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Files uploaded:
 1.  mp.zip,Test program for MODBUS TCPIP,4868KB,downloads 0
 2.  cpuid.zip,get CPU ID,622KB,downloads 0
 3.  MODBUSTCP.zip,modbus TCPIP for upper computer program,42868KB,downloads 0
 4.  mac.zip,get pc mac address,1727KB,downloads 0
 5.  filetr.zip,trans file,1769KB,downloads 0
 6.  MES.rar,MES DLL,21330KB,downloads 7
 7.  Student_Alone.rar,connect database,461KB,downloads 3

File downloaded:
 1.  ModbusClient.rar,modbus communication, TCP/IP version of the client-side code, VC++6.0 debugging through.,345KB,downloads 165
 2.  FileTransferThread.rar,Multi-threaded TCPIP TCPIP demo file transfer,2KB,downloads 4
 3.  MODBUSTCPIP.rar,modbus-tcp ,4KB,downloads 83
 4.  DMOE.rar,Achieved through SCOKE, network monitoring desktop functionality,776KB,downloads 3
 5.  ModTcp.rar,This is a Modbus Tcp client program, it can dynamically access the device (Modbus Slave) register, such as: dynamically change the address and the type of register accessed and quantity of registers.,3720KB,downloads 384
 6.  21834_1243008935YLCl.zip,Multi-threaded socket file transfer/support HTTP/send and receive information/point-to-multipoint mode of using blocking socket, the use of multi-threaded, high performance. In the local area network speed test reached its limit. Support HTTP . server can receive multiple files at the same time. transfer files can be sent at the same time the network news,30KB,downloads 176
 7.  TabSheet.rar,/************************************************************************ Class Name: Call Properties dialog box programming library (VC++ version)* Supported features: dynamically add, remove property pages dynamic modify attribute page title Activity property page settings access to the properties, such as property pages.* The preparation of personnel: Coderui* preparation Date: February 3, 2009* Last Update: February 9, 2009* Contact Email: coderui@163.com* Author blog: http://hi.baidu.com/coderui* File Name: TabSheet.h***********************************************************************/,21KB,downloads 317
 8.  netmsg.rar,err,243KB,downloads 154
 9.  3Drebuild.rar,Binocular stereo vision based on the theory of three-dimensional reconstruction using stereo matching, SIFT matching algorithm,1821KB,downloads 2009
 10.  Excel.rar,VC++ Realize excel forms of reading and writing, program development can be directly used to use, layout is very clear,4091KB,downloads 5259
 11.  SOCKET-TCP.rar,SOCKET multithreading, the use of TCP connections, when a link request, the establishment of a thread. A total of two documents, one Server, there is a Client,1172KB,downloads 2970
 12.  threadpool_src.rar,thread pool to achieve the integrity of the program, thread pool through the interface, threaded completed their tasks could be achieved.,12KB,downloads 643
 13.  VCmultithreadedprogrammingDaquan.Rar,VC multithreaded programming accessible books worth recommending yo welcome to download!,1170KB,downloads 3118
 14.  multithreadedserverRawSocketServerExample.ZIPT,reference source, study examples,36KB,downloads 96

Keywords searched:
  MScomm  USB  ftp  HID

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