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Files uploaded:
 1.  HearRate-nad-SpO2-Sensor-MAX30100-with-Arduino-Un,HeartRate and SpO2 sensor MAX30100 with Arduino Uno,20KB,downloads 65

File downloaded:
 1.  AFE44X0.rar,PIC32MX150F128D AFE4490 OLED,181KB,downloads 13
 2.  DHT11.rar,MSP430F5529 driver DHT11, and use the font JLX12864 display,61KB,downloads 18
 3.  effioE.zip,Sony effio-e chip information, including cxd4127 DSP and AFE chip supporting CCD data. The developer must have!,1511KB,downloads 46
 4.  spo2.rar,TI Pulse Oximetry solutions, full information, including circuit design diagrams, source code, etc.,3038KB,downloads 539

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