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Files uploaded:
 1.  DIY18-clock.zip,A clock, led by a 32, each of three led in parallel, 5v power supply, affordable, making simple,1128KB,downloads 3
 2.  mini1608.zip,Mini1608 electronic clock (V1 official version) [Characteristics] hardware 16* 8 dot matrix display screen - 3 button operation DS18B20 digital temperature sensor Using MCU clock generation, without the need of RTC chip - alarm, the whole point timekeeping with buzzer Using the STC system advanced single chip microcomputer Large capacity EEPROM, store various information of user settings and the state of the environment - 5V power supply or USB interface power supply, battery backup to keep working. No PCB, no more peripheral components, simple production process. [function] V1 version LED dot matrix screen transverse date, time and English display. LED dot matrix screen display longitudinal Chinese characters. LED dot matrix screen automatic transmission flow visualization. All Chinese 3 button menu operation (set, plus 1, minus 1). 20 stage flow speed setting. 9 stage LED display brightness setting - automatic detection environment brightness and changes of LED scre,610KB,downloads 9
 3.  SHOOK16.zip,SHOOK16 shaking his stick V1 version [features]-----------------------------------------------------------------------# innovative design 16 LED lights shaking his stick, can be displayed in English, graphics, and characters# only five kinds of components (microcontroller, LED, wires, batteries and plastic case), so DIY is simple, fast# round two-way scanning, slow shake can also be clearly displayed# percussion caption switching function, no key operation# in There are a lot of headroom (including color display, LED metering, etc.) software----------------------------------------------------------------------- [Note]--------------------------------------------------------- When--------------# HEX file must select " internal RC clock" when burning# This production uses STC12C5A60S2 microcontroller, can not replace# inertia switch attention still used in the production of other types of MCU switch handle to the distance between the contacts should be about equal to the producti,180KB,downloads 3
 4.  ADC-touch.zip,By using stc microcontroller adc function realization touch buttons, very practical,15KB,downloads 10
 5.  Timer.zip,Timer- four were positive digital display- 4 touch-button operation- range from 1 minute to 23 hours, 59 minutes timer- no PCB, no more external components, making the process extremely simple.- Suitable for home and laboratory use,325KB,downloads 3

File downloaded:
 1.  R301-user-manual.rar,R301 Fingerprint identification module user manual,796KB,downloads 12
 2.  UPD720114_User-Manual.rar,uPD720114 user manual,437KB,downloads 3
 3.  POV-LED.zip,Rotation of the LED matrix software and PC software to change the word, pro-test available,25235KB,downloads 75
 4.  MF_RC522_CN.rar,Chip card reader MFRC522 Chinese data, write a very detailed,730KB,downloads 99
 5.  realboard-v1.1.1-demo.rar,s3c2440 mcu emulator, support most periphery device.,1043KB,downloads 28
 6.  C-FIR.rar,This program is written in C language FIR digital filters, the program block quite a complete and clear: open the file, read data files, computing filtering, the results of written document, close the file. Has passed validation,1KB,downloads 345
 7.  lcd_1602_LPC2148.rar,Source: lpc2148-specific, learning lcd1602 good material, attached to the project document,1251KB,downloads 130
 8.  CheckBoxComboBox.zip,Support multi-selection (CheckBoxList effect) in combo box,133KB,downloads 72
 9.  mini2440_uCos2_ucgui.rar,mini2440+ ucos+ ucgui, multi-threading support, wm support,12168KB,downloads 4379
 10.  uPD720114ET-0192.rar,1 to 4 usb hub uPD720114 ET-0192 (4-port bus-powered, self-powered hub _) Schematic,39KB,downloads 148
 11.  Guagle_wave.rar,Gifted pen to different small MIF file. Is an important tool programmers.,211KB,downloads 9
 12.  GTM900B.rar,This is Huawei GTM900B module details! Including the then law and instruction set!,3151KB,downloads 306

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  UPD720114  ht66  holtek  mini2440_uCos2_ucgui  realboard

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