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Files uploaded:
 1.  CustomFont.rar,Windows programming examples, directwrite example, custom font example ,87KB,downloads 0
 2.  ChooseFont.rar,Windows programming examples, the use of directwrite prepared font selection examples ,17KB,downloads 0
 3.  PlxDma.rar,PLX9054 example code, plxdma transmission example,11633KB,downloads 0
 4.  ColorShifting.rar,Direcx11 learning code, color gradient example ,941KB,downloads 0
 5.  Direct3DText.rar,Directx11 learning code, Direct3D text examples ĄŁ,17KB,downloads 0
 6.  GameSprites.rar,Direcx11 programming examples of code, game programming examples of the wizard, easy to understand! ,22KB,downloads 0
 7.  FileSysTest.rar,File read and write speed tests of the original code,1340KB,downloads 18
 8.  hex2aray1.rar,hex2aray source code,1KB,downloads 2

File downloaded:
 1.  detectMSERfeatures.rar,Regional feature extraction, MATLAB language, code testing can be used,2KB,downloads 12
 2.  Visual_Assist_X_10.9.2052.0_Crack.zip,VA_X.dll file to replace the original after installation. After the break, although still trail the trial version, but has no time limit. VS2008 and earlier     The VA_X.dll copied to the installation directory covering the same name. VS2010     The VA_X.dll copy the same file to the following directory covering.     (Win7) C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ VisualStudio \ 10.0 \ Extensions \ Whole Tomato Software \ Visual Assist X \ 10.9.2052.0     (XP) C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ VisualStudio \ 10.0 \ Extensions \ Whole Tomato Software \ Visual Assist X \ 10.9.2052.0 VS2012     C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ random name directory VisualStudio \ 11.0 \ Extensions under, and manually enter the search for, locate and replace VA_X.dll VS2013     C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ random name dire,22624KB,downloads 15
 3.  PciDriver.zip,Drive development for PCI9054 using drivestudio. It was verified.,2153KB,downloads 13
 4.  TOOLBOX_calib0.rar,Zhang Zhengyou calibration kit, run directly there will be a mistake, this is the modified toolbox, first run calib_gui, confirm the image directory in the current directory, then run the calib_gui_normal, graphical interface, read the image, to carry on the calibration,20118KB,downloads 22
 5.  Ctrl32.rar,Win32 creation of new controls, list view, tree view, progress bars, buttons and slider controls rotation,3492KB,downloads 11
 6.  OpencvProject.rar,MSER ,10445KB,downloads 158
 7.  MSER_matlab.zip,Regional image feature detection, using MSER algorithm,1546KB,downloads 46
 8.  PCI9052.zip,PCI9052 development boards DDK drive to write the original code, details PCI9052 driver under WINDOWS environment with DDK preparation methods,6594KB,downloads 63
 9.  PLX9054driver.zip,PCI interface driver code! ! ! PLX9054,101KB,downloads 21
 10.  MSER.zip,Area detection by using MSER,4633KB,downloads 155
 11.  PCI9052Demo.rar,PCI bus Device Development Collection supporting CD PCI9052 driver routines,162KB,downloads 17
 12.  MSER-algorithm.zip,MSER algorithm implemented, the function is all ready, clearthinking! ,2605KB,downloads 265
 13.  vlfeat-0.9.9.rar,Sift-based image matching algorithm. And use RANSEC algorithm to remove false matches. Finally, given the sift algorithm for image stitching.,17227KB,downloads 233
 14.  Plx9054-PCIDriver.rar,This is the most detailed I' ve seen the driver of the PCI9054, the learning we want to help! Written in easy to understand and more clear,11KB,downloads 144
 15.  PCI9052.rar,PCI Application Notes, PC programming, windows programming, under the control of the crew,706KB,downloads 27
 16.  PCI9052Demo.rar,PCI9052 driver, vcc prepared very well, I tried to use good,163KB,downloads 29
 17.  Plx9054.rar,PCI9054 driver DriverStudio examples of development,4118KB,downloads 502
 18.  pci9054.rar,PCI9054 achieve IO operation. Inside, including driver development steps as well as the development driver, to generate documents that can be installed.,599KB,downloads 141
 19.  PCI9054.rar,pci 9054 Device Driver Wu River XP Driven Development Example,1341KB,downloads 180
 20.  BCB_MCTest.rar,multicast data reception procedures V1.0, the C Builder 6.0. Based on multi-threaded model, Packaging, a multicast receiving category. Multicast data and receive a rolling curve shown per second of data packets received number.,13KB,downloads 98

Keywords searched:
  TLD  gbvs  meanshift matlab  TMS320C6713 h  sdp  PCI9052  socket  SDHC

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