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Files uploaded:
 1.  Optical-Interconnects.zip,The future of optical communication interconnect technology booksĄŁ,3691KB,downloads 0
 2.  greedyAlg.zip,Procedures for OFDM greedy algorithm,5KB,downloads 2

File downloaded:
 1.  Myfun.rar,matlab code about digital predistortion very important ,7952KB,downloads 54
 2.  PTS_PAPR.zip,PTS PAPR Simulation,2KB,downloads 8
 3.  ofdm_simulation_with_matlab.rar,OFDM channel estimation and balanced simulation program, including the MMSE, LS, ZF and other methods,92KB,downloads 62
 4.  PTS.rar,(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing PTS,2KB,downloads 10
 5.  dpdsimulation.rar,the digital predistortion algorithm basic on matlab,2169KB,downloads 79
 6.  MMSE_T_F.zip,Comparison of the time domain and frequency domain equalization MMSE method,7KB,downloads 32
 7.  matlab-for-ofdm-and-channel-estimate.rar,Includes a channel estimation and equalization of ofdm matlab program practical and easy to understand system,8KB,downloads 190
 8.  DPD_sim.rar,Digital Predistortion of Nonlieaner RF Power Amplifier with Memory Effects. This M code simulates a DPD technique linearization for a AB-class nonlinear HPA with memory effects. Here we consider a memory polynomial predistorter to modeling nonlinearity characteristics and memory effects of a HPA.Simulation procedures divided into three separate parts: 1)Analog imperfection compensation for the direct upconversion transmitter 2)Design a DPD based on a memory polynomial predistorter 3)Performance evaluation via a number of parameters such as:EVM,PSD,SNR, ,19508KB,downloads 410
 9.  mempa.zip,Memory polynomial model power amplifier ,1KB,downloads 332
 10.  matlab-dpd.rar,matlab simulation dpd, pre-distortion algorithm, Ph.D. simulation source code, including the volterra, saleh, polynomials.,313KB,downloads 798
 11.  lms_rls.rar,Matlab simulation with the LMS algorithm and RLS algorithm convergence, and rls algorithms and lms algorithm to compare,8KB,downloads 51
 12.  OFDM.rar,ofdm systems, channel estimation, a LS, MMSE, LMSE Comparison of three algorithms,278KB,downloads 941
 13.  QPSK_CE_block.rar,The programme realizes channel estimation with block pilots.,252KB,downloads 89
 14.  sermse.rar,OFDM system, SNR estimation, matlab source code,5KB,downloads 177
 15.  ofdm_channel.rar,OFDM simple links, including channel estimation and channel equalization, algorithms, including the LS and MMSE,2KB,downloads 99
 16.  test_EVM.rar,evaluate EVM programmed by matlab,37KB,downloads 123
 17.  Channel-Estimation-Based-on-Comb-Pilot.rar,OFDM bit-loading, power allocation and channel estimation algorithm for simulation and modeling,3KB,downloads 196
 18.  ofdm_test.rar,OFDM channel estimation (pilot comb), differential detection simulation comparison. Very simple, clear, suitable for beginners OFDM,9KB,downloads 162
 19.  OFDMMMSE.rar,OFDM procedures Example: a 64-channel, application 16QAM transmission, each transmission subcarriers are the same number of bits 4, do not use channel coding the use of force balance and MMSE zero balance, compare the performance.,2KB,downloads 229
 20.  LS_MMSE_channel_estimators_for_OFDM.rar,using LS and MMSE algorithm OFDM system channel estimation, a good way of containing detailed analysis?,5KB,downloads 1474

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