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Files uploaded:
 1.  FIR.rar,FIR filter program, the realization of digital signal filtering, better capture signal.,32KB,downloads 0
 2.  C6713-TIME-FFT.zip,DSP6713 processor based on the development of FFT function package, to achieve the sequence of FFT transform,43KB,downloads 0
 3.  GPSBD.zip,GPS realize the positioning, through the serial port to send to the single chip, and then displayed on the LCD screen, to realize the positioning.,137KB,downloads 4
 4.  DB2GPS.zip,BD realize the positioning, through the serial port to send to the single chip, and then displayed on the LCD screen, to realize the positioning.,89KB,downloads 3
 5.  com.zip,SCM through the serial port to send data, open the serial port to receive computer interface display.,17KB,downloads 4
 6.  RSA.zip,RSA encryption and decryption algorithm, can realize the field of encryption and decryption, can change the public and private key.,412KB,downloads 4
 7.  chuankou1.rar,Serial string sent with screening reception, one can send a string several strings.,18KB,downloads 3

File downloaded:
 1.  BGT24MTR11.rar,Infeneon 24GHz tranceiver MTR11 datasheet in chinese,304KB,downloads 45
 2.  Infineon_DS_BGT24MTR12_en_V3_2.rar,24 GHz transceiver MMIC with one transmitter and two receiver units • Fully integrated low phase noise VCO • Switchable prescaler with 1.5 GHz and 23 kHz output • On chip power and temperature sensors • Gilbert based homodyne quadrature receiver • Single ended RF input terminals,1478KB,downloads 23
 3.  Oscilloscope.zip,Wild fire development board oscilloscope program, learning STM32 data essential!,5171KB,downloads 18
 4.  LFM.zip,this file tell you how to coed LFM for matlab.and reseach Doppler about LFM.,3KB,downloads 36
 5.  lfmcw.rar,lfmcw cfar,3KB,downloads 184
 6.  FPU.rar,The FPU floating-point operations based STM32F407 program, 32-bit single-precision floating-point unit.,92KB,downloads 25
 7.  CHF100A-5.5KW.rar,British Witten CHF100A-5.5KW inverter current sensing portion and peripheral circuit A7840,63KB,downloads 56
 8.  radar-Matlab.rar,Radar signal processing matlab program and a variety of filter design,287KB,downloads 21
 9.  LFM-CW-Radar.rar,This paper analyze the signal of LFM-CW radar by theory, and research the signal process method of LFM-CW radar. In the end, this paper validate the signal process method’s correctness to calculate the moving target’s distance and speed by emulate program. This paper offer the theory for the signal process method of LFM-CW radar.,164KB,downloads 179
 10.  FMCW_test_debug.rar,FMCW Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Ranging the goniometer simulation program, 24G radar analysis, German innosent company ivq905 radar head,1KB,downloads 477
 11.  frequency-circuit.rar,Complete frequency converter circuit diagram。 ,471KB,downloads 117
 12.  bianpingqi.zip,Inverter schematics, design is very detailed and worth learning about!,192KB,downloads 179
 13.  Rev06.rar,inverter sch. include cpu board,drive board ,,510KB,downloads 667
 14.  Polar_si9000.rar,SI9000 software tutorial, very detailed, I hope the friends of the useful signal simulation,191KB,downloads 751
 15.  LFM_radar.rar,fired linear FM signal to the radar signal computer simulation!,1KB,downloads 215
 16.  LFM12121211.rar,radar system often learning things! ! ! ! Beginners is the most basic things that make good use ah!,1KB,downloads 98

Keywords searched:
  STM32F407  Android  PADS  FMCW  pid  C8051F30  adf4351  aic23

 Download:DSP初学者编程参考 - 包含AM调制,DFT,256FFT,FIR和IIR,另外包含所需的子文件Surport,程序都比较精炼..
 Download:DSPC - 用C编程实现的一些DSP源程序,包括FFT,DFT等。..

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