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Files uploaded:
 1.  hello123.zip,hello world :) simple program, matlab,1KB,downloads 0

File downloaded:
 1.  FingerpPrint.rar,Some codes for fingerprint enhancement,2216KB,downloads 37
 2.  gray.rar,fingerprint image processing such as sungularity and core point detection,740KB,downloads 30
 3.  matlabfingerprint.rar,MATLAB-based fingerprint identification code, the internal fingerprint fingerprint identification with the basic steps of introduction, written description and related codes,276KB,downloads 167
 4.  corepoint-detection.rar,core point detection,13KB,downloads 35
 5.  final_report.rar,Fingerprint Recognition Using Minutiae-Based Features,1011KB,downloads 29
 6.  fingerprint.rar,This code is a complete fingerprint core point detection. It uses orientation field for singular point detection and Zhang-suen algo. for thinning in preprocessing part,67KB,downloads 352
 7.  poincareleek.rar,This code gives Poincare point of a fingerprint, Poincare point is excessively used in fingerprint matching,1KB,downloads 14
 8.  singularitydetection.rar,A two-phase singularity detection. Fingerprint image block, calculate the direction of each block constitute a block pattern, and pattern in the block based on the use of the distribution of the direction of the neighborhood together with the improved Poincare Index method to determine the singular point where the candidate regions of the candidate region of pixels re-calculated to determine the rate of change of local direction of the precise location of singular points. This method is used to FVC2004 DB1_A fingerprint database of images, experiments show that this method of noise on the fingerprint image has good robustness and computing simple and fast, easy to implement.,121KB,downloads 163
 9.  getminu.rar,Some of the use of fingerprint matlab source code for image preprocessing,1KB,downloads 29
 10.  poincare.rar,for detecting fingerprint core using orientation field estimation,4KB,downloads 110
 11.  orient_gabor.rar,Source code for computing orientation of fingerprint and using gabor filter for enhancement.,182KB,downloads 136
 12.  ADA451278.rar,This is a master thesis on fingerprint identification system. This has matlab code in appendix also.,4153KB,downloads 22
 13.  orientation_point.rar,The algorithm is to strike a fingerprint image of the point of direction and block direction, the direction of the fingerprint information, matlab7.0 prepared with the hope that some help for beginners,1KB,downloads 120
 14.  orientation.rar,estimate the orientation of fingerprint,1KB,downloads 48
 15.  matlab_sourcecode_for_Axes.rar,Fingerprint Feature Extraction FPEXTRACTDEMO demo program a complete fingerprint feature extraction procedures. Including all the algorithms commonly used options ...:- Centralize: binary image, Center Point- Crop: image pruning- Sectorize: Visualization fan- Normalize: normalized input image- Gabor filters: Visualization Gabor Filter- Convolute: Calculation of the input image and Gabor filter convolution- Features: Characteristics of visualization- FingerCode: in the database to join the fingerprint- Check: Fingerprint matching,359KB,downloads 1728
 16.  complex_filter_pfile.rar,fingerprint detection procedures core 3 (complex_filter) Matlab demo code,245KB,downloads 29
 17.  fingerprintstructure.rar,the simulation algorithm is based on fingerprint linghong the code within the latest fingerprint singular point detection Algorithm,654KB,downloads 147
 18.  FingerprintInexingBasedonSingularPointpdf.rar,This is a Poincare index on the use of fingerprints for identification of the article, Fingerprint Identification of a novice students have more help.,351KB,downloads 23
 19.  1052.rar,MATLAB source, preprocessing.m : preprocess the picture including : Wiener filter; meddle value filter, change a gray picture to a binary one and then get the skeleton. centralizing.m : input the source picture output the core point o f the fingerprint. samfun.m : generate the sample pattern automatically, which is used to sample the fingerprint. gabor2 d_sub : get gabor filter. varpic.m : calculate variance picture,4KB,downloads 113
 20.  matlabsourcecodefor.rar,fingerprint identification, Matlab is a good program, we can fact ah,58KB,downloads 70

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  fingerprint poincare  fingerprint  poincare fingerprint  core fingerprint

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