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Files uploaded:
 1.  Data-Structures-in-CPP.rar,Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ 4th Edition by Adam Drozdek,9240KB,downloads 0
 2.  Machine-Learning-in-Python.rar,Python machine learning and practice: zero to the road leading to the Kaggle contest source code, provides some popular machine learning framework and application examples, including the tensorflow framework, focusing on actual combat.,98890KB,downloads 63
 3.  learning-data-mining-with-python.zip,Python data mining entry and practice with the book source code, using Chapter1-Chapter12. IPython notebook operation, including social media mining, author attribution, news corpus analysis, big data processing and application.,12270KB,downloads 19

File downloaded:
 1.  kraken.rar,Normal mode compute software pdf,4134KB,downloads 80
 2.  kraken_tl.rar,using the nomal mode theary to compute the sound field,768KB,downloads 30
 3.  krakenP.rar,Acoustic kraken model program using descriptive article gave a detailed kraken model principle and the use of the package, very classic, basic can not find a similar site!,3629KB,downloads 120
 4.  localization.rar,kraken localization,316KB,downloads 154

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