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Files uploaded:
 1.  Bp-network.rar,The code for speech recognition based on BP network, including incremental improvements on BP network.,370KB,downloads 1
 2.  C_CMethod_m.rar,Recently doing chaotic time series forecasting, access to a lot of the information that they wrote this algorithm, the relative error of prediction can be controlled within about 5 ,2KB,downloads 3
 3.  order.rar,Read excel document data, and then processes the data, and then displayed on the screen, and there is a document,8324KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  MHE.zip,Optimization based on matlab, realize moving horizon estimation (MHE algorithm), the estimation problem into an optimization problem solving the optimal solution based on particle swarm algorithm, combined penalty function method to deal with constraints,5KB,downloads 19
 2.  Matlab--Incremental-SVM.rar,Provides a complete incremental SVM matlab program source code, easy for beginners to learn,86KB,downloads 47
 3.  dingsu.zip,Model-based fixed-speed wind turbine Matlab/Simulink simulation, including fluctuations in wind speed and power output characteristics of a fault simulation.,32KB,downloads 71
 4.  Fault-diagnosis-of-wind-power.zip,Fault diagnosis of wind power, based MHE (rolling horizon estimation) of the fault diagnosis method,44KB,downloads 13
 5.  hundungongjuxiang1.zip, Program muddy chaos analysis toolbox- Chaos Toolbox Ver.2.0MATLAB including internal functions with hundreds of primary packages and several 30 kits. Kits can be divided into functional disciplines toolkit and toolkit. Function tool kit used to expand the MATLAB symbolic computation, visualization, modeling and simulation, word processing, and real-time control functions. Discipline tool kit is relatively strong professional toolkit, Control Toolkit, signal processing toolkit, communications toolkit belong to this category. ,696KB,downloads 3
 6.  C-C-Method.rar,CC method using delay and embedding dimension while seeking the procedure,5KB,downloads 10
 7.  Wines-Evaluation.rar,Wines Evaluation from the title of 2012 National Undergraduate Mathematical ModelingContest. The file includes many MATLAB codes about statistical analysis of data.For example: Principal component analysis Grey Relational Analysis Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on Entropy Method System Clustering Grey Prediction Multiple linear regression and so on. We can call them directly.,151KB,downloads 385
 8.  VC-QQ.rar,The imitation is QQ IM functions VC++6.0 for compiled through,56KB,downloads 73
 9.  incremental-learning-for-SVM.rar,online incremental learning for SVM,68KB,downloads 299
 10.  vanoverschee.rar,Inside there is a subspace identification papers, and with the appropriate code on the Learning Subspace Identification ,it is very uesful.,1417KB,downloads 111
 11.  Applied-Optimal-Control.rar,Application of optimal control [English textbooks] Applied optimal control--- Optimization, estimation and control. Author: Arthur E. Bryson, Jr., Stanford University. Yu-Chi Ho, Harvard University.,18888KB,downloads 173
 12.  myga.zip,Genetic Algorithm for function f (x1, x2) = 20+ x1 ^ 2+ x2 ^ 2-10* (cos (2* pi* x1)+ cos (2* pi* x2)) minimum, which-5 < = x1, x2 < = 5.,1KB,downloads 16
 13.  incremental.tar.gz,Incremental and decremental support vector machine learning Matlab code,188KB,downloads 33
 14.  yichuan.rar,matlab using standard genetic algorithms f (x) = x2-22x+30 the minimization, x  [0,31]. Includes source code and results,44KB,downloads 91
 15.  stochreal.zip,Stochastic Subspace Realization Algorithm Tohru Katayama, "Subspace Methods for System Identification", Springer,2KB,downloads 264
 16.  045090071.rar,MATLAB-based genetic algorithm for solving the minimum value of the function,241KB,downloads 69
 17.  matlabforcast.rar,Based on Gray predicted that the number of exponential smoothing forecasts MATLAB procedures, issues for the prediction of the mathematical modeling, can be said to be an essential procedure. My mentor gave me spread. funesm1, 2,3 were 123 times procedures fungry exponential smoothing forecast procedures funcoef gray prediction for time series forecasting procedures for pudn programming for the majority of fans provided a platform for exchange, I would like to thank the site staff, I will strive for a good program, to share together.,3KB,downloads 987
 18.  qq.rar,qq source can achieve the power of qq and qq Tencent basically reached a standard,1300KB,downloads 453
 19.  vc++QQ.rar,vc++ realize QQ interface code very useful for learning and future development are a great help oh,239KB,downloads 1987
 20.  multiphase_improved.rar,improve the level set method, C_V evolutionary model. For the multi-phase,9KB,downloads 117

Keywords searched:
  ARIMA  NARX  Incremental learning  QQ  CAO  cc method  AR  ARMA  GPC   RVM

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