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Files uploaded:
 1.  NEATPICRDV1.2.3.rar,Function introduction 1 automatically displays all images in thumbnail mode (no support the GD library) 2 can be set according to the directory access password 3 support Chinese sub directory name 4 file upload (support multiple file upload feature) 5 batch delete pictures 6 list of directories to show support for unlimited sub directories See the 7 dual mode image: view of the real view and thumbnail mode 8 the mouse to move to the picture can be a complete display of the image name, size, format and size. 9 other basic functions are not one one, such as page compression, paging display, mandatory login authentication,12KB,downloads 0
 2.  111.rar,C language msp430 microcontroller-based real-time clock program,46KB,downloads 1

File downloaded:
 1.  one_1.5.1-RC2.tar.gz,DTN simulation software,811KB,downloads 5
 2.  DTN-PUSH-PULL.pdf.tar.gz,DTN network is the next generation network architecture, PUSH-PULL is the solution DTN network congestion control is an effective strategy, media Presented the DTN network congestion control research status, and PUSH-PULL various strategies were elaborated,167KB,downloads 3
 3.  Astrogator.zip,STK achieve orbit maneuver program development environment STK8.1,17KB,downloads 27
 4.  Iridium-STK-orbit.zip,Satellite Development Kit STK, the Iridium system modeling, 3D simulation scene,5846KB,downloads 31
 5.  stkSatDbAll40.ZIP,stk software due to the blockade of the rice country of China' s software can not be from agi online sharing satellite constellation, built-in the thousands running satellite constellation location and operation of this installation package,1675KB,downloads 49
 6.  opnet-example.zip,several examples of opnet simulation,which is useful for opnet tutorial,2970KB,downloads 5
 7.  DTN-java.zip,Java source code ofseveral DTN protocol ,which is useful for understanging DTN routing protocol.,24KB,downloads 36
 8.  heed.rar,matlab heed,3KB,downloads 85
 9.  TEEN.rar,This is TEEN algrithom, and it can be run on MATLAB, you can read the explation in the code,2KB,downloads 124
 10.  STK-WGS.rar,STK aviation simulation program, matlab simulation code, tested,335KB,downloads 50
 11.  UDP_no_storge_fusion.rar,MATLAB simulation of the data transmission rate of packet loss and packet loss measurement,1KB,downloads 90
 12.  STK.rar,Use of STK software simulation GNSS, STK is a satellite simulation software, satellite visibility can be achieved, cover and design simulation.,568KB,downloads 94
 13.  leach.rar,Wireless sensor network energy control, sub-cluster send data packets,3KB,downloads 153
 14.  OPNET.rar,OPNET simulation cases, useful for beginners, Graphic Help,303KB,downloads 78
 15.  opnet.rar,OPNET to achieve the original code, relating to satellite communications, are interested in can be downloaded,67KB,downloads 161
 16.  STK-training-tutorial.rar,STK is a satellite simulation tool kit developed by the United States AGI a field in the aerospace industry in the commercialization of the absolute leading position analysis software. Here attached is the software tutorial.,8943KB,downloads 759
 17.  dtn.rar,Can tolerate delays in network protocols. For non-real-time business, providing energy-efficient communication,116KB,downloads 35
 18.  no18.rar,STK in the computer simulation applications in the eighteenth procedures, simulation of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as battlefield simulation, a very good system, the real space environment simulation software.,2153KB,downloads 61
 19.  no14.rar,STK in the computer simulation applications fourteenth procedures, simulation of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as battlefield simulation, a very good system, the real space environment simulation software.,1183KB,downloads 69
 20.  OPNET.rar,,5465KB,downloads 397

Keywords searched:
  DTN  opnet  分簇  传输 matlab  highgui.h  stk

 Download:SeqPartition - 基于距离的点集分类程序,可以把点按相对距离分簇,使用opencv编写..
 Download:WSN-ROUTE - 无线传感网络相关的分簇路由算法,比较齐全,适合初学者练习..

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