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Files uploaded:
 1.  GU04.rar,Model Reference Adaptive Flight Path Stabilization for Altitude and Velocity Hold,166KB,downloads 4
 2.  CLOS.rar,Command to Line-of-Sight Guidance,12KB,downloads 2
 3.  demo1.rar,This is the demo file for L1 adaptive controller with a simple unknown parameter: \dot x(t) = Ax(t) + b(u(t) - \theta^\top x(t)) DoSims.m: This script initializes the model parameters, run the simulation L1Model_sec1.mdl:the implementation of L1 adaptive controller. Refer to the following paper for background: C. Cao, N. Hovakimyan, Design and Analysis of a Novel Adaptive Control Architecture with Guaranteed Transient Performance, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.53, No.2, pp. 586-591, 2008. ,23KB,downloads 3
 4.  demo3_Rohrs.rar,This is the demo file for Rhors counter example: adaptive control for system with unmodeled dynamics, which show the lack of robustness of the traditional MRAC. DoSims.m: This script initializes the model parameters, run the simulation, and plot all the results automatically. L1Model_Rohrs.mdl:the implementation of L1 adaptive controller. MracModel_Rohrs.mdl: the implementation of the traditional MRAC. Refer to the following papers for background: C.E. Rohrs, L. Valavani, M. Athans, and G. Stein, "Stability Problems of Adaptive Control Algorithms in the Pressence of Unmodeled Dynamics", 21st Conference on Decision and Control, Dec 1982. Enric Xargay, Naira Hovakimyan and Chengyu Cao, "Benchmark Problems of Adaptive Control Revisited by L1 Adaptive Control", International Symposium on Intelligent Control and 17th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 24-26, 2009, pp. 31-36. ,28KB,downloads 5
 5.  demo2.rar,This is the demo file for L1 adaptive controller with unknown parameter, unknown disturbance, unknown control effectiveness: \dot x(t) = Ax(t) + b(\omega u(t) + \theta(t)^\top x(t) + \sigma(t)) DoSims.m: This script initializes the model parameters, run the simulation. You can split the parts you need and do the simulations according to your interest. L1Model_sec2.mdl:the implementation of the system. Refer to the following paper for background: C. Cao, and N. Hovakimyan, ¡°L1 adaptive controller for systems with unknown time-varying parameters and disturbances in the presence of non-zero trajectory initialization error¡±, International Journal of Control, Vol. 81, No. 7, 1147¨C1161, July 2008,33KB,downloads 3
 6.  DoSim.rar,This script demonstrates the performance of L1 controller under different (constant) reference signal with different low pass filters (C1/C2) and adaptive gains (Gamma),14KB,downloads 4
 7.  Forces_Moments_Aero.rar,Aerodynamic Forces and Moments,1KB,downloads 2
 8.  Equs_Motion.rar,Equation of motion for Airplane,1KB,downloads 1
 9.  Atmosphere200k.rar,Atmosphere model for 200km,1KB,downloads 1
 10.  Atmosphere.rar,Atmosphere model for 200km,1KB,downloads 1
 11.  PNG.rar,Proportional Navigation Guidance,1KB,downloads 4

File downloaded:
 1.  matlabprogram.zip,The algorithm of type-2 fuzzy clustering achieved the segmentation of medical image,5KB,downloads 22
 2.  lcc2ll.rar,Convert LCC Lambert Conformal Conic to Geodesic coordination system from clark 1880 ellipsoid,1KB,downloads 4
 3.  m_10matsc.rar,Ballistic missile trajectory simulation provides the dynamic equations and models,1KB,downloads 5
 4.  lambert.rar,Blind source separation of the source code package, suitable for beginners to use ICA,213KB,downloads 7
 5.  IT2FLS.zip,fourier usning matlab ,2790KB,downloads 7
 6.  Development-of-a-Genetic-Fuzzy-Controller-for-an-,newest guidance law for UAV,14KB,downloads 2
 7.  bldyddfz.rar,GUI-based interface of the proportional navigation trajectory simulation, which can display ballistic curve, normal overload over time, angle of sight changes with time, attention switch to changes in rates over time graph, and the constant coefficient proportional navigation, and change coefficient proportional navigation, the proportion of correct guidance law of the trajectory simulation.,25KB,downloads 15
 8.  ballistics_problem.zip,This package provides the classic version of vxLand common missile, artillery shells, rockets and other ballistic simulation program for non-control ammunition, the user may need to add three-point method based on the ratio guidance and other guidance methods, to modify, expand into the corresponding a controlled, guided trajectory simulation program.,21KB,downloads 12
 9.  Missile--algorithms.rar,Missile trajectory analysis algorithms, simulation of ballistic missiles to achieve two-stage rocket flight,4KB,downloads 54
 10.  missile-orbit-simulation.rar,Solving ballistic missile guidance law ... ... and some related. Three-dimensional trajectory simulation program,15KB,downloads 21
 11.  Lambert.rar,the program of lambert,1KB,downloads 24
 12.  doublependulum.rar,set up on a double inverted pendulum fuzzy control module of the Matlab files,7KB,downloads 21
 13.  12.rar,simulation of ballistic target trajectiry,3KB,downloads 4
 14.  T2FLToolbox.rar,Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Toolbox by Prof. MUZEYYEN BULUT OZEK,521KB,downloads 55
 15.  researchoncontrolsystemformultistageinvertedpendul,This is a master' s degree thesis, Dalian University of Technology, entitled Multi-level Fuzzy Logic Inverted Pendulum Control System, is under the guidance of Professor Li Hongxing completed. The paper highlights the detailed description of variable universe adaptive fuzzy control ideas, and to double inverted pendulum as experimental results of the corresponding policy.,4744KB,downloads 35
 16.  coning-algorithm.rar,coning_atti: Based on the input angular rate of 1 to 5 sub-sample rotation vector attitude simulation program. coning_atti_imu_error: rotation vector method simulation program, including 1 to 4 sub-sample of the various rotation vector method to read file format to read the output parameters IMU, IMU parameters generated by the wnbb_error advance. wnbb_error: used to generate the error with a standard cone movement IMU Gyro output parameters.,881KB,downloads 60
 17.  MissileGuidanceandControlSystems.rar,Introduction about missile guidance and control sysytem,you can study missle zhidao system from it ,Most air defense systems in use or under development today, employ homing guidance to effect intercept of the target. By virtue of the use of onboard data gathering, the homing guidance system provides continually improving quality of target information right up to the intercept point. More than any single device, the guided missile has shaped the aerospace forces of the world today. Combat aircraft, for example, are fitted with airborne weapons that can be launched against enemy aircraft, ground forces, or strategic targets deep inside enemy territory. Also, the guided missile can be employed as a diversionary weapon to confuse ground and air forces. Ground-based missile systems have various range capabilities from a few miles to several thousand miles. These ground-based missiles are ballistic or nonballistic types, depending on their mission requirements. The design of a gu,2966KB,downloads 29
 18.  NWAFolder.rar,matlab mfile for type-2 fuzzy contoller ,88KB,downloads 25
 19.  IntervalApproach(IA)tofuzzisticsFolder.rar,matlab mfile for fuzzy type-2,65KB,downloads 17
 20.  GeneralType2FLSs.rar,matlab mfile fo fuzzy type-2,16KB,downloads 33

Keywords searched:
  fuzzy inverted pendulum  ballistic  fuzzy guidance  IMU error  adaptive guidance  re-entry guidance  guidance missile fuzzy  ballistic guidance  type fuzzy

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