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Files uploaded:
 1.  turbo_simulation.rar,Turbo code matlab simulation program, parallel cascade coding, for the study of channel coding researchers have important reference value.,20KB,downloads 0
 2.  Gardner_for-_QPSK.rar,Gardner bit synchronization algorithm, suitable for MPSK signal, can quickly obtain bit synchronization information, the researchers have reference value,18KB,downloads 1
 3.  Gardner_matlab.rar,Gardner, a synchronization algorithm of MATLAB simulation program, it contains more Gardner MATLAB programs for researchers, it has important value.,117KB,downloads 2
 4.  6LowAPN-.tar.gz,6lowPan code, for the study of personal area network and lightweight IP protocol engineers have an important reference value, the engineering staff can be based on the actual situation, modify and transplant the code.,336KB,downloads 0
 5.  LTE-LPS_v0_7.zip,LTE physical layer simulation, to study the physical algorithm has important reference value for engineering personnel.,4239KB,downloads 0
 6.  QPSK.rar,QPSK modulation and demodulation literature, including modulation and demodulation, shaping filter, matched filtering, carrier synchronization, bit synchronization and other key technologies. For engineering and technical personnel have important reference value.,23047KB,downloads 1
 7.  ofdm_channel_estimation.rar,Communication system based on OFDM modulation and demodulation frequency offset estimation matlab program, the researcher has a very important reference value.,19KB,downloads 1
 8.  visible-led-communication.rar,Here are a few visible light communication MATLAB program, modulation using OFDM modulation and demodulation for visible light communication researchers have important reference value.,11240KB,downloads 101
 9.  AM_FM_PM_ASK_FSK_PSK_MSK_matlab.rar,This file contains the AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, MSK modulation and demodulation MATLAB program, and conclude in the form of the document.,3400KB,downloads 0
 10.  SPI-and-UART_DMA.rar,The STM32 SPI and UART configured to DMA routines, a reference value.,6KB,downloads 0
 11.  NORM.rar,A multicast protocol application program,it is very useful, it is worth considering.,4992KB,downloads 0
 12.  LTE-Radio-Access.rar,The book details LTE physical layer knowledge, this book is learning LTE physical layer knowledge or research engineers LTE physical layer knowledge is very worth having.,6492KB,downloads 4
 13.  Understanding-LTE-with-MATLAB.rar,This book introduce the knowledge of LTE physical layer in detail, and together with matlab program. This is related to the field of research LTE engineering staff is very helpful.,7158KB,downloads 109
 14.  TD_LTE_Link_level_matlab_simulation.rar,The program is written in a university domestic LTE link layer simulation program, prepared in accordance with the LTE standard protocol, it is easy to understand.,121KB,downloads 22
 15.  WiMAX_Physical_Layer_simulation.rar,The program for the WiMAX physical layer simulation program, according to the 802.16 protocol writing, there are no errors, a very good program.,3598KB,downloads 21
 16.  Nonlinear-Programming.rar,This course is for non-linear programming in green communications, intelligent optimization, network optimization research has a very important role. And this book is the originator of the communication sector is written, it is worth learning and reference.,23229KB,downloads 5
 17.  UWB_TOA_estimation.rar,This is what I was doing UWB Ranging positioning studies, preparation of a matlab program, very worthy of your consideration.,19KB,downloads 36
 18.  WiMAX-2.2-online.rar,This is a WiMAX link level matlab simulation program can be used in many aspects of the simulation, such as bit error rate, bit error rate, and throughput of the system and so on, very complete a program.,3597KB,downloads 6
 19.  ranging.zip,The program is based OFDM system ranging procedure, measure the propagation time of sending and receiving end to realize ranging.,7KB,downloads 6
 20.  ranging_and_positioning.zip,This file contains all of the distance positioning algorithm, can be applied to wireless sensor network localization and cellular network terminal positioning.,27KB,downloads 11
 21.  TaylorAlgorithm.zip,The algorithm is based on the original algorithm proposed TDOA Taylor algorithm can be used in sensor positioning and cellular location. And the algorithm is relatively high positioning accuracy.,1KB,downloads 5
 22.  Basic-wireless-positioning-algorithm.zip,Basic wireless positioning algorithm ,27KB,downloads 16

