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Files uploaded:
 1.  BMSTest.rar,Analog BMS, charging pile test, tested good! In line with the communication protocol between the GB-T 27930-2015-board electric vehicle conductive charging unit and battery management system. ,325KB,downloads 51
 2.  File_ini_RW.rar,INI file reading and writing classes, can be directly quoted, quite practical value.,126KB,downloads 21
 3.  MultiTimerDemo.rar,Precise timing, it is a good example. Code is a good reference to the value.,254KB,downloads 4
 4.  rjp.rar,Soft keyboard in the industrial control application is very common, this code is very practical.,250KB,downloads 41
 5.  CRC12.rar,CRC12 code look-up table method and computation of comparison, it is clearly time effect.,6KB,downloads 40

File downloaded:
 1.  Wifi.rar,Also applies to windows phone useful wifi communication instance applies to wince,558KB,downloads 15
 2.  GPRS.rar,Deliver data to the sever depend on the GPRS model,60KB,downloads 278
 3.  EWifi.rar,WINCE 5.0 based on wireless network programs, enumerate wireless card, code completion, simple to use, with the EVC prepared, based on the MFC,2996KB,downloads 47
 4.  My_GroupBox.rar,A very nice feature of the VC group GROUPBOX code, you can easily make a very powerful feature of the GROUP,564KB,downloads 243
 5.  GPS.rar,WinCE source code under the GPS,185KB,downloads 110
 6.  Gprs.rar,WINCE 3G under the dial-up procedures, debugging through, can refer to making changes to their,64KB,downloads 201
 7.  GPSDemo.rar,WinCE on the GPS programming, content and more classes in several packages, ease of use, reference and high practical value, cost me a lot of money, especially out to share.,51KB,downloads 57
 8.  WINCE6.0.rar,CE6.0 3G MODENM,95KB,downloads 147
 9.  Wince_Wifi_demo.zip,wince wifi demo 。。。。。。。。,68KB,downloads 439
 10.  GPRSdial_test.rar,wince automatic dial-up Internet access under the gprs code, but we must first build a dial-up connection in the registry,2692KB,downloads 528
 11.  dial.rar,wince dial wince dial,2092KB,downloads 94
 12.  wince.rar,winc5.0 under the dial-up procedures, the development environment is evc4.0,82KB,downloads 41
 13.  Remote_temperature_control(GPRS).rar,GPRS-based remote control of temperature acquisition systems, embedded systems, C source code for doing embedded development, and remote control friend reference.,865KB,downloads 348
 14.  vc+mapx.rar,vc+ mapx MapX control embedded in a simple routine vc.,2332KB,downloads 57
 15.  MapMark.rar,vc++ MapX secondary development of the Chinese are more marked resolved. Drawing on the map superscript superscript, enter the latitude and longitude accurate positioning, and display up to 50 Chinese characters input tagging, drag the icon on the map shift, delete the icon, etc., with zoom, roam, in the heart, the status bar displays the current mouse and other basic functions of latitude and longitude position.,540KB,downloads 1323
 16.  MapXSample.rar,vc MapX secondary development sample program. Read including maps, zoom in and out, roaming, graphic choice, layer control basic functions.,268KB,downloads 317
 17.  "AESAdvancedProgrammingandApplicationDe,<EVC Pregoish(embedded Visual Cg)> book on the source code book is divided into 13 chapters, each of WinCE and EVC outlined, graphics programming, dialog controls, processes, threads, documents and the registry, WinCE based database programming, WinCE expanded database programming, communications programming, and PING programming UDP, TCP programming, programming and COM DLL programming. Readers with certain C jerk and WinCE knowledge, based on the book learning, can rapidly improve WinCE programming capacity and the actual level of development.,7055KB,downloads 1918
 18.  meterreadingsystem04.03.10.rar,EVC this procedure for the preparation of the MIS system for handheld computers. Water Meter Reading is a tool company,2967KB,downloads 222

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