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Files uploaded:
 1.  num.rar,Based on pca digital identification, the success rate of more than 95 percent, with a test, training set, can be run directly.,4511KB,downloads 12
 2.  FaceDetect.rar,Opencv realize the face detection procedures, showing on the MFC dialog box , can be run directly.,127KB,downloads 1
 3.  CNN.rar,Classical convolutional neural network MATLAB implementation source code, can be directly run.,47017KB,downloads 51

File downloaded:
 1.  MICO_v0.rar,Li Chunming 2014 Latest articles Multiplicative intrinsic component optimization (MICO) for MRI bias field estimation and tissue segmentation, and the corresponding source code. People want to learn graphics division worth study.,1394KB,downloads 15
 2.  2-D-and-3-D-Image-Registration.rar,2-D and 3-D Image Registration for Medical Remote Sensing (Wiley)- PROPER UNSIGNED,4808KB,downloads 10
 3.  VTK-based-on-VCPP.zip,Firstly£¬the realization and principle of Marching Cubes and Ray Casting for 3D medical image reconstruction with surface rendering and volume rendering ale discussed and contrasted in this paper£®The excellence and shortage of the two rendering methods ale discussed£®And the realization mechanism of visualization tool package based on VTK is analyzed£®In the paper,Marching Cubes and Ray Casting algorithm ale respectively adopted to reconstruct the 3D images for the CT image sequence of the DICOM format under the VC++6.0 and the visual package VTK platform£®The key algorithms and 3D visualization results are given in this paper£®The simple interactive operations£¬such as rotation£¬zoom and transfer Can be realized by user interaction with PC£®Secondly£¬the vector and inner points ale calculated to form the virtual clipping plane£¬which in turn is used to incise the 3D object¡£And the information of cross¡ªsection images is obtained£¬at the same time the correspondent images are displayed on the scr,4418KB,downloads 82
 4.  gamma.rar,Based on the matlab a simple gamma correction program, relatively simple, suitable for beginners,11KB,downloads 43
 5.  Niblack.rar,It accomplishes the binary work to an imge, using Niblack algorithm.,58KB,downloads 90
 6.  1329572013522_0.rar,Graphcut algorithm source, used in image processing area image segmentation, this algorithm of matlab code realization.,111KB,downloads 237
 7.  Neural-Networks.rar,Neural network theory Simon Haykin in English covering the neural network and an important part of many basic aspects. Like Back Propagation, Radial-Basis Function, Self-Organizing Maps, and the single neuron in the Hebbian Learning, Competitive Learning and LMS Learning.,34668KB,downloads 101
 8.  sauvola.zip,For the image segmentation algorithm a kind type of image processing on the part of good,1KB,downloads 104
 9.  register_ineteractively.rar,register images through interactive point-selection ,1667KB,downloads 89
 10.  DICOMDIR.rar,DICOMDIR Reader Matlab implementation DICOMDIR read Matlab, Image Processing Toolbox program reads DICOMDIR file, read the meta data to generate three-dimensional matrix. Knowledge Reading DICOMDIR folder using the directory browser GUI: dcmSeries = loaddcmdir Generating 3D array by selecting a dicom series: [imaVOL, scaninfo, dcminfo] = loaddcm (loaddcmdir) ,7KB,downloads 124
 11.  nonrigid_version7b.zip,Non-rigid image registration examples, including the steepest gradient descent optimization, quadratic spline, 2D/3D registration, mutual information minimization, 3D affine registration algorithm, etc.. Non-rigid registration is currently the most widely used registration methods used to deal with a greater displacement of registration problems,240KB,downloads 746
 12.  jiyuguiyihuaMi.rar,Based on the maximum mutual information image registration algorithm using matlab source prepared,567KB,downloads 389
 13.  Registration_matlab.zip,image registration source, prepared by the Matlab Try,7KB,downloads 636

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