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Files uploaded:
 1.  vl53l0x_example.rar,This source code is the driver for VL53L0X. I have test it on stm32f105vct6 platform.,82KB,downloads 66
 2.  linux3.6.9-transplantation.tar.gz,linux kernel 3.6.9 transplantation to s3c2410 board it contains the detailed steps and error solutions The dma.c changes can resolve the kernel sound intermittent problem in high version of kernel. which a lot of other transplantation tutorials are not mentioned.,103KB,downloads 0
 3.  SD.zip,With STC12C5A60S2 MCU can directly read and play wav file in the SD card. Due to the limited speed of 51 single-chip, memory is very small, the program uses double buffering, so that sounds very smooth. The peripheral circuits dac0832+ lm324 analog signal conversion circuit is simple, here is not to the circuit diagram.,176KB,downloads 34
 4.  midMake.zip,Written in python, a simple mid music production. Written in a specific file specification see document describes.,16KB,downloads 6

File downloaded:
 1.  MPU6500-DMP-IMU.zip,The file, including MPU6500 DMP library calculating posture, and using IMUupdate calculating attitude, only need to modify the I2C files when transplanting.,49KB,downloads 75
 2.  IRIGDECODE.rar,IRIG-B DECODE VHDL ,2KB,downloads 29
 3.  Histogram-equalization-of-FPGA.rar,Histogram equalization of FPGA,2KB,downloads 58
 4.  stm32_si4463.rar,The si4463 based stm32 source code, wireless communication module. Code is ported from the official website has been tested can be two-way communication requires additional configuration to generate header files covered by WDS on the line.,2062KB,downloads 432
 5.  blank.zip,Surveillance camera incoming data through the chip TVP5150 converted into a digital signal, wherein the detection of the header sav_check.vhd, converter.vhd the signal into Y, Cb, Cr format, and finally re-establishment of full write_blank.vhd digital signals, and finally by transfer ADV7171 the analog signal is output to the monitor. This is the middle, you can do all kinds of Y image processing, such as filtering, equalization, only need to be added after the converter processing files.,6427KB,downloads 19
 6.  Verilog.rar,Histogram equalization, based on FPGA, Verilog language,2KB,downloads 131
 7.  GPSDECODE.rar,Completed the GPS IRIG_B of decoding modular, and there are detailed notes in Chinese,4KB,downloads 49
 8.  SD_CARD_FAT.rar,STM32 SD card driver, bear with mmc_sd, diskio.c serial asynchronous communication peripherals,1271KB,downloads 18
 9.  stm32-VS1003-MP3.rar,Based stm32f103vet6 and vs1003 mp3 player design, with the first song of the upper and lower switch, volume subtraction, MP3 player displays basic information as well as memory function, and can achieve the random playback and lyrics display,4417KB,downloads 238
 10.  histeq.rar,This is the top-level file I write fpga histogram equalization bottom module not uploaded,1KB,downloads 31
 11.  irig_code.zip,IRIG-B AC code and DC code decoding with design file,564KB,downloads 133
 12.  tsobbellh.rar,This is my own development vhd file, can be used for 256* 256 size image sobel edge detection under QuartusII or MaxplisII synthesis and with simulation, and tested on FPGA. Can be modified to support other sobeel size image edge detection, while still achieving other image the modular processing algorithms, such as Gaussian filtering and smoothing.,3KB,downloads 31
 13.  his.rar,Histogram equalization on the image processing platform histogram articles,21265KB,downloads 29
 14.  SI4463.zip,SILABS new EZradioPRO series RFICs: SI4432, suitable for long-term distance wireless data transmission applications. Emission power+20dbm, receiver sensitivity-116dbm 2000 meters communication distance the SI4463 characteristics of the frequency range = 119-1050 MHz Receiving Sensitivity =-126 dBm FM mode ( G) FSK and 4 (G) FSK OOK and ASK the maximum output power+20 dBm (Si4464/63)+16 dBm, (Si4461)+13 dBm, (Si4460) PA to support+27 dBm low-power 10/13 mA RX 19 mA TX at+10 dBm (Si4460) 30 nA of the shutdown of the standby mode, 50 nA, the standby baud rate = 0.123 kbps to 1Mbps fast wake-up voltage conversion time support = 1.8 to 3.6 V Excellent selectivity Performance 60 dB adjacent channel> 73 dB, the blocking at 1 MHz antenna diversity and T/R switch control highly configurable packet handler TX and RX 64 byte FIFOs automatic frequency-selective (AFC) Automatic Gain Control (AGC) low-cost Low Battery Detector temperature sensor 20-pin QFN package IEEE 802.15.4g compliant FCC Par,2636KB,downloads 1730
 15.  histogram-equalization-verilog.rar,The histogram equalization Verilog read from Matlab the image image.txt file after the Modelsim read into the TXT file, histogram equalization processing, and output the results read out for image_he.txt file, then the histogram equalization enhancement observed in Matlab.,2KB,downloads 201
 16.  codesforimageprocessing.rar,simple image processing, including color to grayscale 256, the Hough transform, Walsh transform, Median filtering, binary conversion, brightness changes, Fourier transform, and color-from the few to admit index, image shifting, image rotation, refined images, image scaling, image mirroring, mean filtering, contrast stretching, Laplacian sharpening (edge detection), block codes, Sharpening gradient, gray balance, histogram equalization, discrete cosine transform, Wiener filter, reverse filtering, threshold transform, Gaussian smoothing.,3281KB,downloads 6972

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  H.264  tms320c64  HMM matlab  speech_matlab

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