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Files uploaded:
 1.  Voice.zip,Three kinds of noise reduction, echo and tone of voice signal processing, including UI interface,5274KB,downloads 81
 2.  inplace_test.rar,CHECK: bool.cpp:9:10: runtime error: load of value 123, which is not a valid value for type bool return p . ,3KB,downloads 2
 3.  p6-0x.rar,Fields to use when finding matching bookmarks. ,3KB,downloads 0
 4.  boost_sp_counted_base.rar,Substitute for bad_weak_ptr object in the case of -fno-exceptions.Empty helper class except when the template argument is _S_mutex. ,2KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  burg.zip,burg algorithm function, time-series AR model coefficients,1KB,downloads 3
 2.  10-74HC165.zip,primary curriculum stm32 MCU, 74HC165 of learning works,945KB,downloads 33
 3.  code.zip,Spent three difference method, background subtraction method to identify pictures of moving objects, including a description of the report and algorithms,20420KB,downloads 131
 4.  pedestrian-detectionsvms.tar.rar,Hog+ LBP+ svm pedestrian detection,57KB,downloads 117
 5.  qujingyinchongzu.rar,remove the mute of the speech signal (using short-term energy function), and then remove the signal mute frame after restructuring.,1KB,downloads 7
 6.  LPC-FORMANT-PITCH.rar,lpc formant extraction and baseband, suitable for beginners to use the voice of the students, and enhance understanding,74KB,downloads 51
 7.  CespImprovePitch.zip,Improved cepstrum method to extract the pitch period, the use of residuals cepstrum removing channels impact,1KB,downloads 10
 8.  power-spectrum.rar,Three different methods used in the power spectrum for signal, including burg algorithm, a periodic chart, levinson method.,2KB,downloads 17
 9.  Code1.2.rar,failed to translate,651KB,downloads 70
 10.  Motion-Detection.rar,The code tracking of moving objects, run the program, there will be a red rectangle marks the location of moving objects,1168KB,downloads 216
 11.  74hc165.rar,2 74HC165 cascade, control 16 keys and press the button with a LED display which,106KB,downloads 348
 12.  project.rar,Multi-target tracking matlab code,100KB,downloads 478
 13.  voice_recognition.rar,The use of autocorrelation-based frequency extraction method to determine male and female voices, and with band-pass filter magnitude and rate of screening for differential extraction of fundamental frequency, respectively discriminance for comparison. Finally, the discriminant accuracy rate close to 90.,7213KB,downloads 269
 14.  codelock.rar,Single-chip program source code lock, four password, to modify, after the lights to enter the correct,13KB,downloads 55
 15.  LPC.rar,Based on the linear prediction coefficient (LPC) voice signal reconstruction. Given a complete LPC matlab procedures, including voice signal acquisition, LP prediction coefficient, the order of choice and the forecast error curve. (Good use),191KB,downloads 1084
 16.  lpc.rar,Voice experiment according to Durbin algorithm for the linear prediction coefficient matlab7.0 environment containing voice files to run correctly,415KB,downloads 178
 17.  Speech_signal_short_time_analysis.rar,Short-time speech signal analysis, mainly including: sub-frame, short-time energy, short-term average, short-time zero-crossing rate, short-time auto-correlation function, short-term rate of poor cepstrum, complex cepstrum, lpc coefficients, lpc spectral estimation, such as an absolute guarantee that the quality of instructors is the security arrangement after the inquest some of the basis of procedures,6KB,downloads 2443
 18.  165.rar,shift register on the driver, you can do so by adding to their applications,2KB,downloads 41
 19.  020501liuchaoHW1.rar ,to realize the analysis of short time of speech signal by Matlab, including the judgement of surd and sonant, the estimate of the pitch and experiment report.,577KB,downloads 385
 20.  analyseMpeg2.rar,themselves prepared MPEG2 flow analyzer, MPEG analysis of the document information, analysis of PCI, and the PSI, PCM and other information, analysis IBP frame, PVR,120KB,downloads 603

Keywords searched:
  jpeg2000  AR  ARMA  qt  Simulink FSK  HC165

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