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Files uploaded:
 1.  snake.zip,Snake source code,play games in black white window ,1KB,downloads 0
 2.  rfft.zip,Real sequence of Fourier transform verified with N points FFT calculation sequence of 2 N point FFT, than half 2 N point FFT operation to reduce computational complexity ,1KB,downloads 1
 3.  Untitled3.rar,Population migration algorithm simulates a social field of population with the economic center of gravity shift, and the diffusion mechanism with the population pressure increases, that simulation is downwards, with the flow of people to the rich, when the relative overpopulation of a preferential area when population pressure increases, people will move out of the area to find better deals more suited to their preferential areas such a law. The former is a better choice to promote regional search algorithm, which can avoid local optima to some extent, the search process is presented alternately centralized search and scatter search features. This reflects the demographic characteristics of the population continued to gather during the migration and proliferation of contradictory movement. Later, by Chinese scholars Xuzong this improved algorithm is given in the form of population migration.,2KB,downloads 2
 4.  ACATSP.rar,Salesman problem, often referred to as the traveling salesman problem, refers to a salesman when you want to visit multiple locations, how to find the time to visit each site and then return to the starting point of the shortest path. Rules are simple, but after increasing the number of sites is extremely complex to solve.,2KB,downloads 4

File downloaded:
 1.  wavelet-toolbox.zip,Multi wavelet transform, write their own, although not very good, but it is to use, I hope everyone likes,660KB,downloads 18
 2.  lfmicw.zip,lfm signal simulation and fmicw signals, stft, wvd, delayed autocorrelation algorithm subroutine,2KB,downloads 43
 3.  wvd.rar,Using matlab for signal conversion and pseudo-WVD transform wvd,1KB,downloads 51
 4.  paper2.rar,Including auditory model based on wavelet transform speech enhancement. Pdf,163KB,downloads 1
 5.  Binaural_ICASSP2011.tar.gz,Famous binaural auditory model speech separationúČBINAURAL SOUND SOURCE SEPARATION MOTIVATED BY AUDITORY PROCESSING,5KB,downloads 20
 6.  CorrelogramPitch.rar,Auditory model and diagram calculation voice tone, from the Auditory toolbox,,1KB,downloads 9
 7.  rhythm.rar,Calculation of the melody of the voice,1KB,downloads 11
 8.  gammatone_filterbank.rar,Simulate the human auditory system gammatone filter banks,42KB,downloads 177
 9.  wav2aud.zip,Auditory model algorithm, in five steps, get auditory spectrum matrix.,3KB,downloads 29
 10.  AuditoryToolboxTechReport.rar,Auditory model based on matlab toolbox, including the common model, and so the concentration of the eardrum.,654KB,downloads 19
 11.  HUTear.ps.gz,Auditory model simulation software, the good ear model, HUTear model,56KB,downloads 7
 12.  HUTear.zip,Simulate the human auditory system, including the outer ear- middle ear filter, auditory filters and electrical conversion section.,353KB,downloads 23
 13.  wvd.rar,WVD Wigner-Ville time-frequency distribution,1KB,downloads 131
 14.  Wigner-hough.rar,Wigner-hough,478KB,downloads 446
 15.  matlab_regiongrowing.rar,This procedure is a classical algorithmfor the regional growth,the procedure followed in detail the Notes,1KB,downloads 263
 16.  mfccc.rar,MFCC parameters well reflected the auditory characteristics of the human ear, so in speech recognition, we also used him, and this code is used matlab simulation parameters of the MFCC extraction process.,1KB,downloads 128
 17.  zcpa.rar,Zero-crossing peak amplitudes (ZCPA: Zero-cro ingwithPeakAmplitude) features voice recognition system, which is based on the model of the human ear,603KB,downloads 84
 18.  Auditoryfeatureextractionofnoiseradiatedfromanunde,The bibliography presented in the water target radiated noise of the auditory feature extraction, can be used in ocean remote sensing applications,25KB,downloads 6
 19.  bbtml.rar,Bark and ERB filter banks realize the Matlab source,37KB,downloads 94
 20.  auditroy.rar,the toolkit will be used in voice processing auditory model and analysis, which also contains a voice of the various basic functions such as language spectra, linear prediction, identification and synthesis and so on.,927KB,downloads 197

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  wvd  wigner  ADS1271  spectral-analysis-method  demon  irfft  fft  fir1

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