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 1.  WEIJIYUANLIKEJIAN.zip,Microcomputer principle and interface technology courseware, suitable for novice use of viewing learning, including proteus simulation and MASM programming,9510KB,downloads 0
 2.  6-1.zip,8253 work in the way 3 square wave, timing 30MS, 8086 CPU control flow lights in turn loop 8255 port address 210H, 212H, 214H, 216H, use 74LS138 decoder.,20KB,downloads 0
 3.  6-2.zip,When the switch K0 is closed (grounded), the 8086 CPU controls the running lights to turn on. When the switch K0 is disconnected (access high), the 8086 CPU controls the running lights all off.,22KB,downloads 0

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