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Files uploaded:
 1.  FlashTool_v5.1112.00.rar,the latest mtk download tool,3119KB,downloads 23
 2.  DIY-PCB.rar,Hole board design software, to experiment with the circuit board hole a good helper,1016KB,downloads 30
 3.  simulink.rar,MATLAB simulink,1068KB,downloads 5
 4.  3to8key.rar,A key extension of the classic discrete circuitry, perhaps today' s circuit designers do not learn much, but this idea was inspired Tingyou,56KB,downloads 0
 5.  AA104VH02_ten_100831_Eng(1).rar,An ultra-low temperature, ultra-brightness TFT LCD Mitsubishi LCD data, the temperature can reach-30 degrees Celsius to 80 of 800 lumens brightness, provides us with information, easy options,285KB,downloads 12
 6.  AutoShutdown.rar,No plug-in, compact and flexible time off small program, you can customize every day shutdown time, and once set, the long term. Is also the only run this little program can also delete the settings. On the computer unattended, and often forget to turn off the computer people who are essential goods.,1KB,downloads 20
 7.  389937643.rar,Embedding OPC Unified Architecture including OPC UA concept and principle,297KB,downloads 32
 8.  9384949958503.rar,Programing manual for Codesys PLC,this book explains thoroughly about the codesys from the beginning level to advance level,4505KB,downloads 42
 9.  1929838.rar,opc developement under WINCE environment.,2646KB,downloads 16
 10.  usermanage.rar,php account information magage,9KB,downloads 3
 11.  demov.rar,C language code to complete motion detection,647KB,downloads 2
 12.  XILINX.rar,fpga xilinx,69KB,downloads 3
 13.  PowerPC.rar,powerpc,31KB,downloads 2
 14.  add.rar,Adder in hardware assembly language,1KB,downloads 2
 15.  multiply.rar,multiply,1KB,downloads 1
 16.  JM2PC_Server_source.zip,By JM2 the PC platform to achieve the purpose of remote computers,795KB,downloads 21
 17.  JM2PC_Client_source.zip,By JM2 the PC platform to achieve the purpose of remote computers,467KB,downloads 100
 18.  JM2PC_BT_Client_source.zip,By JM2 the PC platform to achieve the purpose of remote computers,521KB,downloads 4
 19.  InteractionPRP2.tar.gz,The main function of this source is the Bluetooth phone and PC by connecting to remote computers to achieve the purpose of,225KB,downloads 101
 20.  Controller1.tar.gz,The main function of this source is the Bluetooth phone and PC by connecting to remote computers to achieve the purpose of,76KB,downloads 13
 21.  0948491.rar,second part of Automation control theory,focus on the principle and concept.,716KB,downloads 4
 22.  0948490.rar,Automation theory introduction and concerpt about the automation theory .,496KB,downloads 3
 23.  1029384.rar,Analog Electronic theory introduction and principle, very suitable for the beginners.,853KB,downloads 1
 25.  sf_200632418439.rar,A simple scripts J2me, it can automatic generation. Contains examples,101KB,downloads 11
 26.  j2mePointerDemo.rar,The continuous line screen J2me draw a novice can produce professional demo, the use of touch. Learn,1KB,downloads 14
 27.  FontEditor.rar,J2me bitmap fonts editor, contains produce professional demo!,316KB,downloads 28
 28.  citieanzhuang.rar,A linear Hall device installation for your reference and exchange,46KB,downloads 6
 29.  YahooService.rar,YahooService is a mobile terminal for inquires the wap version, the weather gets code includes the server.,16KB,downloads 7
 30.  Antenna.rar,The Antenna, material is packaged themselves! With examples, the novice easily portal! If you can understand what don t touch my QQ: 290372326,1505KB,downloads 5
 31.  Advanced_PIC_Control_Matlab_Simulation.rar,Utlizing Matlab technology to describe the different PIC strategy,including regular PID control,fuzzy PID control.,5878KB,downloads 52
 32.  CAN_bus_principle_and_application.rar,CAN Bus introducation and bus structure,CAN bus chip design,drive design and controller design and application,13662KB,downloads 1
 33.  Event_Report_Video.rar,This video show you how to generate event report under OPC enviroment utilizing report generator software,886KB,downloads 1
