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Files uploaded:
 1.  SeggerEval_WIN32_MSVC_MinGW_GUI_V528.zip,GUI demo,14503KB,downloads 62
 2.  NRF51822SDK-BLOCK.rar,NRF51822 SDK DEMO,7690KB,downloads 2

File downloaded:
 1.  SH1107.rar,SH1107 128X128 OLED Lattice screen driver (stm32L platform),6KB,downloads 34
 2.  libnfc.rar,nrf51822 achieve nfc communication, the source code for nfclib libraries, source code can be achieved nfc of p2p communications.,2271KB,downloads 19
 3.  OLED_example.rar,OLED LCD routines under SCM nRF51822 do embedded development can refer friends, the compiler environment Keilv4,995KB,downloads 71
 4.  oled.rar,STM32 drive oled screen, use the hardware SPI driver,2909KB,downloads 88

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