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Files uploaded:
 1.  fddb-evaluation-code.zip,FDDB face data set to assess the C++ code, downloaded the official website, used to be able to use, for the assessment of human face detection algorithm detection rate and false detection rate.,34KB,downloads 11
 2.  CNN_face_detection-master.zip,CVPR2015 cascade CNN for face detection MATLAB implementation code, according to the sequence, and excellent results,8176KB,downloads 46
 3.  opengl_examples.zip,OpenGL ES 2 image processing: Nokia N900 opengles2 instance. These examples illustrate the X11 windowing system and interface between OpenGLES use of EGL.,120KB,downloads 2
 4.  FaceDect-master.zip,Enhanced Adaboost classifier based on face detection, the effect is very good! Worth learning!,367KB,downloads 5
 5.  CNN-Face-Point-Detection-master.zip,Based on CNN face detection, source code VS2015+Opencv3.1.0 through debugging, according to their environment can be used to modify the configuration,21584KB,downloads 62

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