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Files uploaded:
 1.  cut.rar,Windows text file segmentation tool source code. Divides the specified file into multiple files by the specified number of rows.,49KB,downloads 0
 2.  cspry.rar,For the proxy server for peer-to-peer games such as chess, the solution to network outages requires a start the problem. Record network communication, when the network is interrupted, automatically send the recorded communication packet to the other, to the state before disconnection.,328KB,downloads 0
 3.  bt.rar,The experimental binary tree of university data structure course. Vc6.0 environment.,1KB,downloads 0
 4.  out32dll.rar,openssl0.9.8 library files has been compiled.libeay32.libˇ˘ssleay32.libˇ˘libeay32.dllˇ˘ssleay32.dll.,521KB,downloads 0
 5.  proctest.rar,Experimental University of the operating system used to show multiple process scheduling, resource consumption situation. VC6.0 directly available.,3KB,downloads 0

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