1KB,downloads 5
 3.  MATLAB-GPS-C.zip,Algorithm and hardware-based GPS pre-capture, more effective, we hope to help,134KB,downloads 4
 4.  GPS-rgv.zip,Algorithm and hardware-based GPS pre-capture, more effective, we hope to help,1195KB,downloads 4
 5.  GPS-RCV-ACQ.zip, () Ӣ Related papers, captured by the GPS receiver gives the effective implementation of the program,1326KB,downloads 2
 6.  WEAK-GPS-ACQ.zip,If the GPS signal capture relevant papers, gives a more effective program,1524KB,downloads 2
 7.  TortoiseCVS.zip,A classic software version control software CVS instructions for use, detailed,475KB,downloads 0
 8.  project.rar,Assembly language programming- based on the ARM architecture, this is a book, in which some of the procedures.,54KB,downloads 4
 9.  mips-cpu.rar,Relevant information on the embedded mainly stresses mips types of cpu, more detailed,281KB,downloads 25
 10.  char06-07.rar,Hao Qiang Teacher c language part of the 06-07,70KB,downloads 0
 11.  char04-05.rar,Hao Qiang classic c language programming 04-05 parts, continue, want to speed quickly,61KB,downloads 0
 12.  char02-03.rar,Hao Qiang classic c language program designed in part 23, to continue, I hope speed quickly,102KB,downloads 0
 13.  CHAR01.rar,Hao strong c language book, This is the first part, the network is too slow, I then Chuan,231KB,downloads 0
 14.  gps-matlab.rar,Matlab GPS Toolbox, take the time to do more useful simulation,42KB,downloads 107
 15.  GPS-INS-Matlab-code.rar,GPS-INS-Matlab-code, are about the location of portfolio GPS_INS Simulation Matlab source code,670KB,downloads 964

File downloaded:
 1.  GPS-calculate.zip,According to the satellite broadcast ephemeris data files, calculate the satellite three-dimensional coordinates,3KB,downloads 10
 2.  GPS-SDR.rar,This is a very good and informative book on GPS SDR and has crystal clear concepts.,2179KB,downloads 3
 3.  GPS_data_collector.rar,GPS data collector GPS data collector GPS data collector,3175KB,downloads 17
 4.  GPS_GPS.zip,GPS Source GPS Source GPS Source GPS Source GPS Source GPS Source GPS Source GPS GPS Source GPS source source,1491KB,downloads 2
 5.  gps-single-location.rar,gps single location,29KB,downloads 4
 6.  GPS-Baseband-Signal-Processing-.zip,In the GPS software receiver architecture, computer-based MATLAB software platform, using the actual acquisition of GPS IF signal, in the general computer hardware receiver implements a baseband signal processing, and all the navigation solution function.,562KB,downloads 20
 7.  GPS-receive.rar,GPS navigation algorithms, a specific application and related functions, such as the transformation matrix for application developers,93KB,downloads 29
 8.  GPSBase.rar,Presented a detailed description of gps, gps is good for beginners to understand the information, detailing the GPS works!,259KB,downloads 12
 9.  GPS-source.rar,GPS application source code, GPS application design, GPS coordinate conversion,12284KB,downloads 9
 10.  1233GPSGNSS.rar,GPS, GNSS, GLONASS satellite navigation system data of three. Very good information,6082KB,downloads 19
 11.  GPS.rar,Collection of GPS data compilation, I hope you back like you Come under ah! !,222KB,downloads 9
 12.  Latitude-longitude-conversion.rar,Latitude and longitude conversion tool,20KB,downloads 1
 13.  GPS-theory-Algorithms-Applications.zip,The main content of this thesis is the GPS baseline data processing theory, algorithms and their applications in deformation monitoring, with particular emphasis on the GPS static and dynamic baselines fast and reliable method of calculating,14372KB,downloads 14
 14.  GPSPos.rar,GPS satellite coordinates of a calculation procedure, simple operation, an operation can only,3668KB,downloads 21
 15.  GPS.rar,GPS locator, design method. VC++ source code, it is suitable for beginners, the basic formula,339KB,downloads 6
 16.  GPS-Application-Design.rar,This book is a more practical learning tool for GPS programming, the application of relatively complete ,5452KB,downloads 4
 17.  watson-et-al_ion-navigation_winter06.rar,Indoor GPS data to study abroad document, very precious, we can draw a lot of things,3605KB,downloads 2
 18.  GPS-developers-packet.rar,GPS developer s packet,1152KB,downloads 9
 19.  GPS_Principlesamatlab_simulate.rar," GPS basic principles and matlab simulation," Yang Jun Wu Qisheng compiled simulation data, Xidian University Press, including books and supporting the internal PPT! ! !,10636KB,downloads 33
 20.  GPS_Principles_and_application.rar, GPS principle and application- Qiu Zhi and, electronics industry publishing house publication. A foundation and relatively quite comprehensive about GPS Chinese reference books. ,8537KB,downloads 14

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