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Files uploaded:
 1.  Wi-Fi_WMM.zip,Wi-Fi WMM Specification v1.2.0,435KB,downloads 0
 2.  Wifi_Display_Intro.zip,WIFI Display Introduce whole all,824KB,downloads 0
 3.  Wi-Fi_Display.pdf.zip,Wi-Fi Display Technical Specification v1.0.0,1399KB,downloads 0
 4.  Wi-Fi-P2P.zip,Wi-Fi P2P Technical Specification v1.7,2978KB,downloads 0
 5.  rtmp_specification_1.0.pdf.zip,RTMP protocal offical documents,11KB,downloads 0
 6.  WinCEUVCstandard.zip,WINCE Standard UVC Camera Driver wince°ę±¾6.0,51KB,downloads 0
 7.  mkrom_136.zip,make WINCE ROM,114KB,downloads 1
 8.  map2dbg-v1.4.zip,convert .map to .dbg file format used for visual studio,220KB,downloads 1
 9.  cv2pdb_0.31.zip,convert to pdb file format used for VC+,136KB,downloads 5
 10.  pdb_inpector.zip,PE file explorer,245KB,downloads 2
 11.  stock--MIS.rar,Stock information management,782KB,downloads 1
 12.  bateman-master.zip,bateman module,162KB,downloads 0
 13.  java-android-client.rar,java android stock client,480KB,downloads 36

File downloaded:
 1.  WIN32UIButton.zip,wince button,6345KB,downloads 2
 2.  RTL-8188C-8192C-master.zip,miracast linux miracast linuxmiracast linux,13870KB,downloads 11
 3.  RTL8188EUS_linux_v4.3.0.4_11485.20140519.zip,WIFI RTL8188 new driver,10107KB,downloads 16
 4.  Webrtc.rar,The purpose of this article is to save you 10 precious hours in life (or even more), or waste you 10 minutes. As the Google update frequent large basic cross platform libraries, WebRTC compiler has been called a nightmare. If you happen to want to compile under Windows WebRTC,135KB,downloads 44
 5.  RK2928.zip,erer llekjrg sdfjh jkh hhk hjhg kgk,670KB,downloads 12
 6.  Android_red5.rar,Mobile video upload streaming media server, android with red5 perfect docking solutions.,7231KB,downloads 111
 7.  patch.tar.gz,mtk8636 miracast SDK,2640KB,downloads 30
 8.  Miracast.rar,Introduced Miracast industry standard, a standard article Wi-Fi Display and presentation for the functional development of the initial contact person Miracast,2932KB,downloads 70
 9.  RTL8188C_8192C_USB_linux_v4.0.2_9000.20130911.zip,linux realtek RTL8192C,9625KB,downloads 62
 10.  VedioRecordService.zip,Android backstage video software, with the serivce control video, no interface, the solution must have Android video preview issue. Background used for various video scenes.,21KB,downloads 38
 11.  CameraDEMO.rar,Android Open Source ,56KB,downloads 20
 12.  webrtc_android.zip,webrtc android client,2399KB,downloads 354
 13.  KeyTest.rar,For wince 6.0 key test program, you can see commonly used which button is pressed, the corresponding virtual key code. Test in S3C6410 platform,95KB,downloads 41
 14.  MyCamera.zip,Android video and camera functions, this function must have every developer knows that, just to be a reference source,296KB,downloads 85
 15.  TransparentToolbar.zip,WINCE transparent toolbar,2KB,downloads 13
 16.  Aisound5-WinCE5.0.zip,IFLYTEK voice the synthesis Aisound5 development package contains a demo program.,5792KB,downloads 221
 17.  RK2808_ANDROID_REF_SCH_V1.7.rar,ARM9£¬600MHz RK2808 core board and the bottom diagram, ARM9, 1600MHz,310KB,downloads 20
 18.  uvcview.forwinxp.rar,UVC development view the UVC device parameters used in the tool, more practical.,52KB,downloads 94
 19.  usbvideoclass.rar,uvc Description,292KB,downloads 65
 20.  USBMassStorage.rar,Usb massstorage complete agreement document,358KB,downloads 118

Keywords searched:
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