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Files uploaded:
 1.  SerialPort.rar,A application of serial communication based on VS2015 MFC,43292KB,downloads 58
 2.  stepper.rar,A C51-controlled stepper motor procedures is written in C language,1KB,downloads 4
 3.  FLASHreadwrite.rar,A good test program is 51 single-chip flash read and write procedures for,3KB,downloads 9
 4.  music.rar,A 51 MCU assembler music player there is also a few examples of songs,7KB,downloads 22
 5.  Download.rar,C51 online download a browser s source code is a very standardized procedures Downloader,8KB,downloads 16
 6.  IIC.rar,C language simulation program for I2C-bus I2C bus interface microprocessor does not need external I2C bus interface peripherals,3KB,downloads 6

File downloaded:
 1.  MFC_Word.zip,A pretty good MFC document operational reports! illustrates how to call the module functionality in Word! We want to help!,161KB,downloads 19
 2.  MFC.rar,Students usually implemented using MFC interface of the performance management system. MFC dialog based on a single text, and landing interface implementation. MFC write a simple login dialog (even the database). Detailed MFC Student Information Management System,6456KB,downloads 30
 3.  QrCodeTest.rar,VC dimensional code MFC dialog coding correctly generate a two-dimensional code, any decoding tools solution,1014KB,downloads 71
 4.  barcode.rar,barcode MFC,11703KB,downloads 195
 5.  singledocumentdesign.rar,User rights log on, use the database access. MFC single document design. Enter the password to enter,2578KB,downloads 93
 6.  Email.rar,vc++ for mfc send and receive e-mail, socket programming complete code.,8356KB,downloads 1329
 7.  LibrarySystem.rar,A Brief libarary system,40KB,downloads 264

 Download:51_nandflash - 51读写nandflash例程(CYPRESS 68013上的一个读写samsung K9F1G的例子程序)...
 Download:IO2k9f2808 - 用IO模拟方式读写三星系列的NAND FLASH的文章. 不错的..

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