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Files uploaded:
 1.  lz4-Spice.rar,LZ4 is a fast lossless compression algorithm, the use of Spice in the image can be compressed with the fastest speed to reduce the server s CPU share,160KB,downloads 1
 2.  CZTtransformer.rar,CZT operation is in the Z domain to arbitrary spiral sampling, the source code using 512 points to do CZT operations to calculate the maximum frequency,1743KB,downloads 0
 3.  Form1.zip,Coordinates read from a file, and then according to the coordinates to draw graphics, including lines, rectangles, polygons, etc.,2KB,downloads 2
 4.  WindowsApplication1.rar,Coordinates read from a file, graph, view out, line, polygon, rectangle,38KB,downloads 2

File downloaded:
 1.  libuvc-master.zip,uvc camera library based on libusb for windows, linux and macos,110KB,downloads 6
 2.  RawSocket.rar,Simple examples of the original socket. raw socket, that is, the original socket, you can receive the card on the machine frame data or data packets to and monitor network traffic and analyze the role is useful,1KB,downloads 27
 3.  CZT.rar,One kind of Adelaide fft algorithm implementations, less code.,3KB,downloads 14
 4.  MCZTFFT.rar,MCZTFFT the C language code, is an effective algorithm for frequency estimation,1KB,downloads 3
 5.  fft.zip,C language implementation of several different FFT approach: including the time taken by the base 2 DFT, frequency extraction base 2 DFT, split based algorithm, CZT methods.,9KB,downloads 22
 6.  czt.zip,c language czt function implementation. c language matlab function in the realization czt,1KB,downloads 38
 7.  simplewebcam.zip,android on the applicable USB camera driver, to achieve the basic functions of the camera, this is the source code, can be used as learning portal,40KB,downloads 138
 8.  FDATOOL.rar,A program designed in MATLAB GUIDE with the interface and function of FDATOOL in matlab. ,23KB,downloads 76
 9.  CZTtransformer.rar,this program is czt transformer ,use in power harmonic analysis,224KB,downloads 13
 10.  mx_CZT_fltp.rar,Floating-point C program, the CZT algorithm any point FFT transform added MEX an excuse to function, in order to achieve the matlab direct calls!,5KB,downloads 47
 11.  CZT_fltp.rar,CZT FFT transform (float),1KB,downloads 78
 12.  preprocess.rar,denoise algrithm,10KB,downloads 226
 13.  C-DFT.rar,Using C language Detailed Fourier transform DFT algorithm,6KB,downloads 69
 14.  DFT.rar,DFT,1KB,downloads 6
 15.  libusb_RM.rar,libusb Developers Guide,18KB,downloads 19
 16.  fft1024.rar,1024 points DIF-4 FFT/IFFT operations. C language. . C,. H files, add directly into the project can be used.,2KB,downloads 280
 17.  fft-by_skyline.rar,This is one I wrote it myself FFT c procedures can be calculated n (,2KB,downloads 168
 18.  DFT program developed by C,DFT program developed by C, very practical,2KB,downloads 1163

Keywords searched:
  mouse_monitor  libpcap

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