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 1.  noma_test.rar,This program is a non-orthogonal environment, within a two-user subcarrier, by allocating different power, only the receiving end of the signal to eliminate the use of SIC.,73KB,downloads 153
 2.  NOMA_PDSCH_Link_test.rar,In PDSCH channel, the use of non-orthogonal knowledge to do system-level simulation, and the use of codec way to reduce user error rate.,92KB,downloads 46
 3.  power-allocatin.rar,In the non-orthogonal (NOMA) environment, relatively fixed power allocation and distribution tree algorithm, explain the benefits of tree,2KB,downloads 44
 4.  gudinggonglv.rar,This is at a non-orthogonal (NOMA) environment on the user' s power allocation fixed allocation before and after the user power ratio meet certain requirements,1KB,downloads 22
 5.  NOMA_shu.rar,NOMA power allocation based on the use of tree algorithm, depending on the size of the user' s SNR, certain constraints, power distribution,2KB,downloads 59

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