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Files uploaded:
 1.  PIC16RXXXaPROTEUS-SIMULATION.zip,Program Design and PROTEUS Simulation of PIC16R Series Microcontroller,22112KB,downloads 0
 2.  FPGA.zip,EP3C16F484-datasheet and EP3C16F484 development board circuit diagram,3305KB,downloads 0
 3.  intro_to_quartus2_chinese.zip,ALTER s official version of the Quartus® II profile, including the basic design process, wiring and so on,2039KB,downloads 0
 4.  CPLDaVerilog-HDL.zip,Learn CPLD and Verilog HDL programming techniques scratch,32851KB,downloads 0
 5.  CPLD-AHDL.zip,CPLD on the development of the classic tutorial, using AHDL programming, MAX plus II development environment,59832KB,downloads 0

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