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Files uploaded:
 1.  CC26XX-for-IAR.rar,TI recently released CC26XX, ARM core low-power Bluetooth series, this routine has three official needs with TI s protocol stack to use. There is a bare metal programming, without the use of the protocol stack, provide only simple procedures, such as lit LED, buzzer and configured oled display- can be used as a bare-metal development demonstration.,17403KB,downloads 1
 2.  STM32-loraSX1278.rar,LORA driver source code based STM32. Have been configured for all modes and interface applications, only an access node can be used.,6394KB,downloads 90

File downloaded:
 1.  HY11P52.rar,Based on the macro kang HY11p52 human scale program, annotated, can refer to do electronic said,87KB,downloads 34
 2.  5kgV2.5.rar, 3KG kit electronic scale electronic scale electronic scale kit development board learning board GraduationSingle-chip electronic scales,6907KB,downloads 30

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