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 1.  swt-code.rar,image fusion using swt,301KB,downloads 0
 2.  complete-code.rar,data hiding using color image ,338KB,downloads 0
 3.  Main-code-Biorthogonal-Wavelet.rar,haze removal using wavelet fusion,279KB,downloads 0
 4.  ECG.rar,ECG Classification in A Wavelet based Secured ECG Distribution Technique for Patient Centric Approach ,79KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  3285-30367-2-PB.rar,In most of the approaches of computer-aided detection of breast cancer, one of the preprocessing steps applied to the mammogram is the removal/suppression of pectoral muscle, as its presence within the mammogram may adversely affect the outcome of cancer detection processes. Through this study, we propose an efficient automatic method using the watershed transformation for identifying the pectoral muscle in mediolateral oblique view mammograms. The watershed transformation of the mammogram shows interesting properties that include the appearance of a unique watershed line corresponding to the pectoral muscle edge. In addition to this, it is observed that the pectoral muscle region is oversegmented due to the existence of several catchment basins within the pectoral muscle,1152KB,downloads 18
 2.  Audio-Steganography-by-Least-Significant-Bit-Meth,This is matlab code for "Audio-Steganography-by-Least-Significant-Bit-Method" in steganography.,68KB,downloads 28
 3.  image-forgery-with-siftand-ransac.rar,the folder gives information about the image forgery detection. detection is made by examining the sift and ransac features of the image. color processing is done as a preprocessing step.,11075KB,downloads 104
 4.  Program--dual-tree-wavelet-.rar,Dual tree complex wavelet transform program code, the recently popular the Doubletree wavelet procedures. More need to modify the data parameters inside!,71KB,downloads 58
 5.  Semantic-Segmentation.zip,We address the problem of weakly supervised semantic segmentation. The training images are labeled only by the classes they contain, not by their location in the image. On test images instead, the method must predict a class label for every pixel. Our goal is to enable segmentation algorithms to use multiple visual cues in this weakly supervised setting, analogous to what is achieved by fully supervised methods. However, it is difficult to assess the relative usefulness of different visual cues from weakly supervised training data. We define a parametric family of structured models, where each model weighs visual cues in a different way. We propose a Maximum Expected Agreement model selection principle that evaluates the quality of a model from the family without looking at superpixel labels. Searching for the best model is a hard optimization problem, which has no analytic gradient and multiple local optima. We cast it as a Bayesian optimization problem and propose an ,2149KB,downloads 7
 6.  Matlab-edge-detection-operator.rar,Own finishing classical edge detection operator matlab source image processing necessary 1, canny operator, kirsch operator, Laplacian operator, and the log operator Operators 6 prewitt, robert. Operator, robinson operator 8, sobel operator,897KB,downloads 1292
 7.  image_forgery_detector.zip,Image forgery detection source code.,2518KB,downloads 38
 8.  SSIM.rar,Image quality assessment is an important indicator: Average structural similarity (MSSIM), better than the PSNR performance, and easy to compute.,2KB,downloads 395
 9.  Segmentation-of-Semantic.zip,A new image object extraction method, the article results in,909KB,downloads 11
 10.  Khan2.rar,detection of copy-move forgery in digitial image,1KB,downloads 310
 11.  harris.rar,Harris corner detection improvement£¨Gaussian function filtering, performance is strong muscle.,1KB,downloads 16
 12.  Edge-Detection.rar,vc++ to achieve the six contrast image edge detection algorithm. Including: kirsch, Laplacian, LOG, Prewitt, Robert, Sobel.,1389KB,downloads 266
 13.  iccv09-sceneDecomposition.rar,Stanford' s cattle were written based on semantic image segmentation, published slaughtered ICCV2009 on worth considering.,978KB,downloads 70
 14.  sharpen.rar,Digital image processing smoothing and sharpening (edge detection). Including 1, add salt and pepper, Gaussian noise. Two pairs of images were used noise pollution neighborhood average, median filtering, K close to the average method to smooth. 3 on an image using Roberts gradient method, Sobel operator and Laplacian sharpening, and compare the results. Laws dealing with the source image capture and processing results.,275KB,downloads 152
 15.  EdgeContour.rar,Edge detection, contour detection, Sebel operator, Gaussian Laplacian, Robert operator, Prewitt operator, Kersch operator, etc., Hough transform, parallel line detection, contour extraction, seed fill, contour tracking,71KB,downloads 109
 16.  ssim_index.rar,This is an implementation of the algorithm for calculating the Structural SIMilarity (SSIM) index between two images. Please refer to the following paper: Z. Wang, A. C. Bovik, H. R. Sheikh, and E. P. Simoncelli, "Image quality assessment: From error visibility to structural similarity" IEEE Transactios on Image Processing, vol. 13, no. 4, pp.600-612, ,2KB,downloads 542
 17.  SemanticAndaptationofNeuralNetwork.rar,Semantic analysis of multimedia content is an on going research area that has gained a lot of attention over the last few years. Additionally, machine learning techniques are widely used for multimedia analysis with great success. This work presents a combined approach to semantic adaptation of neural network classifiers in multimedia framework. It is based on a fuzzy reasoning engine which is able to evaluate the outputs and the confidence levels of the neural network classifier, using a knowledge base. Improved image segmentation results are obtained, which are used for adaptation of the network classifier, further increasing its ability to provide accurate classification of the specific content.,812KB,downloads 11
 18.  ImageSemanticSegmentation.rar,With the digital image technology, broadband networks and digital storage device technology, network storage, transmission of large-scale distributed digital image library has become possible, the study of content-based image retrieval technology to become hot in recent years . The realization of content-based image retrieval systems, the key question is to achieve semantic image segmentation. The six points of the existing semantic image segmentation technology to conduct a comprehensive summing up, for further study of content-based image retrieval technology laid the foundation.,137KB,downloads 15
 19.  segment.zip,A fast image segmentation algorithm is very fast, and can identify the texture, so the result is a segmentation semantic.,21KB,downloads 50
 20.  DT-CWTcode.rar,The source code also known as the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform source code, it not only has the Gabor transform of the six direction selectivity, but also has a smaller redundancy of image processing colleagues certainly have great value, can directly download Ļ”√.,1326KB,downloads 769

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  muscle detection  change detection   audio steganography matlab code  laplacian of gaussian edge detection  semantic image segmentation  ssim of image quality  sobel edge detection   dual tree complex wavelet transform matlab code  image Forgery Detection and Localization  image Forgery Detection

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