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 1.  Sudoku.rar,Sudoku games, reference android basic course sudoku, new pass inspection, rewards, and database records user high provides registration and entry ,15187KB,downloads 26
 2.  KLSD.zip,android game development project source project called Happy Sudoku. This project allows the reader to understand the development process of such games to master the practical development of skills, learn the development of such games.,5058KB,downloads 3
 3.  Sudoku.rar,Sudoku on Android to help beginners understand android development,2078KB,downloads 2
 4.  11.zip,Android Lianliankan game source code, you can run the full,990KB,downloads 39
 5.  lianliankan.Android.rar,Lianliankan fruit through a viable route will connect two of the same pattern, every one off, the difficulty strengthening patterns can be eliminated.,3763KB,downloads 11
 6.  FishJoy_Final.zip,android game fishing up to people,28734KB,downloads 216
 7.  android-yeezhao.rar,Mobile shopping application, provides product search, product reviews, shopping comparison, merchants offer,4205KB,downloads 154
 8.  SinaWeiBo.zip,android Sina microblogging client,2023KB,downloads 228
 9.  MySchool.rar,android Contacts,3091KB,downloads 94
 10.  wuziqi.rar,android backgammon source. Beautiful interface easy to use. Battle can be human, for humans to play against. Crew war can set the computer' s difficulty level.,91KB,downloads 208
 11.  Chess.zip,Android Chess demo,ui is beautiful,1551KB,downloads 58
 12.  android-order-system.rar,Java-based ordering system android- android phone ordering system, and the basic order functions, for reference study,7496KB,downloads 1899
 13.  MediaPlayer.rar,Android-line player,313KB,downloads 108
 14.  MP3Player.rar,android development of the MP3 player to achieve the download, play, and lyrics synchronization function,38KB,downloads 79
 15.  Shelves.rar,Android beautiful bookshelves, based on the android system,207KB,downloads 106
 16.  DishMenu_asp.rar,Oh, very good android a la carte system functions are all very nice feature is all very nice Oh, Oh, feature a very wide,660KB,downloads 123
 17.  FBReaderJ-sources-0.5.6.zip,Android open-source Android open-source e-book e-book e-book open-source Android,894KB,downloads 41
 18.  androidapp.rar,android development example 1, photo viewer (Picture Viewer) 2, file browser (File Browser) 3, Contacts (Contact) 4, Task Manager (Task Manager) 5, music player (Rock Player) 6, weather forecast (Android Weather Forecast) 7, multimedia player (Android Media Player) 8, SMS voice broadcast (Speak Message Service) 9, cell phone remote control (Cam Monitor) 10, Snake (Snake),3031KB,downloads 3694
 19.  android.rar,An image file browser, the browser 2 3 4 Task Manager, Address Book 5 6 music player, multimedia player weather 7 8 broadcast voice messages,3013KB,downloads 120
 20.  Salary.zip,Salary Management System and sql2005 vc,4338KB,downloads 9

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