File downloaded:
 1.  LMS_PSP_BPSK_AWGN.zip,On fixed step LMS is set up, using BPSK modulation demodulation, which use the PSP algorithm ,1KB,downloads 25
 2.  wanzhengchengxu.rar,Signal transmission channel, often occur crosstalk, based on the maximum likelihood sequence estimation (MLSE) method for electronic dispersion equalizer, overcome the optical fiber communication in a variety of dispersion caused by intersymbol interference. Research Based on the maximum likelihood sequence estimation (MLSE) equalizer, using the Vitby algorithm, the performance index using MLSE after matlab simulation (eye diagram and bit error rate) promotion.,10KB,downloads 31
 3.  gmsk_8psk_equalizer.zip,channel estimator and equalizer of GSM signal,27KB,downloads 17
 4.  GSM_SIMULATION_SYSTEM.rar,GSM system channel estimation and equalization in MATLAB program, good effect, this is the equalizer based on maximum likelihood estimation, the whole GSM system procedures, useful in our study.,4588KB,downloads 42
 5.  MLSE_Eq.zip,SER,BER performance coparing of BPSK,QPSK.8PSK,16QAM modulation of block transmission in MMSE or MLSE equalizer on known channel.,11KB,downloads 172
 6.  matlabrl.rar,Mobile channel simulation, Matlab, Rui Lixin Road, Rice channel is very useful,24KB,downloads 68
 7.  lms-rls-mlse.rar,THis is transceiver system simulation to display ber vs SNR. TRansceiver is about BER comparison between LMS-RLS and MLSE receiver to invers the rayleigh fading channel. The content of system is modulation, pilot adder, awgn and rayleigh fading channel, pilot removal and channel estimation and equalization by 3 method (LMS-MLSE-RLS) and demodulation. ,124KB,downloads 225
 8.  GMMforLabData_DPSK.rar,It s used for electronical equalization based on joint-decision maximum likelyhood estimation (i.e. JD-MLSE).,2KB,downloads 11
 9.  psp.rar,PSP algorithm, the coefficient for channel estimation and equalization, here is the basic algorithm,2KB,downloads 113
 10.  Static_Viterbi.zip,static viterbi equalizer to mitigate the ISI in frequency selective channel.,1KB,downloads 23
 11.  MLSD_channel2.zip,MLSD algorithm at given channel values,3KB,downloads 47
 12.  GSM_simlate_packge.rar,Matlab based on the development of GSM physical layer simulation program, including channel encoding and decoding, GSMK modulation and demodulation, viterbi algorithm for a balanced and so the whole set of L1, and detailed documentation.,1619KB,downloads 317
 13.  EQBER_MLSE.rar,a script that runs link simulations for ideal and imperfect MLSE equalizers.,1KB,downloads 48
 14.  cpm.rar,cpm continuous phase modulation system matlab simulation program, comprehensive.,46KB,downloads 642
 15.  Viterbi_equalization_BPSK.zip,simulink realization of the balanced BPSK technology, here is the MLSE equalizer, looks simple, in fact, here including the modulation, demodulation, multipath and balanced technical,8KB,downloads 223
 16.  JakesModel+Rayleighhannel+TimeSelectiveFading+Freq,Jakes Model+ Rayleigh Channel+ Time Selective Fading+ Frequency Selective Fading,521KB,downloads 840
 17.  channel_model.rar,Doppler multipath channel model, including fast fading, slow fading, frequency selective fading, flat fading, etc.,9KB,downloads 1008
 18.  BER_Equators.zip,Adaptive Filter. This script shows the BER performance of several types of equalizers in a static channel with a null in the passband. The script constructs and implements a linear equalizer object and a decision feedback equalizer (DFE) object. It also initializes and invokes a maximum likelihood sequence estimation (MLSE) equalizer. The MLSE equalizer is first invoked with perfect channel knowledge, then with a straightforward but imperfect channel estimation technique.,131KB,downloads 253
 19.  UWBsimulator.rar,own UWB prepared by the simple system simulation platform, A simple interface. including replacement of the pulse shaping (semi-cosine pulse). IEEE802.15.3a amendment SV Channel, the greatest likelihood channel estimation, the Rake receiver modules. can be achieved monte carlo simulation for BER. They can add multiple access, coding, and other functions (Viterbi codec, frame synchronization procedures prepared by my classmates). Edit the entrance uwbsim.m codecs : bin2deci.m; bini2deci.m; deci2bin.m VITRBI.m Channel and Channel Estimation : ch_est.m; channel.m; channelgenerator.m; conv_m. m; sigfold.m UWB_SV_channel.m uwb_sv_cnvrt_ct . m uwb_sv_eval_ct.m uwb_sv_model_ct.m uwb_s v_params.m Rake : findpeak.m; MRC_combine.m; MRC_Rake.m; n_upsample.m; selectpath.m Other : cnv_encd.m; dssignal.,31KB,downloads 588
 20.  Rayleigh_frequency_selective_channel_simulation.,This is a Ruili for frequency-selective channel simulation, we hope to help,19KB,downloads 120

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 Download:CORDIC_ATAN - 使用verilog语言完成了基于cordic算法求反正切的计算,精度为8次迭代..

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