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Files uploaded:
 1.  MP.zip,The code can be achieved when the wireless transmission, the sparse channel with the MP algorithm obtained bit error rate calculation,3KB,downloads 0
 2.  MP.zip,This code can be used to process the signal. Writing code using MATLAB, it can be used to estimate the sparse channel,3KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  SD_alogorithm.zip,SD algorithm, the sphere decoding algorithm, program integrity, readability, and hope to those who need help,8KB,downloads 71
 2.  SD.rar,The algorithm implements the algorithm simulation sphere decoding algorithm for SD, including calling the function different, can achieve.,3KB,downloads 35
 3.  sphere-decoder-for-mimo-systems.m.zip,Scale MIMO sphere detection algorithm matlab code decoding function,2KB,downloads 329
 4.  CS_OMP.rar,failed to translate,254KB,downloads 306
 5.  map.rar,Algorithm for maximum a posteriori probability map of the MATLAB program,1KB,downloads 229
 6.  MIMO-sphere-detection.rar,an effective MIMO system deteciton algrithom ,which is applied to N-by-N transeiver with QAM modulatuion.,2KB,downloads 193
 7.  MP.rar,CS classical algorithm, MP reconstruction algorithm. There are few places online you can downloaded now!,1KB,downloads 124
 8.  map.rar,the MAP code for super-resolution,1KB,downloads 428
 9.  lms_rsl.rar,Using lms algorithm and rls algorithms h through a given system adaptive filtering of random signals, the system through the tap w reverse identification and recognition, while the mean square error MSE generated to describe the effect on signal recovery.,1KB,downloads 115
 10.  CSrec.rar,Comprehensive source compressed sensing reconstruction algorithms, including the matching pursuit series, norm series,174KB,downloads 72
 11.  cwm.rar,Weighted with matlab filter function to achieve the center, the center weight of 3, 3* 3 filter window, parameters can modify, change the variable argument function further.,1KB,downloads 59
 12.  FFTlms.rar,Frequency domain block LMS algorithm for MATLAB to achieve the correct result M said that the number of taps can be used directly,1KB,downloads 216
 13.  sphere_decoding.rar,Sphere decoding for multi-antenna transmission systems of low complexity signal detection,2KB,downloads 396
 14.  sd.rar,Sphere decoder for mimo system ,2KB,downloads 240
 15.  fir.rar,First to use matlab to obtain the required filter coefficients, data from the AD sample, after the output filter through the fir,2209KB,downloads 184
 16.  jakes_model.rar,Assumed the use of Jakes model, used to generate the channel-tap-tap delay line model of the process gain the necessary Doppler spectrum shaping filter has a variety of implementations. Time domain FIR filter is an implementation of the most commonly used method.,2KB,downloads 76
 17.  MVDR.rar,A power spectrum estimation algorithm named mvdr is introduced in this program,1KB,downloads 176
 18.  code.rar,word document on the theory of spherical decoding theory and simulation results are analyzed 1.sphereandML are the main program, performance close to the maximum likelihood ML detection, call the spheredecode and two spheredecodeinf subprogram 2.main_spheretoML are the main program, to achieve maximum performance Ran Detect NL, call a subroutine spheredecodetoML and two spheredecodeinftoML.,200KB,downloads 390
 19.  turbo_MAP.rar,is now communications Encoding turbo code of the source, is to use MAP algorithm! ~,5KB,downloads 83
 20.  cap_turbo.rar,TURBO MATLAB source code, including the processes and routines.,658KB,downloads 279

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