 34.  iFix_Drive_Development.rar,Based on OPCToolkit development software,design IFix software to communicate with SCADA utilizing communication drive.,95KB,downloads 7
 35.  OPC_DRV7.RAR,GE Fanuc iFIX OPC Client Version 7.41 OPC Driver,3768KB,downloads 10
 36.  8051LCD.rar,LCD in electronic product design, very high utilization rate, the average seven monitors can only be used to display numbers, to display the English text, then will choose to use LCD (liquid crystal display), commonly used measurement instruments and occasions advanced electronic products, after all, LCD prices are not very cheap. Our line of electronic materials commercially available LCD, its back contains a control circuit, which have specialized IC above the LCD to complete the action control, self-designed interface, as long as the appropriate commands into the code and want to display the data, LCD characters will be displayed in the very convenient program-controlled,638KB,downloads 3
 37.  chuankouguangmao.rar,Light a serial cat documentation on the selection to some extent help,29KB,downloads 4
 38.  Quartuswarning.rar,Quartus warning analysis, bilingual helpful Dongdong,26KB,downloads 2
 39.  VHDL_Data.rar,Pinson use of VHDL tutorial have produced bookmarks, reading easy to learn the essential information on VHDL novice, FPGA/CPLD developers can refer to the information,,11903KB,downloads 17
 40.  EPM240.rar,The EPM240/570 of the pin maps, easy-pin engineers design the circuit,332KB,downloads 111
 41.  ALTERA_JTAG.rar,Altera download cable official information, you can create JTAG and AS modes download cable,215KB,downloads 10
 42.  2009_4_CookieManager.zip,/********************************************************************************//** A typical usage of this class would look something like this: CookieManager cookieManager = new CookieManager() // Set a cookie value cookieManager.CookieValues["FavoriteCookie"] = "Chocolate Chip" HttpWebRequest webRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url) // Publish the cookies to the request before asking for the response cookieManager.PublishCookies(webRequest) HttpWebResponse webResponse = (HttpWebResponse)webRequest.GetResponse() // Store any cookies returned from the response cookieManager.StoreCookies(webResponse) // Get the value of a cookie string session = cookieManager.CookieValues["SESSIONID"] webRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url2) cookieManager.PublishCookies(webRequest) webResponse = (HttpWebResponse)webRequest.GetResponse() ************************************************************************************/,14KB,downloads 12
 43.  AS50xx_Encoder_SDK_Setup_v1_3.zip,Hall device development process, they can do the non-contact optical encoder disks, or the use of non-contact resistance, etc.,1985KB,downloads 28
 44.  AVRSTUDIO_GCC_HELP.rar,AVRStudio embedded WINAVR GCC under the Getting Started, version 4.10 and above are equipped with a GCC compiler, is a real genuine free software developed AVR Microcontroller,1858KB,downloads 52
 45.  noip2009.rar,Collected, prepared and reviewed the underlying code NOIP2009 For OIers,89KB,downloads 21
 46.  dp.rar,NOIP summary of dynamic programming dynamic programming topics, translation dynamic programming algorithm is summarized For OIers,1123KB,downloads 114
 47.  upload-49aeadabe36e0_Hue.rar,Hue adjustment for the picture to do the demonstration, only c++ builder is very valuable reference,385KB,downloads 5
 48.  hdlc.rar,HDLC controller base on FPGA,193KB,downloads 96
 49.  amideco.zip,AMI' s bios decompression tool for,88KB,downloads 5
 50.  kehuxitong.rar,Customer relationship management system, using delphi write, the interface to be improved, features more full.,581KB,downloads 3
 51.  Blackswan.rar,Black Swan in English, the Bible is a random world investment,6785KB,downloads 3
 52.  WiGen.rar,Wiegand Access Control in the signal sent, written in assembly language, 51 microcontroller is available.,1KB,downloads 23
 53.  ImageAuthentication.zip,We have design and implemented a method that uses a strengthened cryptographic hash function to compute fast and secure passwords for arbitrarily many accounts while requiring the user to memorize only few memorable points in the image.,393KB,downloads 3
