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Files uploaded:
 1.  game-yinqing.rar,A chess game game engine, like to help everyone, I hope you like,217KB,downloads 0
 2.  SOCKET.rar,Finishing the Chinese translation of all commands of a SOCKET, we hope to help,2KB,downloads 0
 3.  Mutex.rar,A mutex application, multi-thread synchronization to save when you need to use the code,1030KB,downloads 0
 4.  Procmon.rar,Procmon ,942KB,downloads 1
 5.  asio.rar,ASIO for testasio,7615KB,downloads 3
 6.  file.zip,Relatively simple file read and write. He has more than 5 methods to achieve,6348KB,downloads 1
 7.  ActiveX.zip,The generation and use of a simple ActiveX control. And log,75KB,downloads 1
 8.  taopaoanniu.rar,Escape button,3587KB,downloads 1
 9.  test.zip,I hope everyone likes to use a very simple dashboard GDI+ painting,24196KB,downloads 12
 10.  hgeceshi.rar,A calculation of HGE test something he used to calculate,9194KB,downloads 1
 11.  cc.rar,An HTML tool to brush the local vote. He can be used as brush to vote. Oh, but do not support multiple IP,1KB,downloads 0
 12.  7788.RAR,A port monitoring software, used to monitor the ports being used,276KB,downloads 2
 13.  QQjiemian.rar,Document Quick Start, and QQ and have almost the same interface, in the implementation of the time take a look at that text file,180KB,downloads 27
 14.  lei.rar,Find the buttons a little bit of ah, what the code put together the time to write directly out of the very practical to use,48KB,downloads 2
 15.  xiezi.rar,VC handwritten copy of the source word .. specifically how to write I am not this clearly did not look carefully obtained good results, however I hope everyone likes,51KB,downloads 4
 16.  xiaoguo.rar,A powerful graphic images .... vc produce effects similar to JAVA applications水纹, flame, as well as the effect of熔浆,55KB,downloads 3
 17.  zhizhu.rar,Spider Solitaire a source code, using C++ Write basic functions to be completed,549KB,downloads 43

File downloaded:
 1.  123.rar,distance learning source code,4213KB,downloads 2
 2.  online_xue.zip,This source code is the ASP website, mainly teachers online teaching system, video can be provided by the teacher, student online or offline viewing and interactive,1338KB,downloads 4
 3.  xuexiao.rar,Good training school,6581KB,downloads 27
 4.  edu.zip,Education system, including students access the database management system carefully,7331KB,downloads 5
 5.  ASPcollegewebsite.rar,ASP to do the school Web site management system. Basic needs: 1) the student personal information inquiries 2) student registration and student registration information update management 3) enrollment process management 4) semester teaching plan (courses information) 5) student elective treatment 6) Student Timetable Print,1990KB,downloads 36
 6.  jpjxw1.rar,jingpinjiaoxuewangzhan,6452KB,downloads 40
 7.  study(asp).rar,Online learning website system, a transmission using the Internet as a platform for teaching content, the implementation of online learning, online communication and learning information systems.,1417KB,downloads 96
 8.  VideoProj.rar,OpenCV Face Recognition sample, please copy the source code to the E site (the specific path, see the compiled tips), please use the Debug mode compilation,4203KB,downloads 428
 9.  dasf1.rar,Primary and secondary education and training sites ,5997KB,downloads 30
 10.  studyonline.rar,Asp set of online educational systems in the hope that we can enjoy!,1322KB,downloads 18
 11.  m1.rar,Source of a teaching site, with the development of ASP+ ACCESS,2936KB,downloads 61
 12.  mw.rar,The long-distance education means that the teachers and the students rely on the media to carry out the no face-to-face education. With the arrival of the information time, the cycle of the human knowledge renews is more and more short. The traditional face-to-face education way has already lacked the ability to enable the teaching and training to satisfy people’s need at different time and different place. In this situation, the modern long-distance education arises. Its advantage is that the students and the teachers interact with each other and complete the study task even if the time and the space do not unify. The organic synthesis of CAI and the Internet technology causes the modern long-distance education based on the network to be the new tendency of the modern education development. The network teaching platform mainly provides on the net teaches with study convenient for teachers and students, through which teachers can be issued based system, layout/required to mark exerci,2639KB,downloads 167
 13.  xuexi10.rar,Welcome to Web Design Online Learning System The main features of the system are as follows: 1. The school system increases its password, acceptable external registration. 2. Teaching content management modules can be teachers in the background. 3. To preserve the progress of student learning. 4. A variety of interactive ways. 5. Provides an online test module, at the same time to carry out make-up, the functions of query results. 6. Web Design part of carefully selected educational content and a better classification. The system operating environment windows 98+ PWS windows 2000+ IIS windows XP+ IIS Best Resolution: 1024* 768 Require IE browser version is not less than 5.0 To the system does not under the NETSCAPE browser tested, we recommend that you use the IE browser. If more time online learners, it is recommended to switch into a Sql server database Are free to use the system without any restrictions. QQ: 86214492 Students test the system,874KB,downloads 26
 14.  edu.rar,An educational system, good function, learning asp language friends can learn from.,506KB,downloads 1
 15.  JIAOXUEANPAI.rar,err,183KB,downloads 46
 16.  jxmis.rar,Network teaching management system, including front desk management, management, and other background sound management capabilities to meet the needs of teaching system.,1467KB,downloads 253
 17.  asp.rar,This is a Web-based information management system for e-learning documents.,9389KB,downloads 73
 18.  jxwzym.rar,a source for teaching, but can also upload download information operations, teachers, students and landing.,2601KB,downloads 583
 19.  2004120923210420037.rar,graduated system design submitted for further strengthening the system of teaching to enhance the management level of utilization of existing resources for teachers, students and communication system development topics of the online system used asp programming, Dreamweaver MX2004 as development tools.,4892KB,downloads 219
 20.  teachersfilemanagementsystems.Rar,BS structure of the management system for teachers,296KB,downloads 92

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 Download:HGE_FLASH - HGE是一个高效的2D游戏引擎,它是完全开源的(基于VC ),授权是慷慨的ZLib License,..
 Download:student - 学生公寓管理系统可以管理学生各种信息和工作人员信息..
 Download:RSA - RSA公钥加密程序,可实现密钥对生成,加解密任意字符串功能。MFC界面。..
 Download:arpspoof.3.1 - arpspoof,非常好的arp欺骗的源代码程序,完全能运行,可以替换传输中的数据,从而达到对..

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