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Files uploaded:
 1.  02_leds.rar,RVDS 4.0 MINI6410 the leds for the test program. Upgrade over by the ADS,105KB,downloads 141
 2.  test_conf.zip,Standard C to achieve the configuration file handling code, you can identify a variety of error formats, very appropriate use of embedded programming,4KB,downloads 13
 3.  linux_dns.rar,Linux DNS resolution using UDP to achieve their own code, whichever is only the first IP address, but the full realization of the entire process, the understanding of the UDP is very good, original,17KB,downloads 12
 4.  kernel_list.rar,Using the Linux kernel header files to manipulate the linked list doubly linked list, just a list*. h of achieving very simple and useful, and the general data structure is not the same style,7KB,downloads 18
 5.  hash2.rar,Standard C, Hash table implementation, pushed along by the ring plus the principle of the queue, to achieve efficient HASH table, refer to the realization of the principle of Blizzard games, original,13KB,downloads 12
 6.  asm-led.zip,mini6410 LEDS under the test program written in ASM, ADS write, you can step through or download them to run u-boot,27KB,downloads 7
 7.  FlashPlayer.rar,An open-source Flash player, can Windows/Linux running on,603KB,downloads 165
 8.  tech_invite.rar,SIP preparation of detailed documents, detail the various processes in order to express fine diagram,7813KB,downloads 71
 9.  mTrack.rar,Embedded System memory leak checking library function mTrace and test code, have detailed the use of the document. This is to malloc and free function control, and check the memory.,40KB,downloads 75
 10.  xmlrpc-c-1.06.06.tar.gz,XML RPC in LInux realize the library function. Supported the adoption of XML called RPC call. XML-RPC for C/C++ Is programming libraries and related tools to help youwrite an XML-RPC server or client in C or C++.,661KB,downloads 41
 11.  tftp-hpa.rar,,50KB,downloads 85
 12.  rzsz-3.48.tar.gz,Open serial port using Xmodem, Ymodem, ZModem download, upload procedure. In Linux, Arm-Linux can be used,64KB,downloads 829

File downloaded:
 1.  DA14580_Software_development_guide.rar,DA14580 protocol stack development guidelines for Bluetooth 4.0 or wearable developers, this document can provide some reference.,597KB,downloads 75
 2.  DASHGUM.rar,Free Bootstrap background templates, a full template, HTML5 background template, compatible PC and the mobile phone, tablet PCs and other mobile terminals. Including background login page, dashboard, UI elements, components, lock screen, form components, data tables, charts, and other back office management template page.,2734KB,downloads 28
 3.  DA14580_DS.rar,Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology will be the future of wireless control, intelligent home control, one of the important technical and physical interconnection wearable product design, which is a Dialog Bluetooth 4.0 chip specifications, its small package, low power consumption, with TI s CC2541/CC2540 do a comparison,9163KB,downloads 50
 4.  DA14580_SDK_3.0.2.0.zip,Bluetooth low energy code has already been developed, including a pedometer and other simple functions, the protocol stack is provided by third party,1725KB,downloads 369
 5.  bmp2pcx.zip,binary bitmap to pcx conversion program in thirmal printer for print pcx image,2KB,downloads 13
 6.  QTSerial.rar,failed to translate,2263KB,downloads 305
 7.  CPCL.rar,Zebra mobile printers cpcl command examples on how to design instruction to cpcl,6KB,downloads 60
 8.  accessport133.rar,Serial Port Monitor Master, for to do serial port programming of software engineers,386KB,downloads 45
 9.  rzsz-3.48.tar.gz,Open serial port using Xmodem, Ymodem, ZModem download, upload procedure. In Linux, Arm-Linux can be used,64KB,downloads 829

Keywords searched:
  ylp270  ylc2440  RS485 Linux  MTK  WinCE  Pelco-D  NandFlash  Nuclues  DVB  zpeditor  机顶盒  视频播放器  cmos camera  omap  SD  cmmb

 Download:STBIHOST - Windows CE 下的机顶盒应用实例,用Embedded Visual C 编写。对于采用WINCE的嵌入式系统程序..
 Download:music - Qt写的一个音乐播放器,采用qss的方法美化界面,适于初学者学习交流用..
 Download:E3 - 实现基于二叉树表示的算术表达式Expression的操作..

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