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Files uploaded:
 1.  java-SE-ATM2.zip,Achieve operating an ATM machine to withdraw money, including saving money transfers, etc., there is some help for java object-oriented learning,11KB,downloads 0
 2.  Kalman-Filter.zip, Kalman filter theory and applications- MATLAB simulation a book source code routines ,33562KB,downloads 82
 3.  intellectual-control.zip,Intelligent Control Theory guitar lessons operations, including artificial neural networks and fuzzy control an an example, you can rename handed. Procedures attached,691KB,downloads 3
 4.  The-homework-of-Pattern-Recognition.zip,The homework of Pattern Recognition, including the k-means algorithm, Perceptron algorithm introduces its MATLAB program,329KB,downloads 0
 5.  System-identification-code.zip,System identification theory code, including the method of least squares, maximum likelihood method, neural network identification algorithm, gradient algorithm,11KB,downloads 0
 6.  Based-stm32-and-MPU6050-procedures.zip,Based stm32 and MPU6050 procedures using Kalman Filtering attitude measurement,1849KB,downloads 4
 7.  nsijhjyz.zip, Data packet transfer source program, Based on matlab GUI interface design, Using a large number of finite element method to solve partial differential equations, For feature reduction, feature fusion, correlation analysis, On neural network control, Build a framework OFDM communication system, The signal spectral analysis and filtering.,5KB,downloads 0
 8.  niasawtn.zip, Including the generalized cross-correlation function GCC time delay estimation, Achieve canonical correlation analysis, Build a framework OFDM communication system, There are reference Oh, Energy entropy calculation, Conducted through virtual array DOA estimation, Including the least squares method, the SVM, neural networks, 1 _k neighbor method.,10KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  ZUPT.zip,Foot ZUPT algorithm to calculate the course code, matlab implementation, running through.,185KB,downloads 49
 2.  TOA_TR_RE.zip,The code is about basic positioning alogrithm of UWB,including TOA,TDOA and the 3d positioning of TOA,all of them is debuged successfully on matlab 7.10.,4851KB,downloads 505
 3.  2.rar,加权质心定位算法,Matlab程序,应用于无线传感器定位-Weighted centroid location algorithm, Matlab program, used wireless sensor positioning,1KB,downloads 25
 4.  Desktop.zip,Wireless sensor networks is extremely improved centroid localization algorithm Algorithm,4KB,downloads 20
 5.  COMSYS-FootPath-d3cfd0d_2.17_release.rar,An Android APP can be used in indoor location, based on wifi and acc senser,2493KB,downloads 178
 6.  Localisation-indoor.zip,location indoor,1615KB,downloads 148
 7.  Vmsen-system.zip,9 degrees of freedom system (human behavior tracking/indoor positioning, etc.),1457KB,downloads 23
 8.  gatbx.rar,Genetic toolbox \ \ reins \ rep \ mpga \ sga, etc.,90KB,downloads 29
 9.  Indoor-inertial-navigation.zip,Indoor inertial navigation procedures. Default forward hand Pinto can continue to record the track on the sd card to generate a GPX file can be imported google earth track internal view records prepared pedometer is more accurate for calculating the distance phone GPS mode conversion mode into the inertial navigation,188KB,downloads 156
 10.  jiaquanzhixin.rar,WSN positioning centroid algorithm to improve the weighted centroid algorithm code,1KB,downloads 135
 11.  GaussFitting.rar,Gaussian fitting procedure, using Gaussian function fitting the data, fitting Gaussian function to obtain the mean and variance.,1KB,downloads 440
 12.  Centroid_W.zip,Weighted centroid location algorithm, Matlab program, used wireless sensor positioning,1KB,downloads 206
 13.  module.rar,The basic particle filter algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks,30KB,downloads 90
 14.  lizilvbo.rar,A brief history of the most complete authoritative information on particle filter, particle filter contains a variety of MATLAB code, PPT, IEEE authoritative papers, rare treasures,3637KB,downloads 273
 15.  RSSIzhixin.rar,RSSI-based ranging centroid location algorithm for WSN,1KB,downloads 307
 16.  nldw.rar,indoor pedestrian position tracking algorithm is studied, such as the KNN localization algorithm based on the RSS, the kalman filter algorithe based on the RSSthe particle filter algorithm which is fusion of RSS DR and Map information.,5KB,downloads 438
 17.  dingwei.rar,Matalab centroid location on the original code, so positioning complete set of people can use!,1KB,downloads 116
 18.  PF_codes.rar,Nonlinear filtering algorithm in the particle filter for target tracking.,13KB,downloads 112
 19.  pf_nav.zip,This document is the use of Matlab software, to achieve through the particle filter algorithm for terrain-aided navigation.,451KB,downloads 184
 20.  particle_filter.rar,Particle filter in robot localization application, including all source code,38KB,downloads 453

Keywords searched:

 Download:WLS - 室内无线定位技术,基于最小二乘法的matlab仿真程序..
 Download:COMSYS-FootPath-d3cfd0d_2.17_release - 基于wifi和惯性传感器的室内定位android app..
 Download:ZUPT - 脚部zupt算法计算航向代码,matlab实现,运行通过。..
 Download:placelab-wince-2.1 - 一个基于PlaceLab的室内和室外的智能导航系统..
 Download:openshoe-ZUPT - 基于零速校正的行人定位代码,本人自己编写,有数据,运行通过,精度较高,可参考。..
 Download:IMU_calculator - 改程序从imu中读取数据,计算出载体的轨迹,速度,姿态,并画出速度与欧拉角..
 Download:DataPlot - 从IMU中提取数据,计算出速度、位移,从而得到运动轨迹,实现定位功能..
 Download:DR - 本程序设计了DR定位导航,并采用Kalman滤波进行精度优化。仿真结果理想。..
 Download:pedometer1 - 安卓APP“计步器”可以计算人行走时的步数、步长、距离、速度..
 Download:Matlab_Sim_Code_MLE - 无线传感器节点定位算法,对高斯分布和对数模型采用CRBs和MLEs估计器对TOA和RSSI算..

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