 54.  t.zip,This paper surveys various techniques that have been used in public or privates tools in order to enhance the password cracking process. After a brief overview of this process, it addresses the issues of algorithmic and implementation optimisations, the use of special purpose hardware and the use of the Markov chains tool. Experimental results are then shown, comparing several implementations.,220KB,downloads 1
 55.  TigerUpdate.rar,Tiger Update Control Tiger Update Guide Tiger Installer is included with the installation of a production control software, which can easily help you in your software to join the Automatic Updates feature. This control is free and open source.,15KB,downloads 24
 56.  VCLSkin5.03.07.12.rar,The latest skin delphi controls, without cracking, with source code. Support to delphi2007, but the compiler can support the up-to-date 2010,3723KB,downloads 99
 57.  MicrostoneGyroSensor.rar,High-speed gyro data sheet limits of Obama' s chip exports to China need to develop missile technology,508KB,downloads 10
 58.  jiance.zip,So the image edge detection, referred to the new method were compared on several testing.,6001KB,downloads 2
 59.  rmb.zip,Carried out on the gray color of the RMB and then extract the edge. Edge detection of images.,6182KB,downloads 15
 60.  rgb2hsi.zip,RGB color space and HSI color space conversion can be run in MATLAB7.0.,1KB,downloads 5
 61.  MSP430ChangYongMoKuaiHeShiLiJingJiang.rar,MSP430 single chip module is compatible with the integrated system used精讲examples: the " code" , " examples of illustrations," " circuit diagram" folder 3. As well as series of single-chip MSP430F14X official source " CODE-MSP430F14X" each folder in which there are the following. " Code" inside the content folder for the chapter example source code. " Examples of illustrations," the contents of the folder inside the chapter for examples of the illustrations, in order to bmp format. " Examples of circuit" inside the content folder for each chapter of the circuit example, the software made by Protel99.,1006KB,downloads 52
 62.  coujianruanjian.rar,An Answer with the keyboard control software used in the game, specifically described as follows: Button corresponding to the ten teams are as follows: (Note: case does not require) 1->"=" 2->"," 3-> "S" 4-> "7" Group 5-> "V" Group 6-> "A" Group 7-> "E" 8 group-> "0" Group 9-> "3" 10 groups-> "Y" Not full-screen, because the background image format for the 1024* 768 There are防抢function, in an Answer is complete, press the "clear screen" clear interface, then press the corresponding Answer If the team button, triggering Answer, indicating "n Group偷抢issues, the abolition of the qualifications of the title" Answer after the end of time, without "clear screen" circumstances, it can be directly "Answer the beginning of" the beginning of the next Answer Countdown to 20 seconds, if there is no team time to Answer the screen will show: "I am sorry there is no answer to the ranks of the application" There is a ke,333KB,downloads 2
 63.  FLIP.rar,Download ATMEIL FLIP-line circuit, the circuit is also compatible with the online download NXP Single Chip Line,30KB,downloads 4
 64.  BT_SPIcable.rar,Bluetooth firmware design circuit, the use of bluesuite software, firmware through the parallel port can be upgraded,25KB,downloads 40
 65.  KeyDemo.rar, List components by re-engineering projects, List entries can be made directly to the corresponding selection in the Demo, and Demo in from the screen to return to the List,31KB,downloads 1
 66.  DOS2222222222222222.rar,DOS may have is the history of the computer expert but do not understand that the DOS can not do so,check IP, set up the directory tree, etc.,2KB,downloads 27
 67.  AD7714NOTE.rar,AD7714 driver will correct only to illustrate usage, the key technologies in hardware design, look at the information summarizes the points for attention, and I hope to have you suggest.,4KB,downloads 124
 68.  PICONEWIRE.rar,using PIC microcontroller series of single-machine communication procedures Bus,4KB,downloads 10

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