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Files uploaded:
 1.  cnn.rar,For image classification of the source code, the application of in-depth learning, cnn convolutional neural network, you can replace the data set or tuning, suitable for beginners!,14551KB,downloads 39
 2.  CART.rar, This is the decision tree improvement method, using Matlab prepared, can be used directly in the matlab! ,2KB,downloads 0
 3.  UCI.rar, This is a machine learning through the finishing of the UCI data set, suitable for beginners to use! ,2190KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  CDBN-master.zip,Restricted Boltzmann realized convolution machine (depth study of an important algorithm), including C++ and matlab version,4190KB,downloads 191
 2.  convolutionalRBM.m-master.rar,Convolution restricted boltzmann machine in deep learning approach, a necessary source of learning, helps to understand the method principle,48KB,downloads 73
 3.  IWORP.rar,Compressed file contains 7 standard test functions matlab 1 source code, C++ source code and a particle swarm optimization algorithm, also includes an improved weed optimization algorithm based on IWORP random disturbance, the above code is very practical, and the convergence accuracy reached negative 11 times 10.,5KB,downloads 33
 4.  (APSO)MATLAB.rar,Improved particle swarm optimization (APSO) algorithm MATLAB source, this is the introduction of the adaptive weight characteristics of particle swarm optimization algorithm ,2KB,downloads 151
 5.  DBN-code.rar,DBN deep learning network, using MATLAB, there are detailed notes,2KB,downloads 324
 6.  code_Metric_online.tar.gz,The classic measure learning algorithm, MMC in 2002 NIPS papers, you can run.,5KB,downloads 4
 7.  BPSO.zip,Binary particle swarm optimization algorithm,2KB,downloads 92
 8.  MMC.zip, margin criterion (MMC) algorithm, the algorithm can be used for face recognition,2KB,downloads 19
 9.  lisanPSO.rar,Program on the discrete particle swarm algorithm, the simulation results, high precision,1KB,downloads 144
 10.  multiple-documents-.rar,Multi-document automatic summarization, key technology research, details the document automatic summarization technology,1200KB,downloads 9
 11.  NLM.zip,There are a non-local means denoising article, along with the code. After debugging, the code is correct.,254KB,downloads 639
 12.  mmc_relativity.rar,an matlab source code used for computing the relativity in face recognation ,5KB,downloads 21
 13.  2DMMC.rar,Two-dimensional Maximum Margin Criterion for Face Recognition,3011KB,downloads 32
 14.  spatial_pyramid_backup.rar,A Spatial Pyramid Source Code, provided by Steven Lazineik,58248KB,downloads 79
 15.  65363dict.rar,The basis for automatic abstracting: word of a new method, and its source code,864KB,downloads 12
 16.  RMM.rar,Research on Automatic Abstraction Based on Search Engine Result,2879KB,downloads 31
 17.  MarkovFeatureExtraction.rar,features Extraction of images,1515KB,downloads 109
 18.  PCALDAandMMC[matlab].rar,Face Recognition Based on pca lda mmc the matlab code,55KB,downloads 395
 19.  PCA_LDA_LPP_Tensor.rar,PCA, LDA, LPP three face recognition algorithms,16KB,downloads 728
 20.  DiaLDA_DiaPCA_MMC.rar,PCA, LDA (DiaPCA. DiaLDA) and the maximum spacing criteria (MMC) code, written in MATLAB.,2KB,downloads 240

Keywords searched:
  kfcm  lda matlab  fisher  fisher matlab   MMC matlab  libsvm  matlab 人脸识别  2DMMC

 Download:MMC - 极大间距准则算法(MMC),改算法可以用于人脸识别!..

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