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Files uploaded:
 1.  chzzdeb_pdf.zip,C and pointer the second edition, high-definition 469 using the C programming language and pointers,28486KB,downloads 0
 2.  hacker.rar,Hacker offensive and defensive combat course, a total of 11 chapters, 474,76799KB,downloads 0
 3.  43example.rar,MATLAB neural network 43 case studies in the book source, a total of 43,10609KB,downloads 1
 4.  code.rar,matlab neural network and supporting code examples to explain in the book, Chapter 13,520KB,downloads 0
 5.  freescale_xep100examplecode.zip,Freescale microcontroller xep100 routine, routine containing a total of 66 interrupts, timers ECT and PIT, can, ADC, SCI, SD card, LCD, IIC, PWM, music, wireless remote control, etc.,46964KB,downloads 3
 6.  MATLABalgorithm.rar,matlab algorithm Daquan,8157KB,downloads 5
 7.  PID-and-Matlab-simulation.rar,pid control in simulink be related by way of routine functions of the model and s,3442KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  initial.zip,track initial,3KB,downloads 48
 2.  Radar-Data-Processing.rar,The main contents are: an overview of the radar data processing (including research purpose, meaning, history and current status, etc.), parameter estimation method with linear filtering, nonlinear filtering method, measurement data preprocessing techniques, starting track multiple target tracking, maximum Likelihood class of multi-target data interconnection methods, Bayesian methods class multi-target data association, target tracking, target tracking group, multi-target tracking end theory and track management, passive radar data processing, pulsed Doppler and phased array radar data processing, radar network data processing, radar data processing performance evaluation, radar data processing simulation technology, the practical application of radar data processing, as well as a review on radar data processing theory, suggestions and prospects.,6740KB,downloads 69
 3.  houghts.zip,A track initiation method based on Hough transform. There is some radar to track results, and given all the measurements of the state diagram.,2KB,downloads 52
 4.  Logical-starting-algorithm.zip,Logical starting algorithm of multi-target tracking ,3KB,downloads 50
 5.  MHT.rar,Procedures for multi-target tracking simulation, the use of multiple hypothesis model,28KB,downloads 154
 6.  radar_process_toolbox.rar,Radar signal processing matlab toolbox in radar signal processing, and contains most of the signal processing function,106KB,downloads 85
 7.  Kalman.rar,A Kalman filter in matlab simulation combined with the threshold value judgment removed the clutter,171KB,downloads 72
 8.  Altium-Designer-Summer-09.rar,Altium Designer Summer 09 concise tutorial I hope it helpful,820KB,downloads 14
 9.  Altium-Designer-Summer-09.zip,Write very detailed a ad9 PPT tutorial. Speak particularly good. So the sharing.,4555KB,downloads 107
 10.  kalman-lvboshixian.rar,Kalman filter method for distributed sensor track initiation, matlab implementation,2KB,downloads 43
 11.  my_logic.rar,Track initiation algorithm logic track initiation algorithm source code, code of this algorithm has a good starting performance,4KB,downloads 127
 12.  MNLogic.rar,MNlogic Track start Target Tracking,20KB,downloads 219
 13.  hough.rar,Hough ,9KB,downloads 160
 14.  Track-initiation-logic-method.rar,The logic of the radar target tracking in track initiation procedure law, which contains two files: simutrack.m and main.m. simutrack.m is the target trajectory simulation main.m is the main file,3KB,downloads 203
 15.  MHT.rar,This code complete multiple object tracking/multiple target tracking/multi target tracking/multi object tracking using multiple hypothesis test/multi hypothesis test, builds up a visual surveillance (video surveillance) system, and explores kalman filter to predict tragectory of objects. Experimental results demonstrate its outperformance. ,45KB,downloads 1002
 16.  track-initialization.rar,matlab code for track initialization in radar target tracking.,3KB,downloads 350
 17.  PassiveSensorSystemFastTrackInitiationAlgorithmand,Passive Sensor System Fast Track Initiation Algorithm and Implementation,1330KB,downloads 27
 18.  trackini.rar,,3KB,downloads 213
 19.  200642520144760194.rar,radar data projections, including track simulation, Kalman filtering,8KB,downloads 539
 20.  data_fusion.rar,EKF information synchronous data fusion algorithm,12KB,downloads 890

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  jpda  python  binaryzation.m  binaryzation.m  MHT

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