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Files uploaded:
 1.  IAR-compiler-error.zip,IAR compiler error, the file is not loaded, what configuration need to pay attention ,471KB,downloads 0
 2.  F4-DSP-FFT-ADC.zip,Written in stm32f407 development board ADC+ FFT experiment, and according to the experiment,9669KB,downloads 0
 3.  F4-suoxiangfadaqi.zip,Written in STM32F407 for weak signal detection program, using the phase-locked amplifier.,7210KB,downloads 2
 4.  zhishi.zip,STM32F4 ADC, the knowledge of the DMA, such as STM32 DMA channel allocation and ADC,307KB,downloads 0
 5.  cepinPAD.rar,Use STM32F103 two methods for measuring frequency, and AD conversion,3002KB,downloads 1
 6.  F4-ADC-DMA-DAC.zip,Use STM32F407 ADC+ DMA+ application of DAC,7208KB,downloads 6

File downloaded:
 1.  STM32-RFID.zip,Development of RFID-based stm32 routine experiments, can be transferred to their own project in,256KB,downloads 5
 2.  stm32_rc522.rar,Read STM32-based RC522 instances, actual RFID reader system,6KB,downloads 275
 3.  STM32-USB-to-simulate-mouse-movement.rar,Simulation based on the STM32 USB mouse to move the program can be applied directly,2071KB,downloads 56
 4.  FPGA_DDS.rar,With FPGA realizing double channel DDS signal generator, has the function of system.all,2310KB,downloads 10
 5.  stm32-fft.zip,Use the STM32 DSP library functions, the signal of the AD to the FFT transform, and display to the LCD screen. Do is 512 points fft, show the number 240, and there is a certain guarantee of accuracy. With real-time high.,3366KB,downloads 804
 6.  custom_icon.rar,LABVIEW make some of their more delicate control, you can add into the user base use!,550KB,downloads 496
 7.  LabVIEW_Welcome.rar,This is a LabVIEW interface welcomed the package, it allows your LabVIEW interface more beautiful, there is another login screen, which would give you additional access control procedures.,896KB,downloads 1556

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