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Files uploaded:
 1.  ALLOCATION.rar,An OFDM simulation algorithm for resource allocation algorithms in the field of wireless communications.,10KB,downloads 0
 2.  OFDM.rar,Very good simulation of OFDM systems, on frequency domain equalization and cyclic prefix,9KB,downloads 0
 3.  leida-LFM.rar,Application of the field of radar FM signal procedures, good,263KB,downloads 0
 4.  Chirp_FD_Match-OFDMA.rar,Comparison of chirp- FD Matching Filtering Algorithm and OFDMA Algorithm.,2KB,downloads 0
 5.  Several-channel-models.rar,Several channel models, sharp fading, selective fading, pretty good,7KB,downloads 0
 6.  ldpc-16qam.rar,Low Density Parity Check codes,89KB,downloads 15
 7.  4FSK.rar,4FSK modem code and the bin file,334KB,downloads 1

File downloaded:
 1.  FRFT.rar,Fractional Fourier transform program code, a useful and feasible, personally tested, can be assured use,16KB,downloads 44
 2.  Chirp_FD_Match.rar,chirp BOKt modulation, matched filtering and demodulation, gives a complete program,2KB,downloads 9
 3.  FRFT.zip,The codes for fractional fourier transform (frft) and its inverse way are given according to a published paper in Journal of Communication. The power is adjustable. In addition, two programms of OFDM system simulation under different channel estimate technique and multipath are offered. Therefore, such file packet is of use for those who have interests in studying OFDM based on frft,288KB,downloads 182
 4.  ofdm-system.rar,A Low Complexity Algorithm for Proportional Resource Allocation in OFDMA Systems,188KB,downloads 61
 5.  OFDM-System-Simuliation.rar,This is the OFDM ( Communication ) system of the MATLAB simulation program, I hope you learn to OFDM this platform, in this platform can make the algorithm simulation, to write a good paper.,44KB,downloads 27
 6.  FSK519862365.rar,Underwater acoustic channel disguised bit of time to achieve reliable phase fluctuations make tracking more difficult, resulting in detection based on phase Complex acoustic communication receiver. Proposed based on direct sequence spread spectrum FSK modulation (DSSS2 FSK) acoustic communication system. ,208KB,downloads 36
 7.  ofdm_2.rar,OFDM matlab acoustic communication program, the first sync with the sound of water, OFDM modulation and demodulation,70KB,downloads 142
 8.  FRFT.zip,Input signal to calculate the discrete fractional Fourier transform, with a number of papers and other information,7752KB,downloads 180
 9.  matched-filterPFFT.rar,P code matched filter+ FFT of the capture program. P code can be used for direct capture.,35KB,downloads 216
 10.  frft.rar,frft,1KB,downloads 101
 11.  frft.rar,There are two procedures one on frft the source, one application frft linear FM signal detection process, the principle is to transform the order of (different fractional domain) as the independent variables on the observed fractional signal change, the formation of signal energy in two-dimensional time-frequency plane distribution in this plane, the peak threshold value by two-dimensional linear FM signal can be detected search and estimate its parameters.,1KB,downloads 920
 12.  Wireless.zip,Adaptive Subcarrier Allocation Schemes for Wireless OFDMA Systems in WiMAX Networks,901KB,downloads 160
 13.  frftlfm.rar,Fractional Fourier transform matlab programming, especially suitable for handling wire FM signal,92KB,downloads 332
 14.  frftrayleigh.rar,Based on Fractional Fourier Transform multi-carrier system in the Rayleigh channel of the system simulation,3KB,downloads 35
 15.  MCBPSK_Matlab.rar,none,1KB,downloads 34
 16.  ZukangShen.rar,OFDMa good system in a variety of resource allocation algorithm for simulation of,10KB,downloads 244
 17.  ofdma-resource-allocation.zip,OFDMA system, the various resource allocation algorithm simulation,16KB,downloads 977
 18.  dengbinprogram.rar,OFDM Offset Estimation Algorithm optimization code, sub-article code is 2007 graduate Master of excellent essays, have a very high reference value.,254KB,downloads 1078
 19.  OFDMcommunicationaboutinterference.rar,OFDM communication system of anti-multipath fading interference studies, the way for OFDM systems on the spectrum offset estimation and compensation,,9KB,downloads 98
 20.  ofdmA1.rar,interval of OFDMA procedures, which are in multi-path channel do, for the beginners OFDMA a great help,2KB,downloads 143

Keywords searched:
  TDMA  cdmabpskmul

 Download:FrFT_LFM_paraEstimation - 分数阶傅里叶变换(Fractional Fourier Transform, FrFT),实现线性调频(LFM)信..
 Download:frft - 实现了chirp信号的分数阶傅立叶变换,表现出了其能量聚集效果,另外对单频、多频、高斯信号进行了..
 Download:FRFT - 分数阶傅里叶变换程序代码,有用可行,亲自测试过,能够放心使用..

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