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Files uploaded:
 1.  XNResourceEditor.rar,XNResourceEditor XNResourceEditor,662KB,downloads 0
 2.  SRSniffer.rar,Srsniffer analysis of process packets,30KB,downloads 0
 3.  Packet-interception-source.rar,Packet interception source Packet interception source,46KB,downloads 0
 4.  Send-packet-source.rar,Send packet source Send packet source,166KB,downloads 0
 5.  One-key-drawing-module.rar,One key drawing module.rar One key drawing module.rar,429KB,downloads 0
 6.  IP-source-code-network.rar,IP source code network.EIP source code network.EIP source code network.EIP source code network.E,900KB,downloads 0
 7.  ResTuner.zip,ResTuner decryption tool.Exe,247KB,downloads 0
 8.  vvc.zip,A module, write auxiliary plug-in,89KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  dll.rar,The server decrypts the dll.e recipe ,7KB,downloads 17
 2.  123.rar,Easy language intercept data packets, web capture card capture global capture. Not specify a process arrested all network packets,64KB,downloads 121
 3.  lpk_yiyuanma.rar,The LPK easy language source DLL hijacking injected lpk.dll,581KB,downloads 108
 4.  1.zip,Bridge packet forwarding, easy language programming, the erection of a bridge between the server and the client, data forwarding and modify,156KB,downloads 71
 5.  packet-code.rar,Packet interception, modification, replacement, sending source. Can to achieve mandatory re-positioned to the machine can be used to simulate wpe or crack network authentication, to see how to use ,42KB,downloads 155
 6.  sdfghjk.rar,File Description: a gateway server side is the gateway service source code is mainly used to run parameters to the lander and the game client DLL. 2, the service end to decrypt the DLL injected into the game server-side process HOOK RECV packet decryption. 3, the client encryption DLL injected into the game client process HOOK SEND game packet is encrypted. With the server-side encryption DLL to complete the game packet re-encryption and decryption process. Of principle: the interception of the game client by HOOK packet send and packet of the game side to receive the re-encryption of the packet. So only your own lander to start the game in order to properly connect. Placed in anti-plug-in, of course you can be added to the client DLL if the DLL is unloaded, the game must be interrupted. Why use HOOK do not have port forwarding, the answer is obvious, is quite high relative to the efficiency of the port forwarding HOOK hardly feel any delay.,39KB,downloads 126
 7.  4.rar,Easy language packet interceptor module source code, very good source of easy language for easy language enthusiasts to learn.,5KB,downloads 71
 8.  yiyuywangguan.rar,I write their own language easy gateway forwards the interception to achieve. Can achieve real-time block all specified multiple software. Can rotate to intercept one of the more software. And port forwarding....,47KB,downloads 133
 9.  fengbaolanjie.zip,Packet interception, may intercept a network packet, and forwarding other editing operations to achieve,7KB,downloads 52
 10.  Forcewpe.rar,Wpe automatically injected to achieve a similar function to modify the network packet interception,209KB,downloads 86
 11.  PlugproductionmoduleV2.3.zip,Plug production module V2.3 1. Decrypt packet (exclusive launch) 2. All kinds of binary conversion,9KB,downloads 24
 12.  chuanqituojiyiyuanyu.rar,I DOT NO,1098KB,downloads 68
 13.  fengbao.rar,Is an easy language to learn and study the packet source,25KB,downloads 12
 14.  1.rar,The Legend of plug-memory-based address, need to download the plug-in for the friends who do information.,319KB,downloads 68
 15.  wg.rar,E prepared by the legendary source plug-ins and modules at your own learning and to download,8KB,downloads 70
 16.  wlfbjqzx.rar,Easy language to intercept network packets can be intercepted recv, send the packet and send to amend a row, easy-language version 4.1 compiler through,25KB,downloads 700
 17.  HOOKsendandrecv.rar,Yi languages, intercept send, recv packet of information,30KB,downloads 360
 18.  200812815510.rar,,310KB,downloads 212
 19.  m2m.rar,M2M 1.0 encryption packet analysis tool (an intercepted ciphertext packet packet is converted to an express tool, and generates the corresponding ASCII file).,131KB,downloads 285
 20.  cqmb.rar,E Legend languages and modules plug-in example source code! Can provide a preliminary study to everyone!,1258KB,downloads 106

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