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Files uploaded:
 1.  drvWin.rar,A simple example of developing and compiling a driver in the vc6 and WINDDK3790. The setting of the compiled environment is arguably the most successful and easy to use. ,23KB,downloads 0
 2.  httpStock_cb6.rar,The Windows version receives stock information. Simple, high-performance httpStock_cb6 version of the module, and the application example. ,235KB,downloads 0
 3.  cmd_bc.rar,bcb6 s console model program,28KB,downloads 0
 4.  Mail-asm.rar,mail-asm is a pretty good assembly language source code, send email attachments.,10KB,downloads 2
 5.  coolbar-asm.zip,coolbar-ASM is a pretty good assembly language source code, the toolbar button command.,33KB,downloads 3
 6.  AsmEdit.zip,AsmEdit is a pretty good assembly language editing software program.,505KB,downloads 1
 7.  pgMaker.rar,English words software source code, there are phonetic. Easy to extract arbitrary word. For the college entrance examination questions, study section and so on.,534KB,downloads 4
 8.  RoboCopy.rar,Vista, copy the program comes with RoboCopy.exe powerful assistant.,284KB,downloads 5
 9.  En-Mp3.rar,According to a text file in the file name is given to copy files. MP3 English words such as extraction and streamlining XP.,210KB,downloads 1
 10.  GetDat.rar,Intelligently from the web page by page to get more data, such as a lottery site lottery data. Especially happy to download as a very kind of Guangdong Province to the winning lottery data.,287KB,downloads 33
 11.  GetUrl.rar,Consecutively numbered pages from the automatic download of data, such as a lottery data.,12KB,downloads 10
 12.  61.rar,Support for high performance and high cost procedures concurrent site, ISAPI preparation. Universal' s online store system, including, forums, message and chat.,135KB,downloads 3
 13.  CP.rar,Select 1 to 9 for type, color ball and other lottery tickets 3D, seven color, and other digital lottery. Trend of the red ball and basketball with the same set of indicators, simple and efficient. Flexible, practical details of the statistical analysis to show the distribution of numbers. Chart visually shows the trend of the law of numbers. Support the rotation matrix betting, multiple bets, betting election machine, Dantuo betting, betting selected by bit bets. Lottery VbScript script by simply observing the flexibility to customize the trend indicators, custom filters bets. Free upgrade service. Green software, compact and practical.,108KB,downloads 70

File downloaded:
 1.  The-automatic-control-system-.rar,The automatic control system based on 51 single-chip temperature source,99KB,downloads 6
 2.  BCB-vcdll.zip,BCB with DLL,452KB,downloads 6
 3.  SDK.rar,I have written seven codec, comments in detail, including test procedures, if insufficient, hope more advice.,7682KB,downloads 96
 4.  CPPBuilder-WordPAD.rar,Source code of C++Builder WordPad, fine, for beginners to learn, but I did not write, skysonya write the,302KB,downloads 8
 5.  WLAN.rar,wlanapi 调用实例,完美测试,包含部分头文件和库文件,23737KB,downloads 170
 6.  setthebackground-image-of-the-MDI.rar,MDI multi-document application program can set the background color, let the program look better,113KB,downloads 3
 7.  CPP-builder-TTS.rar,When the program does not read cards (create a new thread reading), can be exported as WAV format audio files.,376KB,downloads 12
 8.  lex-and-yacc.rar,about lex and yacc,which are good tools for complier construction.It includes every sections codes.,5615KB,downloads 34
 9.  C--C-P-P-To-Delphi.rar,C, C++ To Delphi Converter, based on C and C++ Delphi source code conversion,463KB,downloads 43
 10.  clock.rar,Curriculum design for digital circuits: design of a digital electronic clock electronic clock, requires: 1. Time to 12 or 24 hours for a period 2. Normal display hours, minutes and seconds 3. Juyou timing function, respectively, and sub-time separate school, it corrected to standard time 4. timekeeping process has timekeeping function, the whole point when time reaches 10 seconds before the buzzer timekeeping 5. In order to ensure a stable and accurate timing by the time the crystal oscillator Biaozhen reference signal. 6. Complete the alarm clock function.,148KB,downloads 29
 11.  WIFITOOLANDEXP.rar,Write operation with vc2005 the dll wifi and provides vc2005 use under the demo and use under vc6 demo, dll to include in the function to find the local wireless network card, look for wireless hotspots around the link, hot, hot off functions.,611KB,downloads 63
 12.  flex_and_bison.rar,lex yacc to create a very useful tool for compiler and code.,1497KB,downloads 80
 13.  MsysForFfmpegCompile.rar,Installed in the Windows virtual Linux environment to compile MSYS & minGW (for example, MSYS-1.0.11-2004.04.30-1.exe) after extracting this file covers installation directory, run msys run./Configure- enable-shared-- disable-static- enable-memalign-hack- enable-a52- enable-dts- enable-faac- enable-faad- enable-x264- enable-libogg- enable-gpl and can make after Compile FFMPEG smooth,59309KB,downloads 15
 14.  atlbrowser.rar,One of the most simple written using ATL, IE-based browser for the browser would like to know the primary scholars.,1563KB,downloads 58
 15.  saolei.rar,A mine the game' s source code, game code to prepare an enlightenment.,332KB,downloads 6
 16.  MCS51_danpianji.rar,MCS51 MCU macro assembler source code. Friend in need, please download!,470KB,downloads 20
 17.  sdk_dzk.rar,SDK with a written puzzle games to learn SDK helpful friends,53KB,downloads 56
 18.  ClanguagecompilerCsource.Rar,This is done with VC of a small C language compiler, the general procedure for suitable C compiler.,224KB,downloads 288
 19.  mine sweeping game code,i develop it by BCB,a mine sweeping game, good effect.,630KB,downloads 22
 20.  djgpp_src.zip,Source coded of djgpp , it includes the gcc2.9 compiler, ASM tools, the debug tools etc.,20498KB,downloads 437

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 Download:vcPP-APP_CODE_18 - 独立打包,保证可解压,内含大量源码,网上搜集而来。一共10几包,每个包几十兆。..
 Download:jswb2010-09-18 - 极速五笔输入法源代码,VC 实现,适用windows XP,Vista,7操作系统。..

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