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Files uploaded:
 1.  deeplearning_facerecognition.rar,FACE Recognition, using the depth learning DBN algorithm recognition algorithm, the data set is a ORL face dataset.,6721KB,downloads 38
 2.  LBP-DBN-face-recognition-master.rar,Face recognition, face recognition algorithm LBP and DBN proposed method, the data set is ORL face dataset.,6719KB,downloads 7
 3.  tranfer.rar,The spherical coordinates transfer into geocentric coordinates,13KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  CNN-facelable.rar,using CNN for Facelable£¨for face recognition or face detection.,8820KB,downloads 60
 2.  LogisticRegression.rar,logistics function with MATLAB,2KB,downloads 30
 3.  FaceRecognition_CNN(olivettifaces).rar,Intelligent image/video processing, complex background environment (such as an outdoor environment, airports, stations, etc.), the first step is the recognition of face detection. It directly affects the accuracy of the latter part of the identification results. However, scientists in the field are basically difficult to have enough energy and time to develop optimized C++ code to be used for commercial purposes, and are generally only be simulated in Matlab. The purpose of this paper is to provide an optimized SSE my development, C++ library for face detection, you can immediately use it for your video surveillance system. Face article classifier training data with my webcam images, which are collected at different times, in different lighting, different background environment, it is almost real-time detection of me (a :). Training of non-face data collection different backgrounds, with the same webcam. Was extracted face region, has been subjected to the following treatment: Gaussi,14989KB,downloads 14
 4.  [codes]joint-bayesian.rar,This is a joint Bayesian network can be used as an example of learning and understanding,7KB,downloads 225
 5.  SIFT.rar,matlab SIFT,2578KB,downloads 65
 6.  mathematical-model-15.rar,15 model matlab mathematical modeling method to explain with examples, including the gray prediction, gray correlation analysis, principal component analysis, fuzzy clustering analysis, stochastic simulation, a multiple regression model, orthogonal design, graph theory, goal programmingmodel, Markov forecasting methods, time series analysis, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, analytic hierarchy model, fuzzy mathematical methods, simulated annealing algorithm.,664KB,downloads 210
 7.  RandomForest_matlab.rar,Random Forest, an efficient regression and classification tool in area of machine learning. The Programms performs well and a demo is offered.,572KB,downloads 1577
 8.  apcluster.zip,AP cluster method,4KB,downloads 73
 9.  AntEpiSeeker.rar,the introduction of AntEpiSeeker agrithrm£¨make a good and exat explaination of the antepiseeker agrithrm,404KB,downloads 32
 10.  AP_Clustering.rar,AP clustering method, is 08 published in " Science" on the clustering method, the image from the image in my research in recent years, this is the best I have ever seen clustering algorithm, Clustering presentation of this program provides, but also test it with the image segmentation (matlab7.0 debugging environment).,53KB,downloads 777
 11.  CNN_Edge_extraction.rar,CNN Image edge detection is realized on matlab,it is simple.,2KB,downloads 267
 12.  Cox.rar,cox regression analysis of the study summary data. PPT,510KB,downloads 15
 13.  Windows-Precompiled-RF.zip,matlab code for random forests, very good,445KB,downloads 235
 14.  RF_MexStandalone-v0[1].02.zip,Random forests algorithm C++ and matlab program combines,333KB,downloads 171
 15.  AP_cluster.rar,AP Cluster ,1KB,downloads 393
 16.  RandomForest.zip,An interface to the random forest algorithm (version 3.3) written by Leo Breiman and Adele Cutler. This tool is for windows MATLAB R13 only,211KB,downloads 337
 17.  ap_semisupervised.rar,AP algorithm, add the supervision strategy, the formation of a better clustering results, and have its demo program,24KB,downloads 263
 18.  AP.rar,AP latest clustering algorithm as well as the demo program, algorithm reference content affinity appropagation in science.,5KB,downloads 288
 19.  suppress.zip,matlab realize the essential software executable file. For use in the bag has,47KB,downloads 141
 20.  LogisticRegression.rar,on Logistic regression algorithm to achieve the Matlab, including modeling, variable output forecast and prediction error analysis. UCI data from the database Ionosphere database, Statistics are 351 examples, and the output variable is two classification variables, representatives from the ionosphere radio reflection of the good and bad, A total of 32 eigenvalue. (Compressed package contains good data already processed),1164KB,downloads 598

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  AP  KNN  apriori  LogisticRegression  libsvm  attribute-IAP-model  attribute-IAP  SVM  jpda

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